Most of Uttar Pradesh Jewelry reflects aristocrats. The Gul band necklaces are huge pieces made from gold and other embellishments and precious stones. The ornament covers the whole neck and was famously worn by Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar.

Paunji is another reflection of royalty. The bracelet was formed of gold to represent family status in Uttar Pradesh. The Nath which brides wear in Indian weddings is additionally a gift of the state. The hoop is massive and sometimes has a little hanging to it. Lucknow also gave us Paasa, a kind of maang tikka that is worn on the side and not in front.

Traditional Jewellery of Uttar Pradesh:

1. Passa/Maang Tikka

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Paasa (maang tika), a headgear worn in Uttar Pradesh, is an important gold jewelry piece for a wedding. It comes in various levels of intricacy. A maang tikka can feature an easy dangling design to a chandelier-styled layered piece. 

it’s a bridal accessory and designed so that it rests on the sixth chakra- representing the third eye or power of the soul, in Hindu mythology.

Some brides wear it hanging on the center of the forehead- which signifies one’s ability to regulate emotions and the power of concentration. thanks to its vintage appeal, the maang tika now worn not only in India but across the planet.

2. Jhumkas

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Traditional Indian earrings, consisting of an upper portion, connected to a bell-shaped structure below, Jhumkas are intricately crafted earrings embellished with shiny jewels, dangling pearls, and lavish gems.

3. Bali’s

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Bali’s, are the standard ring-shaped earrings, to flaunt the ethnic touch to any traditional Indian outfit.

4. Nose Pin

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The normal Indian nose rings designs vary, supported cultures followed in different parts of the country. Shikarpuri Nath is legendary in north India (Punjab). With an enormous golden ring and a slender chain going to the hair, Nath was emblazoned with priceless stones and gems, even sparklers along the connecting chain. an easier version Nathni admired by the women of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

5. Bangles

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The alluring round jewelry pieces are crafted from most materials from costly metals (gold, silver) to classic wooden and glass referred to as bangles.

6. Kamar Bandh

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Referred to as a waist belt or belly belt, it’s a festive ornament. Worn by many communities as a custom for special rituals and ceremonies. the normal Kamar bandha are quite heavy, comprising intricately crafted patterns and styles.

Drawing attention to the waistline, this exotic jewelry piece is related to sensuality and voluptuousness. Golden Oddi Yanam or waist ornament of South India admired by women everywhere the world, their grace enhanced by the encrusted rose-cut diamonds, emeralds, cabochon rubies and jewels.

Adding to the glam quotient, the peacocks, flowers, buds, leaves and nature-inspired designs intermingle in riotous profusion and are in perfect symmetry to intensify the waist.

Tribal Jewellery of Uttar Pradesh

1. Afghani Jewellery

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Afghani women wear plenty of traditional ornaments such as headpieces, earrings, necklaces, anklets, waist belts and more. There are not any local sources of silver or gold in Afghanistan, such a lot of the jewelry is set in alloys made by melting down old coins.

2. Jhoomar

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Originating from Mughal culture, Jhoomar may be a delicate ornamental headpiece, almost like Maangtika. Traditional Jhoomar had a semicircular design of a crescent moon set with diamonds or a mixture of rubies and emeralds, surmounted with a golden hook; but nowadays multiple designs have come to fulfill all the desires of a lady.

Bunches of pearls are also attached all along the lower edge of the crescent which dangles loosely to add charm to this exquisite piece of jewelry.

Bridal Jewellery of Uttar Pradesh:

1. Kangan/Kadas

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the normal Indian bangles, generally created of gold or silver, are referred to as the kangan/Kada. Punjabi brides also wear chooras, traditionally made from ivory, popularly sold in a vibrant combination of red and white.

2. Choker

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A choker may be a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck, typically 14 inches to 16 inches long. Chokers are often made of a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, latex, leather, and metal, like silver, gold, or platinum, etc.

3. Hathphool

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Originating from Rajasthan, Hathphool (or flowers for the hand), also called the Panchangala (or jewel for the five fingers), maybe a jewel encrusted bracelet with stone-set chains leading to a flower on the back of the palm and similar chains connecting it to the five rings on the five fingers, each ring with a special floral motif.


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