Traditional Food of Assam

Assam is one of the states of northeast and the way of living, food habits, their culture varies from the other states of India. The traditional food of Assam is quite different, unique, and subtle to taste. Now, if you are one of those who loves to explore various dishes and local cuisines then you must visit Assam and try their amazing and delicious traditional cuisine that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Rice is the staple food of this state, and you’ll get numerous varieties of rice starting from Joha, Saul bora, japonica, basmati, etc.

Mustard oil in almost every dish which in abundance in the state. Bamboo shoots, jackfruits, bananas, olives, etc. They mostly prefer non-spicy food but with a lot of other rich spices like cumin, coriander, mustard, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, panch foran, cardamom, and a few more ingredients. Bamboo shoots to roast chicken, mutton and also used to prepare rice. Assam’s silkworm dish is the most well-known and the forte of this state; it is a must-have dish if you’re visiting here. They also prepare various amazing, sweet dishes and desserts on special occasions one of which is various kinds of pithas, goor ka kheer, Coconut pithas, Coconut laddus and many more.

Famous Food of Assam:

1. Khaar:

traditional food of assam

It as the primary food item that is compulsorily available in the large traditional Assamese thali. The dish is non-vegetarian which is a meat delicacy. Then all the above items with dried banana leaves for adding a kind of distinct flavour into it. This specific dish can with rice and generally included in the lunch menu.

2. Masoor Tenga:

famous foods of assam

This dish is also non-vegetation and is perfect to have during summers. The term ‘Tenga’ means sour and the reason for the sourness is because tomatoes, dried mangosteen, lemon, raw mango, and elephant-apple into it. The dish isn’t that spiced but fenugreek, 5 mixed spices, and mustard seeds to add some flavour. It has a subtle sense of taste, sour fish curry which is best to have during lunch or dinner. It also helps in enhancing digestion.

3. Aloo Pitika:

food of assam

This item is quite simple and kind of mashed boiled potato with a touch of Assamese style. It is a simple and subtle side dish prepared by mashing boiled potatoes and cooked in mustard oil with added slices of onions, salt, coriander and is comfort food and quite easy to prepare.

4. Duck Meat Curry:

duck meet curry

This is another beauty that can blow your mind with just one bite. It special occasions. Generally, Ash grounds are used to cook it, but sesame, lentil, and pumpkins are also used.

Traditional Sweets of Assam:

1. Doi-Chira:

traditional sweets of assam

Excellent choice for breakfast! One can begin its day with a bowl of Doi-Chira, one of Assam’s most popular breakfast dishes. It during the Bihu Festival, but it is also suitable for other occasions since it requires less preparation time. Flattened rice, yogurt, cream, and jaggery are the main ingredients used in this Assamese sweet meal.

2. Komalar Kheer:

sweets of assam

This is a rice-based kheer with a zesty orange flavour. The addition of orange pulp to the sweet dish gives it a refreshing flavour, and the pulp can also as a garnish. It’s one of Assam’s best traditional recipes, so give it a try.

3. Rice Payas:

assam sweets

The usage of Joha rice in the preparation of this Payas is unique. This sweet dish is particularly filling, as it contains a lot of sugar, ghee, and dried fruits. The cardamom seeds on top. Saffron can also as a garnish. One thing to keep in mind when creating this delectable, sweet dessert is the gas flame. This delicious meal is prepared over a low heat.

4. Narikolar Laru:

assam sweets

This is a coconut laddu that combines the finest of both worlds: coconut and sugar. And, absolutely, having one is insufficient. This laddoo has an incredible flavour. It has a strong striking tasteful resemblance to coconut candy.

Traditional Street Food of Assam:

1. Pitha:

traditional street food of assam

Pitha is one of the most popular dishes found in Assam. It of rice flour and can in a sweet as well as savoury preparation. It uses a batter of rice and with a filling of either cabbage, radish, jaggery, coconut, etc. The traditional Pitha batter in a bamboo shoot and served as a breakfast dish with tea. Pitha is a must-have for any Assamese street food joint.

2. Laksa:

assam traditional food

Laksa is a form of noodle soup found in Assam. It has noodles made of vermicelli and a gravy of coconut milk, fish paste, vegetables and other spices. There are many other varieties of Laksa that have different flavours and gravies. Originating from Malaysia, Laksa also has an Assamese version. Noodle soups, although now popular in restaurants, in street food joints. So, you can find a way to introduce soupy noodles to the street food market with Laksa.

3. Patishapta:

street food of assam

Patishapta in Assam, Bengal, Bangladesh, etc. It is a sweet dish, made of milk, flour and sugar. Patishapta consists of two major elements, crepe and stuffing. The crepe of sugar and flour. The stuffing can with rice, milk, sugar, jaggery, coconut, etc. It as a roll where the sweet stuffing is in the middle of a crepe. Patishapta is the perfect end to an Assamese food journey.