The Cuisine in Goa exhibits a high dominance of vibrant flavours and spices. Additionally you will find the food highly influenced by Goa. The dominance of seafood precedes the dominance of spices and flavours. Albeit the most commonly found kinds of seafood in Goa’s famous food are tuna, prawns, shark, pomfret, etc. Also traditional food of Goa has to incorporate one of these ingredients, pork, meat, coconut, rice, etc. If you want to know about some of the best food in Goa, read this article ahead! 

Traditional Food of Goa:

1. Prawn Balchao:

traditional food of goa

During Goa’s colonization, the Catholic Portuguese were the ones to introduce Prawn Balchao into Goan Cuisine. You should try this Goa famous food to acknowledge its roots in Goan Portuguese Cuisine. Basically Prawn is the main ingredient in making this spicy delight, almost pickle-like. Because the mixed style of masala like red chilies and cumin in Balchao. The hot-sweet-sour flavour of this cuisine makes it the traditional food of Goa. You will find vinegar adding a tinge of sourness to the Balchao. 

2. Chicken Xacuti:

food of goa

Kashmiri Red chilies and poppy seeds to make this tasteful Goa Special Food. But this dish is inclined toward Portuguese food. Certainly as an Indian Cuisine, Chicken Xacuti’s gravy thicker using ground dried coconut instead of flour. Chiefly the gluten-free nature makes the dish more desirable. Comparatively this dish hosts many exotic spices like poppy seeds, Kashmiri Lal chili, maize flower, and aniseeds. Concurrently the curry is an amalgamation of flavours like coconuts, chicken, onions, etc. Consequently our platter will with delight having this traditional food of Goa on it!

3. Poee:

famous food of goa

Contrarily this bread holds popularity in Goa as the bread in the morning hours. Conversely they are a product commonly found in every Goan bakery. Correspondingly you can also grab this bread on the streets if you are a morning person. The dry yeast activity to manufacture these loaves of bread.  

4. Vindaloo:

traditional goa food

Doubtedly Vindaloo has been a traditional food of Goa for a long time now. This curry with a proportioned sweet and sour taste Goan Pork Vindaloo. It during New Year, Christmas and Easter. Now you’ll find its taste has changed to hot and spicy. Emphatically this magic occurs by adding garlic, red chilies, and ginger to the curry. Equally this makes the now Vindaloo tangy and spicy. 

5. Sorpotel:

famous goan food

Sorpotel is another famous meat-made food from Goa. Eventually the meat to undergo parboiling while the fats to cook Sorpotel. Evidently ‘Soro’ is a Konkani word that translates to alcohol or liquor. Explicitly Sorpotel is a famous food in Goa. The meat, and the fat. There is no restriction on consuming Sorpotel at the hour of your choice. Most people have it for breakfast. This is prepared using mutton, pork, or beef liver. A company of herbs and spices, garlic and onion, to the dish. 

6. Chicken Cafreal:

goan food

The Chicken Cafreal dish also has Portuguese origins. The signature recognition for this dish has to be the thick dry sauce. It by marinating and cooking spices and herbs. This makes a flavourful coat around the chicken with considerable thickness. Hence this is a traditional dish of Goa. Henceforth you can enjoy it during Christmas and other celebrations of such importance.

7. Sorak:

goan traditional food

However, Sorak, the vegetarian curry, is to be the talk of the town during monsoons. Tomatoes in onions with a spicy masala for this curry. Identically the main ingredient for the curry is coconut. Indeed this curry exhibits balanced flavours of tang, spice, and cream. 

8. Goan Nevri:

famous food of goa

These sweet balls. Cardamom, sugar, coconut, and almonds into these balls. This is usually popular during the days of Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa. Karanji, when not fried and steamed, Nevri. They will satisfy both your health and taste. 

9. Sanna:

traditional food of goa

Likewise spongy and steamed rice cakes, also known as idly in India, Sanna. They with various curries, chicken sukkah, sorpotel, and pork vindaloo. Meanwhile a sweeter version of Sana. It by utilizing unrefined palm or cane sugar.

10. Goan Fish Curry:

goan fish curry

Nevertheless the Goan Fish Curry rich in coastal flavours. Nonetheless t is tangy, warm, and spicy. The creamy texture comes into the curry from the coconut sauce. Tamarind is responsible for the tangy taste of this spicy curry. Sometimes the tang in the dish is all thanks to the raw mango used. Kingfish and pomfret are the main ingredients for the Goan fish curry. 

11. Feijoada:


Feijoada is known for its thickness. You will find it a perfect amalgamation of spicy and tangy flavours. The gravy, for ingredients, uses pork or beef sausages and red kidney beans. ‘Feijoa,’ i.e., beans, is the Portuguese word that Feijoada derives its name from. The Portuguese again influence this recipe. Instead of water, the gravy with coconut milk. 

12. Prawns Xeque Xeque:

Prawns Xeque Xeque

A uniquely flavoured prawn dish of exotic nature is Prawns Xeque Xeque. The juicy prawns in the dish add to its lavish nature. The flavours in the dish are bold and strong, but mildness in spice. This dish brings you fresh prawns, garlic, onions, coconut milk, chilies, tomatoes, and other spices of importance. The gradual addition of coconut milk adds the necessary balance to the dish’s flavours. 

13. Shark Ambot Tik:

Shark Ambot Tik

Ambot and Tik are words derived from Konkani. One stands for sour or tangy and the other for spicy or hot. Shark Ambot Tik is a tangy curry made of shark. Shark is the most widely chosen option among fishes for this curry. This curry is for you if you prefer a well-balanced mixture of sour and spicy. Spice to the curry with red chilies, and kokum adds the sour taste.  

14. Samarachi Kodi:

Samarachi Kodi

A dish of monsoons can be another well-known address for Samarachi Kodi. It is a prawn curry mostly prepared during Monsoon. Ingredients like onion, coconut, and dry prawns with tomatoes and tamarind brought together with spices make this tasteful curry. The masala made for this curry up and tangy. Typical Goan texture and flavour to the curry by adding coconut milk. 

Traditional Sweets of Goa:

1. Kulkuls:

sweets of goa

These attractive, crunchy and also sugar-glazed curly thrills are actually exciting to enjoy. Kulkuls are gold brownish, buttery Goan desserts which are going to satisfy your appearing for something savoury yet wonderful. Brought in specially during Xmas, these delights will certainly leave you positioning for additional.

2. Kokad:

famous sweets of goa

Goan desserts have a little hint of coconut in them. One with all of them is actually Kokad or Cocada, which is a biscuit cum barfi-like pudding produced using coconut with hints of vanilla spirit. It samples heavenly when dipped during the course of a dish loaded with cocoa leaving you choosing pretty a single.

3. Perad:

famous sweets of goa

Perad as guava cheese. This pudding includes a great brownish shade and also coming from guavas as well as is unimaginably gentle. Interestingly, it serves pair of functions; it for morning meal on tribute when it or as a pudding when fully prepared.

4. Patoleo:


Patoleo might be a one-of-a-kind, delicate, sweet-smelling and steamed fragrant created through disseminating rice paste over turmeric fallen leave and also total of jaggery, cinnamon as well as recently grated coconut. This well-balanced dessert during the course of monsoons. Patoleo is Goan food. It’s also described as Patolli, one among the earliest traditional wonderful foods of Goa. Patoleo periodically for primary treats celebrated by Roman Catholics, said to become a superstar dish of today. The recipe sucked as by all Vegetarians. Produced along with rice and also jaggery. The distinct taste of turmeric leaves to constitute this dish apart from other desserts. Hilda Macarenas is that the most renowned area in Goa to have Patoleo.

5.    Nevri:

traditional sweets of goa

Additionally referred to as Karanji, Nevri may be a prominent food prepared in Goa, specifically during the course of Diwali as well as i. These are delightful dumplings produced coming from Maida as well as additionally loaded with coconut, sweets, poppy seeds, cardamom and also almonds. You’ll hold these pleases and luxuriate in for a prolonged duration. Neureos are flaky breads packed along with a wonderful dental filling. These throughout celebrations in Goa like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and also Xmas. Christmas time in Goa is actually insufficient without neureos. These neureos in goa as well as Karanji in Maharashtra. Our team Goans ready these neureos in every house however along with various fillings.

6. Bolo De Rulao:

goan sweets

Therefore, if you have not attempted this dessert yet, perhaps it’s time. Baath Covered is actually a prominent Goan treat. It’s a one-of-a-kind treat prepared making use of Semolina and Coconut. Cake to be actually missing from Christmas time. It is actually fairly tasty and pleasurable. Because of this, Lisa’s Cakes and Patisserie is actually a treat lover’s aspiration arrived true.

7. Dodol:


Dodol features an identical appearance like Halwa. It is actually gelatinous agency. Dodol is a Goan dish, and also, it’s produced from coconut dairy as well as coconut jaggery. It is actually wonderful flavours of a creamed taste of milk. The ideal dodol is of Dom Pedro’s, Margo. Dodols are actually the delightful recipe of Goa, enjoyed due to the people of Goa.

8. Serradura:


Serradura might be a Portuguese type of treat belongs to Macau. The substance addiction desserts for the individuals of Goa. Serradura is actually that the delicious treats of Goa. Goa to those standard thrills. Selection of bistros serve classy modern desserts which concern diverse cuisines. During a few words, you won’t leave behind Goa in addition to your delightful yearnings unhappy.

9. Bebinca:


Bebinca is Goa’s biggest treat as well as some of the state’s most popular desserts. It is a standard Christmas dish in Goa. “Bibek” or even “Bebinka” are actually various other names for Bebinca. A multilayer covered with a tasty flavour. Basically, it is actually a pudding. In Goa, Bebinca is renowned as the “Queen of Desserts.” Martin’s Seashore Corner is where you should select Bebinca. Goa’s ultimate place.

10. Coconut Ice:

Coconut Ice

Goa’s most favourite treat, particularly in the warm. Short dairy, topping glucose, and also coconut are actually the cornerstones of the dish, as the title proposes. Coconut ice possesses a pink shade as well as possesses a great tasting as well as sweetened flavour. It is just one of Goa’s greatest recipes. Festival Some of the best areas to acquire coconut ice in Goa is Baga. They offer meals that is each clean and creamed.

11. Doce:


Doce is a pleasant Goan dish. It is a basic dessert that can easily be prepared quickly. One of Goa’s oldest and also very most conventional desserts.

12. Tiramisu:


Tiramisu is a mouth-watering Italian pudding. It possesses a coffee taste and a soft brittle pie that thaws in your oral cavity along with the distinct Panna cotta lotion and also coffee flavour. Tiramisu is actually one of the most preferred treats in the world.

13. Panna Cotta:

 Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is actually an Italian dessert that is actually easy to ready as well as actually mouth-watering. It is most preferred in Goa. It along with a blend of fresh fruits as well as jelly. The appearance is actually incredible, and also it actually liquefies in your oral cavity. The addition of a kiwi topping enhances the treat’s charm. Ciao Bella brings in the best pannacotta.

Traditional Street Food of Goa:

1. Pork Vindaloo:

traditional street food of goa

The flavourful and spicy street food of Goa, called Pork Vindaloo, is a result of Indian spices put in a local Christian recipe. It is prepared when boneless pork and potatoes in Indian condiments like cloves, cumin, Kashmiri pepper, and doused in generous amounts of vinegar. One will find several food stalls lined up in the streets of Goa serving this local delicacy.

2. Ras Omelette:

goan street food

The flavourful and spicy street food of Goa, called Pork Vindaloo, is a result of Indian spices put in a local Christian recipe. It is prepared when boneless pork and potatoes in Indian condiments like cloves, cumin, Kashmiri pepper, and doused in generous amounts of vinegar. One will find several food stalls lined up in the streets of Goa serving this local delicacy.

3. Gadbad Ice-cream:

goan famous food

Gadbad Ice cream is one of the must-try street food of Goa. It is a combination of two or three different ice creams topped with falooda, vermicelli, jelly or jam and served in a tall glass. It is a summer special to satisfy a sweet tooth.

4. Chorizo:

traditional street food of goa

Famous among locals as a breakfast item or evening snack, one will find many vendors on cycles early in the morning, carrying big baskets of these spicy pork meat sausages flavored with spices and onions/potatoes. Chorizo with bread and are readily available.

5. Missal Pav:

missal pav

A healthier and wholesome alternative to Pav Bhaji, Missal Pav is famous street food in Goa. Missal is a nutritious and spicy curry made with lentils, mixed sprouts, and moth beans served alongside pav. Tasty, affordable and healthy, this is one of the top street foods in Goa.  

6. Shawarma:


Shawarma in many Goan street food stalls. It has mildly spiced slow-cooked and smoked meat and crunchy lettuce and veggies stacked up in a flatbread. Shawarma King in Panjim and Haji Ali Restaurant are popular places to grab shawarma in Goa.

7. Samosa:


Spice up your evening chai with this delicious street food, not just in Goa, but the whole country – a crispy, golden brown puff pastry stuffed with veggies, beef, chicken, mutton, and many more Konkan delights. A popular option among both locals and tourists is the special beetroot samosas.

8. Fish Thali:

fish thali

Eat like a local and taste the wonders of the sea with the Goan fish thali, a staple at Konkan households. This meal consists of rice, rotis, vegetables, pickles, clam fry, and multiple varieties of fish curries and fry. This inexpensive lunch is wholesome, filling, and scrumptious!

9. Pork Chops:

pork chops

Indulge in a cheat meal this vacation season with Goan chops – a yummy mix of russet potatoes, beef, lamb, and pork. With rich spices and an inviting aroma, chops are popular street food in Goa, served with a hot cup of chai.

10. Prawn Curry:

prawn curry

Indulge in a cheat meal this vacation season with Goan chops – a yummy mix of russet potatoes, beef, lamb, and pork. With rich spices and an inviting aroma, chops are popular street food in Goa, served with a hot cup of chai.

11. Poi:


If you’re looking for guilt-free street food in Goa, the Goan Poi is your best friend! This whole-wheat bun pairs perfectly with curries, butter, chai, and even sweet spreads. Head over to quaint bakeries and non-descript street stalls to get the authentic flavours of the perfectly soft, delicious Poi.

12. Chinese fast Food:

Chinese fast food

Prepare for a glorious combination of Chinese flavours and Indian sensibilities – the Chinese fast-food options found in street stalls and restaurants of Goa bring together East Asian staples like noodles, dumplings, fried rice, and Schezwan dishes with Indian vegetables and spices.


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