Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat

Gujarat is well known for its diverse culture, traditional jewellery of gujarat, and its vibrant outfits. The richness of its culture and tradition finds the foremost aesthetic expression through its traditional jewelry styles.

Gujarat jewelry styles represent an ideal blend of both modern and ancient traditions that have shaped this state a bit like the diversified geographical aspect of Gujarat; its traditional jewelry comes in a remarkable variety.

Everything from its chunky silver bangles and armlets to traditional silver earrings, the local Artisans craft nose pins, pendants, and anklets. Made with utmost precision, Gujrat jewelry forms an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. This is how every piece is crafted by the Artisans of Gujarat!

History of Traditional Gujarati Jewellery

Gujarat holds a significant place in Navratri celebrations. The Jewelry of Gujarat which is worn by women usually consists of chunky oxidized necklaces, bangles, heavy silver jhumkas adorned with colorful stones and tassels, maang tikka sets, etc.

Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat

Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat

1. Kandora:

Kandora is a type of Gujarati jewelry generally worn by the women on the gleeful occasion or a marriage. It’s made with silver which elevates the overall appeal of a woman’s look.

2. Mattha Tikka:

A head jewelry which has several gold chains linked together with soliciting motifs crusted with rubies and emeralds.

3. Patla Bangles:

Patla Bangles are a traditional Minakaris in white bangles of Gujarat. These bangles have rich detailed work in kundan, plums and other precious rocks.

4. Kundan Rani Haar:

This is a veritably traditional and a royal piece of jewelry worn by the bride which accentuates her beauty indeed more.

5. Damini:

Damini worn by a bride at her marriage. A traditional Damini consists of a maang tikka which worn on the forepart and thus the side strings tied to the hair.

6. Kundan Butti:

kundan Butti is a brace of traditional hair chains that pass over the crown of the head. It is one of the most worn earrings by the Gujarati women.

7. Baju Bandh:

These are armlets worn by the brides in the upper arm completing with other matrimonial jewelries.

8. Chandan Haar:

veritably analogous to majesty associated with Rani Haar, Chandan Haar too holds a veritably significant place amongst the other traditional beautifiers. The design is extremely abstract with four strands of gold attached together.

9. Kundan Bangdi:

Kundan Bangdis are bangles simply designed for the brides keeping their preferences in mind.

Traditional Tribal Jewellery of Gujarat

Traditional Tribal Jewelry of Gujarat

1. Tribal Key Holder:

The key holder is one of the oldest tribal jewelries of Gujarat. The ladies hang the bunch of keys using the key holder. In Desi language it’s pronounced as “Chavi-Gucha”. In Gujarathi culture, the foremost elder lady of the family wears this Gucha.

2. Pachchikam:

It is a tribal piece of necklace of Gujarat. The piece was first crafted centuries ago in the Kutch district. The style of this jewelry is again coming back in today’s ornament trend. This jewelry is prepared by cutting small stones into definite shapes and combining them in the silver chain and with some glasswork.

Pachchikam became fashionable when it came first but gradually it started to vanish. But presently, this fashion is again attracting the new generations and returning to the trends. The oxidized version of Pachchikam looks fabulous.

They give you a BOHO type attire. The western clothes and Pachchikam are the simplest compliment to every other.

Traditional Bridal Jewellery of Gujarat

Traditional Bridal Jewelry of Gujarat

Mattha Tikka: With the rise in the demand for unique looks, everyone is constantly looking for ways to create jaw dropping OOTDs that are not just flattering in appeal but also have worn by others. If you’re also looking to style your Dandiya outfit within the most original way, then we’ve an excellent suggestion for you. Style with a tribal maang tikka and zip else! So, plow ahead and invest during a colorful tribal maang tikkas.

Kan Ni Butti: Kan Ni Butti could also be a bit of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing within the earlobe or another external a of the ear. Kan Ni Butti worn by people in several civilizations and historic periods, often with cultural significance.

Nathni: Nathini, famous among Gujarati as well as Rajasthani women consists of a big golden ring and a chain that can tied to the hair. Nathini adorned with a precious gemstone like Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond, etc. Nose pin (known as Kil) typically made with silver metal. While some women prefer a little stud, some prefer an enormous nose pin adorned with floral work.

Bangadi: Bangadi is a bangle or bracelet made of glass or lac.

Making Process of Gujarat Traditional Jewellery

Making Process of Gujarati Jewelry
  • Step 1:

The metal sheet marked with a compass and cut consistent with the dimensions and style by the artisan. This process completed with the assistance of a metal sheet cutter.

  • Step 2:

The silver wire formed soft employing a hand gas set then bent to the specified shape.

  • Step 3:

This shaped wire placed on the silver sheet. The wire heated in order that it gets fused with the sheet.

  • Step 4:

If there are gaps between the sheet and therefore the wire, the whole arrangement dipped during a solution made by mixing water and water-soluble flux paste.

  • Step 5:

The sheet is then decorated with the design elements (made with silver wires).

  • Step 6:

The unwanted area within the sheet removed. The sharp edges are smoothened employing a filer.

  • Step 7:

Once all the steps done, artisans work on the detailing part of the jewelry followed by the soldering of the clasps.

  • Step 8:

The piece is polished and washed by tamarind water followed by enameling. This step completed to offer a neat look to the jewelry piece.

Such craftsmanship completed in Porbandar, Jamnagar, Surendra Nagar, Ahmedabad and Kutch. Bhuj, Anjar, and Mundra are the foremost centers of silver jewelry trading within the Kutch district.