What are Some of The Fashionable Bottom Wears For Men?

Jackets and sneakers are always going to be top essentials of men’s wardrobe, but don’t forget about giving importance to bottom wears as well. An appropriate bottom wear can be silently powerful and getting it wrong can simply dull the shine of trendy pieces you are wearing. Hence, pay attention to what you wear below your cool jackets and tees.

The new era of fashion has seen a top-notch collection of pants when it comes to men’s wear. However, we understand the difficulty in selecting the pants when there are hundreds of fantastic choices. Thus, in this article we will highlight some of the incredible pair of pants and trousers that must find space in your wardrobe.

1. Relaxed legged trousers

Relaxed legged trousers are becoming more and more fashionable these days. They are perfect for wearing at night outs and night parties, and the color range is just phenomenal you get plenty of color collections starting from bright pastels to subtle. Moreover, if you are someone who is conscious about weight, then relaxed legged trousers is all you need, as this pair of trousers makes a person appear thin because it doesn’t stick to your body and it is bit loose.

In addition, they are perfect for providing a platform for a standout piece of footwear, they make a perfect look when typically worn with canvas shoes. However, they aren’t very good to wear at work places, but they make for comfortable and casual weekend pant.

2. Linen trousers

There was a time when linen trousers were sweaty, and mishappen bloomers that had no place in modern men’s style wardrobe. Thankfully, designers have done a lot of work on it, they improved its cloth material and stitching patterns. Gone are the days when linen trousers were available in shapeless cuts, they are now replaced by tapered and modern leg lines that flatter every body’s shape. The improvement in linen trousers has lifted their demand and people are loving them. Match these pair of trousers with T-shirt and a comfortable jacket, finally wear shoes to get a fabulous look that you can’t stop flaunting.

3. Tech wear pants

Techwear pants are a mid-layer garments which are popularly known as insulating garments. Typically, this bottom wear is fit for wearing in winters as it keeps you warm without sticking to your body. However, Tech wear pants is something you see rarely on streets but they have a high demand due their distinctive cuts, body fitting and plenty of pockets. Moreover, the pants are made out of high-quality material which means that they will never go out of fashion. Finally, they are fitted with features which makes them more practical such as pockets and zippers making them more spacious.

4. Drawstring trousers

Drawstring trousers are one of the best things to happen for men’s wear wardrobe. From years men’s fashion was looking for something which is purely distinctive and brand new, the designers’ efforts gave this fabulous piece of cloth which became a fashion statement for many. Now drawstring trousers are all you need for a comfortable outing and gathering. In addition, you can also wear these pair of pants as sportswear, they properly match with the theme giving you all sporty and stylish look. These days drawstring pants come tailored and, in a lot, more material, so you get variety of options to choose from. Moreover, if you are thinking about the best cloth material for drawstring pants then go ahead with woolen and linen as they offer a smart spectrum.

5. Slimline joggers

 Men’s fashion have seen some of the best hybrids over the years and one of them is slimline joggers. Joggers look both fashionable and sporty, the comfortable fitting keeps you relaxed, and the best thing about them is they look slim but don’t stick to your body keeping you all comfortable. Moreover, you can dress them with t shirts and shoes, they are equally suitable for gym and pubs so ether you can pair them with sport shoes or casual footwears.

Thus, keeping streetwear vibe slimline joggers are successful in creating a new fashion statement, from past few years men’s wardrobe are flooding with these comfortable pair of bottom wear and people are highly fascinated with it.

6. Cropped trousers

Ankle length trousers also known as cropped trousers happened for a good reason to keep your ankle breathing in hot summer. Ankle length trousers are best to put new life into your work basics as they are perfect fit for Monday to Friday work hours. Wear them with tucked shirt and finally pair them with formal shoes, and you are all set to move at your workplace with confidence and zeal. Additionally, the fine cut and sleek proportion is surprisingly easy to wear.

7. Cargo pants

Cargo pants have enjoyed a lot of attention in a potted history, starting from being essentials of army to shifting towards street wear. A perfect cargo is both slim and spacious which is perfectly tailored from bottom. Moreover, one dominating color that is seen in cargo pants is khaki as it was first worn by militants, this color is the symbol of wearing cargo pants so any time you go to buy them don’t forget to have a glimpse of it. You can complete your cargo look by pairing the pants with comfortable t shirt and zip jacket. Finally, don’t forget to finish off by wearing comfortable pair of white shoes and you are all set to flaunt your cargo fashion.


It’s easy to simply plump into your favorite slim black jeans but it’s not fashionable always. Nowadays apart from ordinary slim fit bottom wears there are hundreds of other fashionable and stylish pants, jeans and trousers for men. You can escape your ordinary fashion and can set a whole new fashion statement by trying out these top-tier bottom wears. These bottom wears are stylish along with high-quality comfort so you get brand new pairs of pants to keep your wardrobe up to the mark. So, now you can easily escape from wearing your go to black jeans and can try these stunning pairs.