Andhra Pradesh is the “Land of Spices”. Since time immemorial the state has and attacked for the myriad variety of spices available. The spicy taste and flavor are quite evident in the cuisine. All across the state you would find delicious dishes with a unique blend of spices. Well, when we talk about spice and spicy dishes, Traditional food of andhra pradesh deserves a special mention. Although Biriyani to Gongora Pachadi, Andhra cuisine is renowned for their fiery taste and spicy flavors. Plenty of red chilly in the lands of Andhra Pradesh.

Naturally, the spices have dominance in the recipes of the local food. Basically if you are new to the world of chillies and spices, then please do sit down to eat with a bowl of jaggerry or glass of buttermilk to soothe your tongue every now and then because it can get quite torturous.

Traditional Food of Andhra Pradesh:

1. Biryani:

traditional food of andhra pradesh

The famous biriyani is so delicious that it is a name to within Andhra cuisine as a whole. The rich delight is a perfect blend of masalas, rice and meat. So, after reaching Andhra Pradesh, freshen up and start your vacation gorging into delicious Biriyani.

2. Kodi Pulao:

food of anshra pradesh

Certainly the perfect spicy blend of rice and meat is a treat for the meat-lovers. You chiefly cannot miss this meaty delight before to retire for the day.

3. Royyala Yepudu:

This spicy fried prawn curry is a delicious treat for all the sea-food lovers. After all, who does not love the spicy crunchy prawns?

4. Pulasa Pulusu:

food of andhra pradesh

Consequently extremely rare seasonal fish curry is very healthy too. If you visit the coasts of Andhra Pradesh during the right season, do not forget to feast on a plate of the delicious curry. So, when you relax in a beach in Vishakhapatnam, remember to have a feast with Pulasa Pulusu before retiring.

5. Gutti Vankaya Kura:

Correspondingly the spicy stuffed eggplant curry is a mouth-watering delicious dish with the roasted herbs adding a rich flavor and aroma to the delightful delight. So, as you explore the beautiful city of Vijayawada, lunch on a sumptuous meal of Gutti Vankaya Kura with rice and rest.  

6. Gongora Pachadi:

andhra pradesh food

Doubtedly Andhra cuisine is incomplete without the myriad variety of pachadis or chutneys. One of the most unique types is the spinach pachadi. The unique flavour will fill your senses and leave you craving for more. Earlier the chutney has a tangier pickle version cooked with sorrel leaves. I am very sure that after tasting it once you would be dying to know the secret recipe and prepare your own version at home. When you order a meal in Andhra Pradesh, remember to order for Gongora Pachadi along.

7. Gongora Mutton:

famous andhra food

Eventually Andhra cuisine has a variety of meat preparations. All of them are very delicious. But Gongora mutton deserves special mention. This delicious dish prepared with spinach has a unique spicy aroma and flavour, which is difficult to otherwise or elsewhere. The addition of potatoes and coconut milk enhance the taste and texture of the delicious gravy. When you explore the city of Hyderabad, dig into the appetising delight and retire in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Gachibowli.

8. Nati Kodi Pulusu:

food of andhra pradesh

Amongst a variety of spicy chicken recipes, the Natu Kodi Pulusu certainly stands out. The pepper chicken and Guntur chicken are mouth-wateringly delicious, but the chicken cooked with poppy seeds is very tasty. The poppy seeds add a rich aroma, flavour and texture to the rich and tangy taste of other pickles. You would definitely fall in love with the variety. Besides sight-seeing, have a blast in the city of Guntur with Natu Kodi Pulusu in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Guntur.

9. Akura Pappu:


Andhra cuisine loves spinach. Another delicious recipe of Popeye’s favourite leafy vegetable is the Akaru Pappu. The dish prepared with pulses would surely make even children love their veggies. So, when you visit the holy city of Tirupati, lunch on delicious Akura Pappu with rice and rest in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Tirupati.

10. Ulava Charu:

Ulava Charu:

ava means horse gram. The horse gram soup deserves special mention for the delicious creamy spicy taste. It is definitely a treat for our palette.

11. Pesaratuu:


The Dosa variety prepared with moong dal is a delicious and healthy delight. It is a very unique variety of Dosa, native to the Andhra kitchen. In some varieties, the dosa with upma stuffing. After leaving your hourly couple friendly hotel in Nampally in Hyderabad, start your day with a healthy Pesarattu.

12. Punugulu:

andhra food

The deep fried idly batter is a delectable crunchy snack. You can also eat it as an appetizer or as a side-dish during a meal. Nevertheless, you cannot miss this delicious food item.

Traditional Sweets of Andhra Pradesh:

1. Putharekulu:

famous sweets of andhra pradesh

Firstly, Putharekulu is the most famous sweet of Andhra Pradesh and it is the first choice of most of the peoples of Andhra. The sweet inside the paper and that is why it paper sweet in Andhra. The paper look makes it look rich and its delicious taste makes everyone fond of it.

2. Ariselu:

andhra pradesh sweets

The most liked sweet of Andhra Pradesh is Ariselu. It is one of those sweets which can be prepared at home. People used to make this sweet on various occasions, as it can be prepared very easily. It at various festivals like Pongal, Diwali, Dussehra, etc. Hence this sweet requires very few ingredients like sugar, ghee, rice flour, and some dry fruits which are optional.

3.    Rava Laddu:

andhra pradesh laddu

Although Rava Laddu is quite famous in most of the states of the country, it is a much liked sweet in Andhra Pradesh. Rava Laddu is very easy to prepare and tastes much delicious. Its sweet aroma makes everyone fond of it. It is prepared with Rava, ghee, sugar, and coconut.

4. Kajjikayalu:

famous sweets of andhra pradesh

Kajjikayalu is one of the traditional sweets of Andhra which is mostly prepared at festivals. It by everyone because of its crispy taste from the outside and sweet coconut-like taste from the inside. This sweet is also very easy to prepare and people use it to make this sweet at home during the festival or on various occasions.

5. Kakinada Kaja:

Kakinada Kaja in the topmost traditional sweets of Andhra Pradesh. Its juicy taste makes it delicious and different from other types of sweets. Like Kajjikayalu it is crispy from the outside, but it is completely juicy from the inside and tastes much delicious.

andhra pradesh sweets

6. Bandar Laddu:

sweets of andhra pradesh

They are using Dough and Ghee but difficult to prepare at home hence people use to purchase them from sweet shops.

7. Gavvalu:


Gavvalu which is also known as sweet shell is one of Andhra’s famous sweets. This sweet is very easy to prepare and it is a festival sweet. The unique thing about this sweet is that it has different variants as per the ingredients used inside it. They have a coating with sugar syrup which makes it much sweeter and delicious.

8. Sunnundalu:


Sunnundalu as one of the healthiest sweets of Andhra and suitable for all age groups. It is mainly prepared with powdered urad dal, sugar, and cardamom. It is also a festival sweet and prepared during the festivals like Diwali, Holi, Dussehra.

9. Paramannam:


This sweet is known as ‘Kheer’ in most of the states of our country. It was common man’s sweet just because of its simplicity. This sweet can be prepared at home very easily and people use to make it on various occasions. It requires only rice, milk, and sugar as major ingredients.

10. Burelu:


This delicious sweet of Andhra Poornalu. It is specially prepared in Navratri as this sweet to be goddess Durga’s favourite. The major ingredients of this sweet are chana dal, urad dal, sugar, and rice. They look very similar to ‘Aalubada’ which in North India.

11. Gulabilu:


It is also known as Roja Puvvulu in Andhra Pradesh and is a very well-known sweet. This sweet is most liked by children because it is sweet as well as crunchy. At most of the places in Andhra, it along with tea. The major ingredient of this sweet is Maida and rice.

12. Kobbari Kova:

kobbari volla

Last Kobbari Kova or Kova Laddu is a much famous sweet of Andhra Pradesh. This coconut laddu is the traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh and at various festivals. It tastes delicious and with coconut and jaggery.

Street Food Of Andhra Pradesh:

1. Bongu Chicken:

bongu chicken

Famously known as ‘Bamboo Chicken’, Bongu chicken is mostly available in the Araku Valley which is one of the most visited hill stations in Andhra Pradesh. This flavoursome dish while marinating the chicken first and then stuffing it inside the hollow of a bamboo stick. To give it a Smokey flavour, it over coal. The dish is prepared within 15 minutes without using any oil and less spice. While heading towards Araku, you will find several local vendors selling this uniquely curated dish.

2. Egg Bonda:

egg bonda

Popularly known as egg pakora or egg bhaji, this famous street delicacy is prepared with boiled eggs that in gram flour batter. This quick snack is prepared with local spices along with red and green chillies. You can enjoy Egg Bonda with a sprinkle of freshly cut coriander, chopped onion, and lemon juice. Don’t forget to savour it with the tangy chutney that with it.

3. Liver Kebab:

liver kabab

If you are a non-vegetarian lover, savouring on Liver Kebab is a must. You can widely find this delicacy in Vizag. Although it’s street food, it can satiate all your hunger pangs. The luscious kebabs with paratha or roti along with lemon soda. Vizag Complex and MVP Circle are the best spots to try out this dish along with other non-vegetarian delicacies.

4. Punugulu:

food andhra pradesh

Undoubtedly, the best street food in Andhra Pradesh, Punugulu is another filling as well as an easy snack that with dosa or idly batter. To enjoy its best taste, have it with coconut chutney, peanut chutney, or tomato chutney. This deep-fried snack is crispy on the outside and soft on the outside. If you are in Vizag, you must stop by Punugulu Karam in MVP Colony to tickle your taste buds with Punugulu.

5. Chakodi:

food of andhra pradesh

If your taste buds are craving some crunchy snacks, Chakodi should be your first choice. Made with moong dal, rice flour batter, cumin seeds, red chilli powder, and sesame seeds, this famous street food of Andhra Pradesh can in all parts of the state. Moreover, this traditional snack is prepared especially during Dusshera and Diwali.

6. Tomato Bhajji:

street food of andhra pradesh

Lastly among the best street foods in Andhra Pradesh, Tomato Bhajji is mostly available at beachside locations. This simple yet mouth-watering delicacy is prepared while coating tomatoes with gram flour and then deep-frying them. What makes it all the more delicious is the puffed rice that in the tomatoes. Served with crunchy peanuts, Tomato Bhajji is one of the best snacks to munch on.


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