Owning a dog is like having a child. You’re always worried about their well-being, whether they’ve had their meal or even taken a shower. And when it comes to moving around, especially when you’re going out to have a meal at your favourite restaurant, you’d be forced to find a dog-seater to watch over the animal before you come back.

As of 2020, pet owners across the U.S. can carry their animals when they visit a restaurant. Some states have signed this into law, while others provide it as a recommendation. States that have passed this into laws require restaurants to offer provisions that are friendly to pets. However, dogs are only allowed in patios and porches due to health regulations and human health concerns.

While some hotels only allow you to bring your pet into the dining area, others go all out and offer you special menus, seating arrangements, play sections, and doggy potties. Others even provide outdoor spaces, where your dog can run and play to its heart’s fill. Here are some of the dog-friendly restaurants in the U.S. worth checking out.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in West Virginia

Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant

Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant provides an inclusive menu for all kinds of people. Gluten-free meals are the norm in this hotel. You can choose from an array of meals offered in their comprehensive menu. The restaurant also avails special lunches and dinners, alongside live entertainment.

When you carry your dog to the hotel, you can sit by the patio and enjoy the breeze while you eat. It’s conveniently located a block away from the beach so that you don’t have to walk long distances to find an eatery that accommodates dogs when you’re done basking.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in New York

Barking Dog N.Y.C.

Whether you’re looking to have a full course meal or just a light snack, Barking Dog N.Y.C. avails an array of such options for you. This restaurant has a comprehensive breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Everything from salads, fresh juices, burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers are available in this spot.

You and your emotional support dog can enjoy the breeze on the porch as you dine. While this place has no exceptional amenities for your dog, the doggy watering fountain is good enough to make your pet feel welcomed whenever you visit this restaurant.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Maryland

Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill,

Restaurants at the beach make for the best options when you’re looking for a spot to spend the day with emotional support dogs. At Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill, your dog gets ample space to run around, now that part of the hotel is on the beachfront. If you prefer to sit under a shade, the front porch would still be an ideal spot for you and your company.

In case you’re planning an event for your canine, the waterfront offers enough space for all kinds of occasions. The kitchen offers a wide array of cuisine, but seafood takes up most of the menu. Light meal options that can double up as doggy treats are availed in the bar bites menu.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Texas

Mutt’s Canine Cantina

You don’t have to worry about your dog grabbing chicken off someone’s hand at this restaurant. Mutt’s Canine Cantina is a dog-themed park, with a doggy park that creates a conducive environment for people and their pets to eat freely. What’s more, your furry friend can stay off the leash and have fun with other dogs as you sip on a beer.

This canine park is only accessible to members, so you have to follow the registration process before joining other dog-owners in the park. More so, the restaurant provides several regulations that you must follow before you’re granted access. For instance, your pet shouldn’t be aggressive. It should also be sprayed and have no fleas or ticks.

Porch Swing Pub

This local bar offers a full bar every day of the week on selected times and a happy hour section from 11 am 7 pm Monday to Friday. You can sip on the light or ultra-pitchers as you watch your favourite sports game or follow the most recent celebrity gossip thanks to the free Wi-Fi.

On top of this, you can bring your emotional support dogs to the venue and swing on the suspended seats as you relax on the porch. Porch Swing Pub also provides light or heavy snacks that come in handy when you’re famished and want to refill your energy. If you’d love to invite your friends to this spot, a Porch Swing Pub gift card would be ideal, now that they’d get notified as soon as you purchase the goody.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in North Carolina

The Dog Bar

Do you have a calm, collected, and well-behaved doggy? If your answer is yes, you are free to tag your little friend along to this bar. The management allows non-aggressive pups to roam around the bar as you unwind on your favorite drink. However, you have to pay an annual membership fee of $10 on your first visit here.

You’re required to complete some general recommendations before registering your dog as a member of this bar. The pet needs to have completed or is in the schedule of its yearly vaccinations, including rabies. You should also carry its vaccination records with you on the registration day for verification purposes.

Micky Fins Bar and Grill

If you find yourself around Ocean City, you could stop by and cool off from the scorching heat of the sun. You can either sit by the deck and enjoy a cool breeze or sit inside where it’s less sunny. The friendly staff ensures that your emotional support dogs cool off courtesy of their bowl of water and ice.

While your fluffy friend won’t enjoy any exceptional amenities at this grill, the seagulls and fish will keep it entertained while you stack up on one of the joint’s specials. You can also host a party and invite your friends and their dogs to a day of fish-eating and fun.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Arizona

O.H.S.O Brewery and Distillery

Alcohol lovers who would like to sample a local beer brand and walk their dogs at the same time should visit these mini-breweries in Arizona. For $35, you and your friend can taste two types of beer and carry home two more bottles of the same. All four chains have dog-friendly patios and porches that provide a safe environment for the doggy to run around. There is a doggy corner with bowls and taps that you can use when your pets want a drink. To make reservations, visit the website for more information.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in California

Park Beach Café, California

Do you fancy a day in the park with your emotional support dogs? If so, take a stroll down Park Beach Café for a fun-filled experience. The restaurant offers menus for both humans and dogs. You can grab a burger, sandwich, or bite on a salad as you sip on a cup of coffee, tea, or juice. Unfortunately, this spot offers no alcoholic drinks considering that it’s near a community park.

When your dog gets hungry, you can pick up a few bites for it from the comprehensive doggy’s menu, with hot dogs being the most sought-after treat. Once the dog is full, take them down to the watering spot for some water. Watch out for other doggy’s birthdays for a chance to meet other pet owners and indulge yours in some fun.

The Morrison Pub, LA

LA is one of the cities with a hyped entertainment scene. As such, most restaurants take their dining experience a notch higher than usual. So, if you’re searching for a relaxed joint that offers excellent drinks and mouthwatering snacks, the Morrison Pub would be your go-to place.

The bar is packed with several liquor varieties that range from whiskey, beer, brandy, and an array of both international and in-house cocktails. You can grab a bite of tacos or burgers, or opt for the more satiating mac n cheese when you’re super famished. Your puppy won’t have to spend the afternoon salivating at your meals now that this joint has a comprehensive menu just for dogs.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Florida

The Continental, Naples

Anyone who fancies an uptown restaurant that offers both a relaxed and an uptight dining ambiance is welcomed to visit the Continental in Florida. The staple at this joint is steak, but the place offers other meat varieties, which lean heavily on seafood.

And when it boils down to desserts, the Continental indulge the sweet teeth with plenty of pies and some well-chosen wines to down your food with. What’s in for the doggy? Your close friend gets to enjoy a relaxed, well-manicured patio while you dine and a bow-wow dog party that the management hosts every year.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Georgia

The Crab Shack, Tybee Island

Wooden floors and walls are what you meet once you park your car at the Crab Shack. The setting provides a safe environment for your emotional support dogs to run around and get in tune with their true selves. As for you, this restaurant offers a wide array of seafood meals that range from fish, crabs, oysters, and shrimp, which are freshly fished from the sea.

If you do not fancy fish varieties, the spot has other meat options that you’d enjoy. Pork, chicken, ribs, and sausage are some of the alternatives you’re bound to sample while you’re at the Crab Shack. You’re advised to leash your dog when you visit this place if you don’t want it to jump into the sea.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Nevada

The Egg and I, Las Vegas

Egg lovers can make a stop at this joint and sample as many egg dishes as they can handle. Whether you like it scrambled or fancy a crepe, the Egg & I provide your best egg variation on a platter, with a befitting side dish. Even better, the portions are generous, so you don’t have to worry about getting an additional snack to fill up your tummy.

It seems that many locals own dogs since the place is always packed most days of the week. When you visit this restaurant with your pup, you will enjoy the cool breeze at the patio without annoying other non-pet friendly guests.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Colorado

The Watering Bowl, Denver

Are you looking for a restaurant that allows your pet to roam around without wandering too far from you? The Watering bowl is a fenced restaurant that offers diners an indoors and outdoors eating experience. An expansive well-manicured patio allows your dog to jump around while you chill under the umbrellas.

You can also let your doggy play with his new friends in the dog-pen, while you catch up with your buddies. While this spot is dog-friendly, the management strictly requires you to clean up after your furry buddy or attract a hefty fine.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in San Francisco

Precita Park Café

This restaurant is more of a doggy spot than a human one. The owners, who are dog owners, thought it’d be nice to provide a space that lets your emotional support dogs enjoy themselves as much as you do. When you pick up the menu to choose what you will be having, the management also provides a few options for your canine. They provide hamburgers and other doggie-friendly treats that your pup can feast on.

Our Say

Your pet doesn’t have to sulk at home or sit by the window, waiting for you to come back from lunch. You can tag them along and allow them to enjoy a nice meal or a run around the patio as you dine. This would be a great way to bond with the emotional support dogs that help you cope with life stress.

Before you take your animal to a restaurant, however, ensure that it has received its vaccines. Also, carry a leash and pick after it to avoid messing up the surroundings. Remember to ask the management for more information about the doggy’s menu that would make your pet as comfortable as you would be. And in case your emotional support dogs aren’t feeling too well, do not take them with you to a public place. You don’t want other dogs catching what yours have. We should all take care of these precious animals.

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