Traditional Food of Odisha

Situated on the eastern coast, the land of Odisha represents the soul of India. The state is so vibrant and distinctive that its every district displays a diverse food speciality. Famous as the ‘Goa of Eastern India’, Orissa offers a simple yet different style of cooking that makes it a perfect place for every foodie. Discover the most amazing traditional food of Odisha:

Famous Food of Odisha

1. Khichdi:

traditional food of odisha

Khichdi, popularly called as the Khichdi is an easy meal and one of the important one in Odisha. The dish is the prepared as the main course and is to Lord Jagannath at the Puri temple. This mouth-watering delicacy with rice and lentils cooked together in pure ghee and with papad and curd for one greater nutrition meal.

2. Chungdi Malai:

famous food of odisha

Its mouth-watering taste enriched with mild spices and the richness of prawns makes it special and adds unique taste to it. Absolutely yummy, this food delicacy from Orissa with steamed basmati rice.

3. Macha Ghanta:

popular food of odisha

Fishes are a very important ingredient in Orissa and majorly relished in every household of Orissa.This tempting curry is a main offering to Durga Maa on Dusshera.

4. Dalma:

food of odisha

Be it any part of the country, Dal is something you simply cannot get enough of. But, in Orissa this food comes with a unique twist. Vegetables that include papaya, pumpkin and yam. This finger licking meal with rice to satisfy the hunger cravings.

5. Pakhala Bhata:

famous food of odisha

The mixture overnight and with papad, fried fish, potatoes and Badi choora. To welcome summer season with greater zeal and enthusiasm, every year on 20th March, Pakhala Dibasa with this traditional dish of the state.

Traditional Sweets of Odisha:

1. Rasgulla:

sweets of odisha

This traditional Odia sweet to goddess Lakshmi during Ratha Yatra. Rasagulla of Chhena, which in sugar syrup. The colour of Rasagulla depends upon the sugar syrup used in preparation. If you want to have the best Rasagulla visit Pahala. The Rasagulla available here is less spongy, very soft and creamier in colour. The popularity of this sweet instigated the Odisha government to declare July 30 as the Rasagulla Dibasa.

2. Chenna Poda:

odisha sweets

It is one of the famous desserts from Odisha. Chhena Poda of cheese, sugar, cashew, cardamoms and raisins. All the items well and then wrapped in the leaves of the Sal tree and baked in a charcoal oven for two to three hours. Chhena poda is very tasty and soft. It that the origin of Chhena Poda is in Nayagarh district of Odisha during the first half of 20th century. Chhena Poda is especially in high demand during Durga Puja.

3. Chhena Gaja:

famous odisha sweets

A signature dessert of Odisha, it is prepared by combining cheese, sugar and semolina. The ingredients well and molded into rectangular shapes and then it, and it may in oil after boiling. The fried Gaja in sugar syrup. It dry, but the sugar crystals remain on the surface of the dry sweet. There are two types of Gaja that dry Gaja and fried sugary syrup Gaja.

4. Chhena Jili:

chena jili

This special sweet is prepared with fried cheese, cardamom powder, ghee and sugar syrup. Chhena Jhili is essentially a deep-fried cottage cheese patty, soaked in sugar syrup. It is best eaten hot to feel the soft, juicy cheesiness with the backdrop of a little cardamom flavour. Nimapada, a small village in Puri district is famous for Chhena Jhili. You will find different roadside shops in Nimapada while going to Puri from Bhubaneswar which are exclusively famous for Chhena Jhilli.

5. Rasabali:


Rasabali is a deep fried flattened reddish brown cheese patty in thickened and sweetened milk. The milk with crushed cardamoms. The cheese into palm size allowing them to absorb the milk more readily. Rasabali is so soft that it melts into the mouth within a second. Rasabali originated from Kendrapada. It to Lord Balabhadra in the Balabhadra Temple of Kendrapada. Baisnabipanda Shop in Kendrapada is the best place to have delicious Rasabali.

Street Food of Odisha:

1. Dahi Vada with Aloo Dum:

street food of odisha

This one is popular and people’s favourite street food. The sellers selling this street food early in the morning, as it is a popular breakfast option. Unlike the usual dahi Vada and aloo dum that we eat separately, in Odisha, they are together. The soft dahi vadas with onion, coriander, cumin powder, chilli powder and chat masala.

2. Bara Gugni:

odisha street food

This is also a very well-known street food in Odisha and can in almost every street. Bara is a deep-fried fritter that is prepared by making a paste of Bengal gram. Ghugni, on the other hand, using dried peas. The two are tasty separately, but they complement each other perfectly. This dish is also a popular choice for breakfast and for evening snacks. It is no surprise there are plenty of stalls selling this everywhere.

3. Chakuli Pitha:

street food of odisha

It is a traditional dish and is very well known as street food. Although it is traditionally prepared on certain occasions, it is now widely popular. It is salty in taste and served with items like mutton/chicken curry. This delicious dish with a dal or a lentil soup for vegetarian people.