Friday, June 26, 2015

Ne(vljudno) vabljeni na Dvoriščno razprodajo + Dražbo + Zelemenjavo

Dvoriščna razprodaja kričeča punca poster

Woohoo, jutri na Ptuju, v Fürstovi hiši, najbolj kreativni hiši na Ptuju! Early night secondhand shopping! Pridete? Ko vam bodo prijatelji kazali, kakšne noro dobre stvari so našli, vam bo žal, da ste zamudili!

Ah, seveda pridete! ;)

Imeli bomo tudi čisto pravo dražbo, takšno kot jih vidite na TV. Ter seveda Zelemenjavo!

Za ljudi, za lokalno ekonomijo, za samooskrbo! (Brez skrbi, ne ustanavljamo stranke :P)

Povejte še naprej! Hvala, cenim zelo! :*

Pa pofočkajte se na fb strani dogodka!

* * *

If you happen to be in Ptuj tomorrow, you must visit our flea market! In Fürst’s house, in old town centre. Early night secondhand shopping. 18.00 – 21.30. See you, fellas!

Dvoriščna razprodaja french style poster

Dvoriščna razprodaj wb poster

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sometimes I love people. Sometimes I just want to run and hide.

vintage floral blouse front nice

Vintage Coollection

Sometimes I don't know what to do. Sometimes I don't know where I should start writing. Where to start, so that I could make a better sense of what's going on in my life, what's going on on the planet, what's going on in me.

Sometimes I love people. Sometimes I just want to run and hide.

How is it possible, that sometimes I feel that everything is in order, that everything is running smoothly, that everything is just perfect as it is, that I want to hug everyone and everything on this planet... and then the next day, things start to fall apart. Is it just exchange of sintropy and entropy?

How to have a tolerance for chaos? Tolerance for chaos. This is something that I think about lately. I think is very necessary skill to have to cope with everyday life.

I see, that no matter what I do, no matter how good my energy at the start, there comes a point of chaos. Where I don't know, should I try more or rather just leave everything as it is and quit. It's kinda the same like with cleaning the house. If you haven't cleaned the house for some time and feel the rush of inspiration at some point and go into action... there comes the point, where everything is everywhere, when the mess is even bigger than one you started with.

Then I feel like everything is taking too much time.

I start to wonder. Am I really here in this body, in this life of mine, to cope with these things? With all this chaos in flat, in relationships, in work.

I've been thinking about this for at least 10 years now. How to get okay with everyday life? You know, all these things you have to do on almost daily basis. Thinking of food, washing clothes, paperwork, dealing with people who want something from you, compromises, making money.

I think joy is the key here. To find joy in these little things. To find joy in these activities. To find joy in dealing with people. To see what's good in them... And to accept that you are just a human, when you cannot feel joy in those tasks.

I was born in a society, that criticizes a lot. I read somewhere, that after one negative critic we hear about ourselves as a child, it takes 10 compliments before we start to feel okay and worthy again.

And if we are honest with ourselves, almost all of us adults are still children on some levels. Most of the things that are running in back of our mind are the things we heard again and again before we were six years old.

Don't do this, something will happen to you, you are always so clumsy, you forget everything I say to you, you cannot trust people, you are selfish, what will other people think?

I am mostly in contact with people who are amazing, who are leaders in a good meaning of the word, but they are afraid to lead. And I am the same.

What will other people think, if I say what I really think? And funny, often I think really good things, but I am afraid to tell them. I easier tell them one on one, on four eyes. But if there are more people around, what if they will think that I just flatter them, because I might have some shady intentions?

Funny, ain't? I know my family tried their best to prepare me for life. With criticizing me, when I did something wrong, so that I would do it better next time. With telling me, that I cannot change the world, so that I could avoid dissapointment. They worried what other people think, and I learned this is important, because if other people think bad of you, they wont help you when you are in need. They tried their best to be normal, because if you stand out, you get on someones nerves. They always tried to avoid arguments, because being neutral means survival.

I am grateful for those leasons, but the question arise: were they preparing me for the real world, or were they preparing me for the world they think is real?

And what is real anyway?

Today I'm not the same as I was yesterday and tomorrow I won't be the same as I am today. Today's real will seem a lie tomorrow.

And how can I demand consisctency from the world, when I am different person everyday as well?

Maybe the thing is just in accepting that everything changes and so do I. And maybe the thing isn't in finding yourself and sticking with it to be true to yourself. Maybe I am the most true to myself, when I allow myself that I don't have to always be true to myself. That I can change. And if I am one day lover and the next day bitch, maybe that's both real me and maybe none of it is real me.

Chaos. Tolerance for chaos. Order from chaos. Chaos from order. Entropy, sintropy, inhale, exhale.

And I am thinking now, should I post this? It's chaoitic and I don't know if people will see any point in it... But that's who I am today. Or who I was in the moment of writing. And that was my current truth and I needed to expres it out of me.

And maybe I am all different now already. ..


Thursday, June 11, 2015

When I have a terrible need of - shall I say the word - religion. Then I go out and paint the stars. - Vincent Van Gogh

Lately, when people ask me what do I study, my answer is “Life”. It’s my favourite subject. It contains everything. There’s so much to research. And to EXPERIENCE. Damn, I love this thing called life. Living it, exploring it, researching it, thinking about it, manipulating it, relaxin’ in it, sometimes pushing it a bit and going with the flow the next second.

It’s amazing, how short is sometimes route from a hunger and a headache to full stomach and relaxed down to the earth and close to heaven vibe.

It’s amazing, what people show up in your life. Yep, that’s the reason I don’t write so much lately. People, work, researching, meditating. So, more reasons. But here and there I think of you, my dear readers, and I send some blessings your way.

So, about people. Since I started working in my studio in town, I opened up to way more people. It’s kinda like when you switch from primary school to highschool. So much people! And I perceived myself as quite of a loner for most of my life. Or an outsider. Well, for the last few years, when I was mostly working from home, I was both. Still having social interactions, of course, but sometimes I spent lots of time hiding in the depths of myself. I filled in a questionary once and it told me, that I’m 51 of introvert and 49 of extrovert. So, I think I really have to have some balance here. Between being with people and being alone, so that I don’t loose myself.

However, with more people comes sometimes more crap too. But sooner or later I see their crap is often my crap and also their joys are my joys. Like mirrors everywhere. Some situations are pointing out my old hurts. And then I think it through and feel it through and accept it and the next day or even the same one, people shower me with love again, surprise me in such beautiful ways (and then I’m talking behind their backs how awesome they are) and I am shining my sun so bright in all directions, that whole worlds falls back into its place, everything is perfect, and everything is going to the right direction.

Oh, there are some new pieces of my soul (don’t worry I cannot run out of it) in my shop, so check them out, buy yourself something if you deserve it or not :P

And what about your life? What’s going on for you lately?

* * *
Ko me zadnje čase vprašajo, kaj študiram, je moj odgovor “Življenje”. To je moj najljubši predmet. Vsebuje vse. Toliko je za raziskovati. In DOŽIVETI. Tristo kosmatih, ‘mam rada to zadevo imenovano življenje. Živeti, odkrivati, raziskovati, razmišljati o njem, manipulirati ga, se v njem sproščati, včasih malo potiskati naprej in se v naslednji sekundi prepustiti njegovemu toku.

Noro je, kako kratka je včasih pot od lakote do glavobola, do polnega želodca in skozi nebesa prizemljenega razpoloženja. 

Res je zanimivo, kakšni ljudje se prikažejo v tvojem življenju. Jap, to je razlog, da ne pišem več toliko. Ljudje. Delo. Raziskovanje. Meditacija. Več razlogov, torej. No, tu pa tam pomislim na vas, bralce in pošljem kakšen blagoslov v vašo smer. 

No, torej o ljudeh. Odkar sem začela delati v mojem studiu v mestu (Fürstova hiša, v centru Ptuja), sem se odprla za mnogo več ljudi! Večino življenja sem se dojemala kot samotarko, outsiderko. No, zadnjih par let, ko sem večino delala od doma, sem mogoče to res bila. Seveda sem imela stike z ljudmi, ampak včasih sem porabila ogromno časa, da sem se skrivala v svojih globinah. Enkrat sem reševala test, ki mi je povedal, da sem 51% introverta in 49 ekstroverta. Tako da mislim, da res potrebujem neko ravnovesje med tem, da sem z ljudmi in tem, da sem sama s sebo, da se ne izgubim.

Kakorkoli, z več ljudmi pride včasih tudi več sranja. Ampak ponavadi ugotovim, da je njihov drek tudi moj. In enako z radostmi. Kot da so mi vsi ogledala. Nekatere situacije pokažejo na moje stare rane. In potem premislim zadevo, jo začutim do konca in jo sprejmem in že naslednji dan ali pa tudi istega, me ljudje ponovno zasipajo z ljubeznijo, čudovito presenečajo (in potem za njihovimi hrbti govorim, kako fajn so) in potem sijem svoje sonce tako svetlo v vse smeri, da se vse na svetu postavi na svoje mesto, da je vse spet popolno in da se vse odvija v pravo smer. 

Kakšno je pa kaj tvoje življenje zadnje čase? S čim se ukvarjaš? 

Aja, dajte še malo pogledat na in kaj naročit. Nekaj novih stvari, ki jih je moja duša hotela dat ven, je na voljo.  

I wore this back in May or April. Secondhand sunglasses and leggings; vintage Mura jeans jacket, striped shirt was a gift and sneakers are from Deichmann.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My favourite artist: Tjaša Čuš

(foto: Srdan Mohorič)

Tjaša Čuš. Akademska slikarka. Oseba, ki mi je trenutno tako zelo blizu. Ne samo, da se vsak dan skozi v njen atelje sprehodim do moje delavnice, skozi njene besede se sprehajam po njeni in obenem svoji podzavesti. Skozi besede, ki jih delim z njo, učim sebe. In obratno. Če bi me vprašali, v koga zadnje čase najbolj verjamem, komu najbolj privoščim uspeh, od koga uspeh bi me razveselil tako kot moj sam, bi rekla Tjaša Čuš. In vem, da samo še malo manjka pa bo totalen BUM, in naenkrat bodo Tjaša in njena dela povsod. (Namig: Dajte jo kontaktirat z naročili, dokler še ni prezasedena!)

Tjaša Čuš. Academic painter. She’s so close to me. I walk not only through her atelier to my workshop everyday, but I also walk through her words to her subconscious and mine with it. Through words I share with her I teach myself. And so does she. If you ask me, who is the person, that I most believe in, whose success would make me as happy as it was my own, I would say Tjaša Čuš. I will let you know when she opens a shop on Etsy. That will be a success! 

Kolaži ukradeni na Tjašinem facebooku.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hoja po žerjavici in postavitev družine


Par tednov nazaj sem se udeležila hoje po žerjavici z Franjem Trojnarjem. Kaj, hoje po žerjavici? Jap. To je bilo na mojem mentalnem seznamu želja že vsaj 10 let. In letos se mi je tole uresničilo! Tako kot še ena druga želja – končno sem imela možnost se spoznati s tehniko imenovano postavitev družine.

Kako je sploh prišlo do vsega tega? V začetku leta sem bila precej obremenjena z odnosi z ljudmi, ki so mi zelo blizu. Poiskala sem strokovno pomoč (psihologinjo), a žal ni bilo to to, kar sem iskala. Potem pa enega februarskega dne pogledam maile, in tam je bilo sporočilo od Zvonka Pukšiča (nisva v sorodu)! Še eno čudežno naključje! Zvonko je ekološki kmetovalec iz okolice Ormoža. Prav posebne sorte je. Pred leti sem brala intervju z njim v Nedelu in ploskala zraven, kakšen kul človek, tega pa bi bilo vredno spoznati! Zraven naravi prijaznega kmetovanja širi tudi jogo smeha in tehniko EFT (če ste redni bralec bloga, ste že marsikdaj od mene slišali za to tehniko čustvenega osvobajanja). Zvonko je preko strani ene tipice (Lenje Faraguna!), prišel do tega mojega uvoda na, začutil moje bistvo in me povabil na delavnico pri Franju Trojnarju imenovano Vizija življenjske uspešnosti. Super zadeva! Ki pa je vodila še k naslednji super stvari!

 jaz in Zvonko Pukšič Jaz in Zvonko Pukšič (Moja biodežela). Dva srčneža na kupu (: 

K postavitvi družine. 

Postavitev družine je izredno zanimiva terapevtska tehnika. Sama sem o njej pred leti prebrala par člankov in si seveda želela tole enkrat doživet v živo. Kako poteka zadeva? Gre za vrsto terapije v skupini. Če vam je težko dojeti, da je na tem svetu vse povezano, se vam bo nadaljevanje morda zdelo malce woo woo. No,  na začetku se vsi udeleženci v kratki meditaciji povežemo z morfološkim poljem. Hmm, kako najbolj enostavno razložit to polje? Gre za informacijsko, vibracijsko polje, ki je povsod okrog nas. Lahko si ga predstavljate kot internet, računalnik pa je vaše telo (:

Po tej meditaciji ostane tisti človek, ki želi postavljati družino v sobi s Franjem, ostali pa gredo v drugo sobo. Oseba zaupa Franju na kratko svojo situacijo, kaj želi razrešit in skupaj določita, kdo bo igral katero vlogo. Potem pridejo ostali udeleženci/igralci/statisti nazaj v sobo. Oseba, ki postavlja družino gre do udeležencev in reče npr. “Simona, bi ti igrala mene?” “Jan, bi ti igral mojega očeta?” “Sanja, bi ti igrala mojo mamo?”. Ti igralci nato v telesu začutijo te energije in po njih igrajo vloge. Ne govori se kaj veliko, igralci povedo kaj čutijo… Skozi postavitev ponavadi pride noter še več igralcev, ki igrajo npr. babico ali kakšno manjkajočo energijo, kot je srečna družina, ljubezen, odgovornost, finančna stabilnost itd. Postavitev traja, dokler se stare energije ne razčistijo in v družini steče ljubezen.
Hecno je, da udeleženci oz. igralci, ne vedo, kaj se v vaši družini dogaja, ne poznajo vaše družinske preteklosti, a začutijo, kako se ljudje v vaši družini počutijo. Noro dobra stvar. Ko sem jaz prvič postavljala, sem samo gledala z odprtimi usti! “Kaj, kako se naenkrat ti tujci obnašajo kot jaz in kot člani moje družine?” No, po odprtih ustih je prišlo tudi veliko solz in hlipanja, ko so se stvari začele bolj osvetljevat in čistit, ko sem začela vračat družinska bremena, ki sem jih vzela na sebe, nazaj (hah, še zdaj mi gre skoraj na jok ob tem).

No, o tem in spoznanjih, ki sem jih imela zraven, bi lahko napisala celo objavo, a vam bom povedala samo bistvo! Stvari so se spremenile! Toliko bremen mi je odpadlo z ramen, da vam tega ne morem povedati. Po postavitvi mi je šlo samo na smeh. Takšen občutek svobode! Pozneje v odnosih v realnem življenju sem videla, koliko nekih stvari, za katere sem mislila, da mi jih povzročajo drugi, sem si v bistvu povzročala sama. In kako sem se zapirala pred ljubeznijo… Ahhh, najboljša stvar je, da je večinski delež občutkov krivde, ki so me mučili leta, odpadel! Zdaj bolj uživam življenje in se spet več smejim :D

Psihološko pomoč sem iskala ravno zaradi teh občutkov krivde. Žal mi psihologinja ni mogla pomagati, predlagala pa mi je, da grem na psihoterapijo, ki je samoplačniška. Kako ob neverjetno pravem času je prišla postavitev družine! Za psihoterapijo bi po moje porabila kar nekaj 100€ in mesecev, tukaj so se pa stvari začele postavljati na pravo mesto v eni uri.
Sama grem sedaj večkrat na postavitev družine kot igralka za druge. Prvič me je bilo malce strah, kaj če ne bom začutila vloge? A naenkrat čutiš v telesu. Napetosti, morda vročino, mraz, občutek omejenosti… in neverjetno olajšanje, ko se te energije začnejo sproščati in npr. pride noter energija srečne družine itd. Neverjetna radost je, ko čutiš, da ljubezen steče! In neverjetno veliko se zraven naučiš o odnosih, o ljudeh, o samem sebi…
Če slučajno hočeš poskusit to tehniko (Franjo jo izvaja v Mariboru in v Domžalah), si preberi več na njegovi strani, kjer najdeš tudi njegovo telefonsko. Povej, da si informacijo zasledila pri meni :P Mimogrede, postavitev lahko prideš samo opazovat ali igrat za druge, v tem primeru je zastonj! Naučiš se pa itak ogromno in spoznaš en kup srčnih ljudi!
Postavitev družine pa ni omejena samo na družine, lahko se postavljajo tudi sistemske postavitve npr. za razreševanje odnosov v podjetjih itd.
Okay, zdaj pa na žerjavico!
Kako poteka?
Odpravili smo se v lepo zavetje narave v bližini ranča Burger na poti v Logarsko dolino. Pred samo hojo je 6 ur predpriprav. Spoznavanje s soudeleženci, meditacija, poslušali smo tudi šamanski boben, ki spravi možgane v theta valovanje, zapisovanje stvari, ki jih želimo vreči v ogenj, smejalne vaje, ples in povezovanje z ognjem ter zemljo.
 narava stavri, ki jih predajamo ognju
Svoje zapiske stvari, ki jih želimo predati ognju smo tako položili med drva in jih nato zakurili
kurjenje ognjahoja po žerjavici priprava ognja  priprava ognjaAnita Pukšič in Franjo Trojnar  Jaz in Franjo pri ognjuples okrog ognja povezovanj z ognjem
Povezovanje z ognjem
hoja po žerjavici Franjo Trojnar hoja po žerjavici

In akcija!

Čez žerjavico smo šli kar nekajkrat, vsakič čez malce močnejšo. Priznam, da me je parkrat malce zapeklo ;) A ko sem potem naslednji dan pogledala seznam akupresurnih točk na podplatih, me je zapeklo ravno tam, kjer sem se do sedaj srečevala s težavami. Solarni pleksus in ledvice. Ogenj je vedel, na katerem mestu na podplatih mora vame! Par ljudi je po žerjavici hodilo čisto počasi, nekateri pari so še se ljubčkali na sredini, haha, pa jim ni bilo nič, noro!

Kakšni so občutki po hoji naslednji dan in kakšne posledice ima na moje življenje?
Naslednji dan sem preživela v neverjetni sreči! V vsem videla lepoto in popolnost (fotke iz prejšnje objave so bile narejene dan po hoji). Na žerjavici sem bila zadnji vikend v aprilu. S prvim majem sem začela redno meditirat in od takrat meditiram vsak dan. Pred tem sem se leta lovila s tem, nikakor mi ni uspelo meditacije spravit v svoje vsakdanje življenje. Sedaj mi ni jasno, kako sem lahko tako dolgo odlašala, ker je zdaj vse neprimerljivo boljše! Mislim, da je imela tukaj žerjavica ogenj vmes ;)

Neskončno hvaležna sem za vse in vsakogar, kar je Vesolje postavilo na pravo mesto, da so mi bile omogočene te izkušnje in druženje s temi čudovitimi ljudmi. Ena velika srečnica sem!

Termine in kraje naslednjih prihajajočih hoj po žerjavici si lahko pogledate tukaj, ter seveda izpolnite prijavnico! :P Franjo je vodil že več kot 300 hoj po žerjavici. Za to se ne odločajo samo odštekani alternativci in hipiji, dragi moji, tudi kar nekaj podjetij se je že odločilo za sodelovanje z njim. Si lahko predstavljate, kako lahko ena takšna skupna nora izkušnja poveže ljudi? (:

* * *
International readers, my apologize. This time is post only in Slovene, again. I’m talking about experiences with Family Systems Therapy and Fire Walking with Franjo Trojnar (one amazing guy who helps tons of people). If you have problems in your family and have a chance to go to Family Systems Therapy, I encourage you to do so, it’s amazing and focused on results which are fast and liberating! Fire Walking is also fun! Quite a game changer! I’m so happy I had a chance to experience all this thanks to right people at the right time. Life is beautiful! (:

Monday, May 18, 2015

At least we will fail while daring greatly!

An outfit post after quite some time. It will be the short one. I don’t post much lately. When I don’t post much it’s either because I’m not inspired to write or it’s so much going on that I’m totally inspired, but cannot find time. Thanks God is second. Life is treating me well lately. But it’s also true that I treat life well, enjoying it’s beauty, people that are being sent to me, belly laughs and deep shit conversations.

I am daring quite greatly, I have to say!

* * *
Outfit, po dolgem času. Kratka objava pred vami. Itak bolj malo objavljam zadnja čase. Kadar je temu tako, je ali zato, ker nisem kaj prida navdahnjena ali ker se mi toliko dogaja, da sem čisto pod navdihom, a ne najdem časa za pisanje. K sreči je to drugo. Življenje je dobro z mano zadnje čase. In jaz sem dobra z njim, uživam lepoto, ki mi jo daje, ljudi, ki mi jih pošilja, trebušne smehe in globoke pogovore. 

Kar veliko si drznem!
Secondhand sunglasses; vintage blouse; New Yorker leggings; Deichmann shoes, 3 Ptice tote bag & scrunchie on my wrist
Sado-maso elephant
She’s so beautiful. Remember her from here, maybe?
I haven’t seen this one before
If you feel overwhelmed, this is the place to go. Ptuj’s castle.
Sharing ice-cream with my favourite man. Besides my granpa, of course.
Mimogrede, na si preberite kam morate iti na Ptuju in zakaj tako zelo ljubim tole mestece.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Intention Sunday #3

flow-fairy:<br /><br />madameovaaries:I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.this is so relaxing<br />I had to. this is amazing.<br />

All pictures via tumblr, none of them mine

So, I will turn 25 years on this Thursday. And my intention for this week is to feel in peace with myself and who and what I am.

Ta teden bom dopolnila 25 let. V četrtek. In skozi teden nameravam stopat pomirjena s tem, kdo in kaj sem.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

4. Vabljeni na Dvoriščno razprodajo in Zelemenjavo na Ptuju

To soboto prirejamo na Ptuju v Fürstovi hiši Dvoriščno razprodajo, Zelemenjavo in dražbo. (Ne)vljudno vabljeni na otvoritev sezone 2015!

Vse, kar morate vedeti je na letaku. Če želite kaj prodati na dražbi, prosimo, pridite prej, da popišemo vaše kose.

Wooohoo, mi smo prijetno vznemirjeni!

Že veste, koga bi lahko povabili zraven? Delite povabilo z njimi. Preko facebooka, od ust do ust ali natisnite kakšen plakat in podelite letake.

Hvala! Se vidimo!

Ne veste, kje je Fürstova hiša? Tukaj je zemljevid.


dvoriščna zelemenjava a3 (Large)

If you happen to be in Ptuj this weekend, come around on Saturday, we are organising yard sale, auction and exchange of vegetables and homemade goods in Fürst’s house in center of Ptuj. Here’s a map. The event begins at 10 a.m. See you there! And don’t worry, most of the people speak English.