When you think of religious tattoos, Lord Shiva is the first to pop up in your mind. One of the most remarkable deities of Hinduism, Shiva is demonstrated as a supreme being, transformer and destroyer of evil.

The flair of Shiva as a religious tattoo has been trending for years now and will continue to. The latest innovation is that Lord Shiva tattoo designs are not limited to men alone.

Many small and symbolic Lord Shiva tattoo designs for girls are appealing to women of all ages. From the three-pronged weapon to the Om Namah Shivaya script there are several designs you can get to pay your respect to the spirit of Shiva.

Bring Lord Shiva to life on your body with these unique Tattoo ideas:

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs For Boys & Girls :

1. Adiyogi Shiva Tattoo

lord shiva tattoo designs

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Shiva is referred to as Adiyodi, which translates to the originator of yoga or the “first yogi”. Just like Adiyogi represents the human avatar of the creator, this Adiyogi Shiva tattoo symbolizes you as the creator of your life. It is in the calmness that you show your power and the Adiyogi avatar of Shiva is an example of this.

2. Trishula and Rudraksh Tattoo

Shiva tattoo design for boys

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If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva then the Trishula alongside the rudraksh is an ideal tattoo design for girls and boys. The word Trishula originates from Sanskrit and translates into three stick, i.e., tri signifies “three” and shula signifies “stick”. The signature spear of Shiva represents the powers of the divine trinity- Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva(destroyer).

3. Shiva with Tiger Tattoo

lord shiva tattoo design for men

Tiger which is considered the strongest of all is the spirit animal of Lord Shiva. He is often seen sitting on the tiger skin which depicts that Lord Shiva as tamed the wild animal and rules over the entire animal kingdom. This Shiva with tiger tattoo design for men showcases power, dominance and mystery.

4. Shiva Tattoo with Sanskrit text

shiva tattoo designs

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Lord Shiva has many prayers and chants dedicated to him and his powers. One of the most popular is Om Namah Shivaya that translates to “I bow to Lord Shiva”. This tattoo design for girls and boys is achieved by sharp lettering, fine lines and blackwork. Get a simple tattoo design of Lord Shiva along with a simple om symbol or Sanskrit text to add to the aura of the Lord’s divinity.

5. Feminine Shiva Tattoo

shiva tattoo

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Some lord Shiva tattoo designs depict God looking like a Goddess. This is common as Shiva and his wife Parvati are often shown as one body- half male and half female. Some Shiva artwork in Hinduism shows Lord Shiva with feminine features which not necessarily represent Shiva and Parvati as one. This tattoo design for girls is suitable if you don’t want a masculine design of Lord Shiva.

6. Lord Shiva with Ganesh

Lord Shiva with Ganesh tattoo design

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Want to exhibit the relationship between father and son? Best way to depict this strong bond is the tattoo of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh. This tattoo design for man depicts how Lord Shiva carries Bal Ganesh on his back while holding his Trishul to be able to protect Ganesh from any danger. The bond between the two emits love, peace and positive energy.

7. Coloured Shiva Tattoo

Coloured Shiva Tattoo design

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If you want to give a more ancient and artistry touch to your Lord Shiva tattoo designs for girls then add colours to it for a more vivid and vibrant tattoo design. You can also incorporate neo-traditional, watercolours or any other new style to give it a modern charm.

8. Aggressive Lord Shiva

Aggressive Lord Shiva tattoo design

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Lord Shiva opens his third eye and destroys everything in his way when he gets a temper.

His anger is boundless and surpasses everything which eventually restores the balance and brings peace to the world. This is one of our favourite tattoo designs for men which is bold and fiery. Lord Shiva’s wrath is so fierce it can shake the whole world and is capable of destroying the universe and all the life forms present and he is furious, he becomes unstoppable and no one is powerful enough to calm him down.

9. Lord Shiva Mandala Tattoo

Lord Shiva Mandala Tattoo

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This mandala represents the enclosing walls or circle of the practitioner.

The enclosed wall is a symbol of eternity, perfection, harmony and completeness. These sacred symbols with a modern twist have become famous tattoo designs for men and women. It incorporates geometric shapes like triangles, circles and nature-derived patterns- flowers, moon, and sun

10. Three Icons of Lord Shiva

Three Icons of Lord Shiva

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This tattoo represents Lord Shiva’s three main pictorial attributes:

  1. The Trishul with a Damaru attached! It is the tool which is the omen of peace and destroys the evil.
  2. The Snake or Viper which symbolises that fear and death can be controlled by the mortal.
  3. The Shivlink which is the fusion of Ling, the masculine power and the feminine power also known as Peethik.

When all three are combined, they become the symbol of Lord Shiva. The texts below the three attributes say “Jai Bhole” in which means “Hail Lord Shiva” in Sanskrit.

 11. Mantra Shiva Tattoo

 Mantra Shiva Tattoo

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A simple Shiva tattoo design for girls who want a subtle and smaller tattoo design of Lord Shiva. It is easy to achieve as it requires less ink. You can get meaningful Mantras of Lord Shiva inked anywhere on your body.

 12. Natraj Tattoo

natraj tattoo design

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Lord Shiva is depicted as a dancer in the form of Natraj. His dance is called Tandava. If you are a disciple of Lord Shiva who also loves and practices dance then this tattoo design is a good option for you. It showcases the graceful body language of the King of Dance.

Hope these tattoo designs of Lord Shiva have given you an idea of what you want to get inked on your body to feel closer to Lord Shiva.


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