Traditional Jewellery of Assam

Assam is famous for its plains with greenery, varied wildlife, exquisite jewelry styles, bountiful natural resources, and diverse culture. The traditional jewellery of Assam alongside its enchanting jewelry styles reflects the presence of the many tribes and kingdoms that have shaped the state’s culture. From wild habitats and ancient temples to the jewelry styles inspired naturally, Assam has it all.

The traditional jewellery of Assam designs contains motifs of flora and fauna also as musical instruments like dhol. Here’s everything you would like to understand about the normal jewelry of Assam. Assam is legendary for the majestic Brahmaputra, tea, tribal heritage, and amazing wildlife.

An Assamese bride’s jewelry trousseau may be a beautiful reflection of the Assamese ethos and aesthetics that passed down generations. With designs that contain motifs comprising flora, fauna, and even musical instruments that play a key role in Assamese culture.

it’s safe to mention that a bride from this state wears her jewels proudly alongside her distinctive regional bridal ensemble – the mekhela chador which is usually made with handloom silk and cotton.

Drawing inspiration from little things which appears mundane, the first craftsmen created beautiful pieces of art with sheer skill and imagination. The state’s rich tradition of producing gold jewelry dates to many centuries.

Some designs are exclusively found in this region only. Black, red, and green colors on gold pieces of jewelry are the most favorites among the buyers; these colors also dominate the normal dresses of tribes and communities of the northeastern states.

Traditional Assamese Jewellery:

It was during the Ahom dynasty, Gold-washing alongside the Manufacturing of Gold Ornaments flourished in Assam. Even though gold dust is abundantly found within the sands of various rivers of the state, the main quantities are taken from the river Subansiri (one of the main tributaries of the Brahmaputra).

It was during the rule of the Ahom kings that the gold-washing on the banks of the Subansiri became the most profession in Assam. Assamese jewelry in Jorhat is extremely famous among the locals also because of the tourists. The artisans who make the normal Assam jewelry called ‘Sonari’ within the Assamese language.

Traditional Jewellery of Assam

Traditional Assamese jewellery was formed with hands by the Assamese artisans. Inspired naturally, most of the styles include motifs of birds, animals, and musical instruments like dhol, drum, pepa, etc.

Designed and made by artisans, Assam jewelry features exquisite craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from little things which appears mundane, the first craftsmen created beautiful pieces of art with sheer skill and imagination. The flora and fauna of the region have also been a source of inspiration to those craftsmen.

1. Dug-Dugi:

traditional jewellery of assam
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An ancient piece of Assamese jewelry, Dug-Dugi may be an ornament for a woman’s neck. A necklace with a heart-shaped pendant within the center, the dougong’s name remains a mystery, but it’s a favorite amongst Assamese brides.

2. Kerumuni:

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The strand of this necklace contains Pearls or Moti. Initially, this sort of design was only utilized in earrings but because the trends have evolved, it’s now used within pendants also. A round gem-encrusted pendant with a hollow center, the kerumoni is an Assamese necklace with a colorful beaded necktie that will be adjusted for comfort.

3. Thuriya:

Assamese Traditional Jewellery
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The traditional Thuriya features a unique shape. It consists of a front side that appears sort of a flower, a skinny middle portion, and a wider bottom portion. Its design helps the earrings to remain intact within the ears. A pair of statement stud earrings with floral motifs that are accentuated by red minakari work, thuria is traditionally worn by elderly women, but now it’s flaunted by young women too due to its unique design.

4. Gam-kharu:

Assamese Gamkharu
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Adorned by Assamese women, Gam-Kharu is one of the foremost beautiful jewels of Assam. It is often opened with a golden knot attached thereto; it can fit anyone. A thick bangle/bracelet that’s usually forged out of gold or silver, the gaam-kharu may be a standout item that’s worn by Assamese women at weddings also as other festive occasions.

5. Loka-paro:

loka paro earrings
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“Paro” means pigeons! In Loka Paro, the pendant is embellished with identical pigeons, positioned one after the opposite, and attached to a string containing gold beads. The pigeons embossed on the Loka Paro necklace are adorned with good sort of gemstones like Rubies, Emerald, Amethyst, quartz, etc.

Status dignitaries of the royal Ahom dynasty formerly wore it. With a pendant inspired by the form of pigeons, this gold beaded necklace is another essential piece within the Assamese bride’s jewelry box.

6. Jon Biri:

Assamese Traditional Jewelry
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This is an attention-grabbing accessory that’s adorned by the gorgeous women of Assam. It is a crescent moon shaped pendant and earring with gold and rubies on the front and enamel coating behind it. A necklace that boasts of a chic crescent-shaped pendant, the Jon Biri also comes with a colorful beaded necktie which will adjust to one’s liking.

7. Dholbiri/Motabiri:

Assamese Traditional Jonbiri Jewellery for Women
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Inspired by Dhol (a musical instrument), the normal Dholbiri comes in a dhol shape. It is considered together of the foremost popular decorative ornaments for Assamese women. Dholbiri predicted a superior instrument drum (Dhol) of Assam.

8. Gal-pata:

Assamese Traditional Earrings
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Gal means neck and pata is the flat design of Gal-pata. Adorned by the gorgeous women of Assam, Gal-pata may be a traditional choker necklace made from Gold. It is embellished with intricate floral designs.

This traditional jewellery of Assam is formed of gold. Stuck around the neck, its diverse floral designs thereon. An Assamese choker necklace crafted out of gold, the gal-pata boasts intricate floral designs that sits flat against the bottom of the bride’s neck.

Assam Tribal Jewelry:

assam tribal jewellery
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Assam is the home to a spread of racial stocks like Monogrid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian, and Aryan. Each of those tribes has its own unique culture, tradition, lifestyle, and clothing.

Uses of Assam Jewelry:

Both Assamese men and women used to wear Assamese ornaments on different parts of their bodies. The females put bracelets referred to as Gam-Kharu made from either gold or silver on the wrists of their hands. Most of the neck ornaments are made of beads.