Traditional Jewellery of Karnataka

The age old traditions that change through the various parts of the seventh largest state, Karnataka have the people following diverse wedding styles keep with the rich diversity of the region. The weddings ceremonies are relatively short and are almost like those followed in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. However, the marriage celebrations in Karnataka extend for every week including pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ritual

The traditional Kannadiga bride wears a gorgeous, traditional 9 yards long Nauvari saree and traditional jewellery of Karnataka. Green glass bangles are a must for this bride considerably almost like a Maharashtrian bride and a typical sign of the wife.

With cities turning cosmopolitan, people have also begun adopting customs from the remainder of the country resulting in Kannada weddings becoming even more colourful!

Traditional Jewellery of Karnataka:

1. Netri Chutti:

Traditional Jewellery of Karnataka
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The Kannadiga bride is adorned with a Netri Chutti or Maang Tika on the forehead to enhance the beauty of her eyes and forehead. The traditional craftsmanship with jewellery embellished lavishly in colourful red, white and other precious stones in varied colours make each bit unique.

Muthina Vale Jhimki may be a long or short or medium-sized ear embellishment crafted with red and white stones, ruby, pearls or diamonds. Many Kannadiga brides wear Entele Sara; a layered chain that’s made from gold beads.

In other parts of the country, it’s referred to as maang tikka White and red stones are commonly utilized in this traditional piece but lately coloured stones are also been getting used.

2. Muthina Vale Jhimki:

karnataka jewellery
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This is the bridal earring worn by the Kannadiga bride. Depending on the planning, it’s embellished with diamonds or precious gemstones

3. Haram:

jewellery of karnataka
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Haram is another beautiful traditional jewellery of Karnataka, It is to adorn the neckline, a creation of gold in heavy long and thin chains that has intricate detailing in its design. This is the most bridal necklace that’s worn around the neck. The Hara is typically designed as long and thick chains with a pendant

4. Guruvina Kada:

Guruvina kada karnataka jewellery
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The Kannadiga bride wears heavy traditionally crafted bangles like Guruvina Kada with red stones, antique finished Kettu Bale, Kasina Bale having an intricate design with coins and Pacha Kampina Bale which is designed with green and red stones. To beautify her fingers, she wears Pacha Kempina Ungaru which may be a finger ring crafted with rubies and emeralds.

These are the bridal bangles. As is customary within the remainder of the country, the bridal bangles are meant to be heavy, ornamental, traditional and exquisite. Apart from Guruvina Kada, Kannadiga bangle styles also include designs like Kettu Bale, Pacha Kampina Bale and Kasina Bale.

5. Pacha Kempina Ungaru:

Pacha Kempina Ungaru
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This is the ring worn by a Kannadiga bride. Pacha Kempina Ungaru is usually embellished with rubies and emerald.

6. Mavinakayi Addigai:

Mavinakayi Addigai
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Mavinakayi Addigai is Kannada style traditional jewellery similar to the Manga Mala found in Kerala, an inevitable element in any Kerala or Karnataka wedding. This is a necklace that has mango shaped motifs in gold, beautiful and ethnic in appearance with green stones, red stones and pearls within the pendant for a Kannadiga twist.

7. Laxmi Sara:

Laxmi Sara
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The ornament Lakshmi Sara is made of a series of small gold coins that has the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi engraved on every coin. These neckpieces provide a traditional striking look. The pendant on this necklace has the image of Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

8. Tholu Bandhi:

Tholu Bandhi
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An ornament shaped like a snake or arch, finely crafted with stones and pearls, an amulet which is called Tholu Bandhi is worn on the arms.

9. Mangalsutra:

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In Kannadiga custom, the Mangalsutra design made up of gold and black beads, which is the protection of the wearer, varies from one caste to another.

10. Toe Ring:

Toe Ring
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Of late, the toe rings are made more colourful according to their taste to make the bride’s feet look attractive. The Hebbat or toe ring made from silver, worn by Kannadiga married women on the fourth toe.

Tribal Jewellery of Karnataka:

Tribal jewellery of Karnataka is found during this state is basically beautiful a la mode. One of the important types is tulunad. This is actually a brass two-part belt. It has cobra heads with long drawn out hoods in its top edged and features a cobra clutch at front of it also.

The tribal jewellery of Karnataka has some references to religious acts. There are some examples, which may be mentioned to explain the religious aspects. The Shiva Lingam devotees often wear a brass finger ring, which usually depicts god Shiva’s vehicle, the bull nandini.

Silver lingam caskets or ayigalu shaped within the sort of an egg is worn by female or laypersons.

1. Bedar tribes:  

Bedar Tribes belong to the famous Dravidian language family group. The Bedar tribal community are often found in several places of Karnataka. Bedar tribes  are also mentioned as Beda, Berad, Boya, Bendar, Berar, Burar, Ramoshi, Talwar, Byadar, and Valmiki.

The word ‘bedar’ has an etymological significance. Tribal jewellery in several tribes carries a different meaning. The Bedar tribe community of Karnataka also has its own style of jewellery. Both men and ladies of the community are very keen on jewellery that’s made from gold and silver.

As said earlier they even have some conventional jewellery. Some of the many items of ornaments are named as follows: gold and silver bracelets are usually referred to as khade, waist girdles are known as uddurs and gold earrings are known as Muruva.

The women of this tribal folk love jewellery like nose rings, gold necklaces, etc. there is a special quite jewellery named Dhora. This is usually utilized in the head seems like a hoofed one. This is made of silver.

2. Konda Kapus tribe:

Konda Kapus tribe lives in great numbers in the Karnataka state of India. There are other states of the Indian subcontinent also where this tribe has settled down like Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.

As per the supply of the Indian Constitution, Konda Kapu tribe is taken into account to be one among the Scheduled tribes of the country. Konda Kapus tribe is additionally referred to as ‘Konda Dora’ tribes.

Another important tribe is the Konda Kapus tribe that’s also unique in its style regarding jewellery and everyone. They do not use gold jewellery intrinsically. They wish to use silver also as copper ornaments. The coins take a crucial part in making their necklaces. They usually use 25 paise and 50 paise respectively to form such necklaces.

Types of Karnataka Tribe Necklaces:

1. Karnataka Tribal Necklace:

This type of necklace is very simple in look. These are the speciality of Karnataka tribes. The basic structure of these are often described as the crescent-shaped metal centrepiece is adorned with tribal patterns. Various coins hang from this and every of those is bedecked with jangling bells.

2. Unique Tribal Necklace:

This is a really astonishing piece of tribal jewellery which is well-known all over the places in India and other countries also. Tribal women wear this with full pride. This necklace features a beautiful look with a metal centrepiece adorned with tribal patters.

Old Indian coins are hanged from this chain, which looks awesome. This necklace has an ethnic look in its structure that draws a lot of buyers.