Traditional Dresses of Haryana

Haryana. Hearing it just makes my mouth water with its delicacies and eyes bulge from all its ancient traditions.  It brings to mind a state that miraculously blends both tradition and abundance.

Haryana, the Vedic land, has long been regarded as the nucleus of Indian culture and civilization. This area is regarded in Indian mythology as the nexus of the northern altar’s existence, where Brahma performed the pristine sacrifice and created the universe.

But well, That’s what not you are here for, right? So, let’s go into the specifics and dive in the deep culture of the state of Haryana and see its culture and the famous traditional dress of haryana among other things.

Young women and girls dress up in bright and colourful outfits and spend the evening dancing and singing. Let’s Learn more about these outfits in the Traditional Dress of Haryana, below.

Traditional Dress of Haryana For Men

traditional dress of haryana for men
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1. Dhoti

The Haryanvi men’s trousers are called dhoti. Dhoti is a large rectangular piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist and legs and pulled in from the waistline’s middle. For a great fit, the loose ends are tucked in from behind.

2. Kurta

 Over their torsos, the men wear a kurta or a shirt. White is the most popular colour for kurtas or shirts. Traditionally, the kurta is made of cotton or silk. It can be worn plain or with embroidered design, such as chikan, and it can be loose or tight in the torso, dropping just above or below the knees.

3. Shirt

The shirt is just like a kurta, but shorter. It has cuffs on the sleeves and is a common upper wear for the majority of men in India but a traditional dress of haryana.

4. Pagri

A pagri is typically a long, unstitched plain cloth. The length varies depending on the type. The wearer’s area and culture are indicated by the fabric. In all of the regions where it is customary to wear one, a pagri is a sign of honour and reverence.

5.  Shoes

Jutti is a form of footwear common in North India and the surrounding areas. They’re usually made of leather and embroidered with threads.  Various juttis with rubber soles have become accessible. They are also known as khussa and have a pointed extended tip, nokh curved upwards like typical moustaches.

Traditional Dress of Haryana For Women

traditional dress of haryana for women
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1. Shirt

Women in haryana wear shirts and kurtas instead of the common known blouses. They are always long sleeved and reach past their waist.

2. Ghagra(Daaman)

A ghagra, also known as a daaman, is a long, embroidered, and pleated skirt worn by women in haryana. It’s fastened around the waist or hips.

Ghagras come in a variety of patterns and styles, as well as a variety of bright colours. They may also have a bottom-end border.

3. Odhni

Odhni, also known as chunder, is a long piece of fabric worn by women over their clothing. The chunders have brightly coloured borders with a variety of designs.

Women cover their heads with one end of the chunder. The other end is tucked into their front waistline.

You can wear an odhni several different ways as they do it in north India. You can also elevate your look according to the shape of your face for example if you have a round face you can take an amazing hairstyle for a round face and style your odhni accordingly.

4. Petticoat

Petticoats are a type of lehengas or ghagra that are very form fitting . They are typically made of satin or cotton and are tighter than ghagra as they are more flowing.

5. Angia

Angia is a tight-fitting blouse designed to cover a woman’s torso. The blouses are just long enough to cover the mid-section of the torso.

For the weddings the bride and groom have special dresses

Haryana Groom’s Dress

haryana groom dress
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Men in weddings take their traditional attire up two levels. Dhoti and kurta are worn by men with turban. Their kurta, on the other hand, is of excellent quality and features some small yet impressive embroidery work to make it fancy and wedding worthy.

Haryana Bridal Dress

haryanvi bridal dress

According to Hindu custom, women wear brightly coloured sarees. Many women, especially the younger generation, prefer to wear salwar – kameez or ghagra with odhni with intricate designs to give it a wedding feel.

Haryana’s women prefer to wear their traditional jewellery styles on their wedding. They usually wear small gold or silver earrings, as well as a necklace or chain in general festivities.

The Ancient Culture Of Haryana

culture of haryana
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Haryana’s folklore is reflected in its history. Haryana, a mystical state steeped in the Vedic Period’s rich cultural heritage, stands out from the crowd.

Haryana’s cuisine is so mouthwatering that it will leave you with a full stomach that you will start searching for effective ways of reducing face fat Lol because you can never get enough and you’re bound to gain some fat.

Featuring hookahs and charpoys, vibrant fairs, and swivelling paddy fields; This vibrant state, often regarded as ‘The Home of Gods,’ is rich in culture, heritage, festivals, folklore, and a spectacular scenery.

Traditional Fairs Of Haryana

1. Surajkund International Fair

Every year, this fair in the Faridabad suburbs is a haven for craft and handloom enthusiasts. This fair, with its bright colours and rhythmic drum beats, beautifully depicts the rural side of Haryana culture and is a huge success every year. Thousands of people from the surrounding areas attend this mela.

2. Mango Mela

This fair is the perfect amalgamation of technology and traditions. This mela, held in the months of June and July at Pinjore’s ‘Yadavindra Gardens,’ is a big treat for mango lovers.

The Mango Mela not only satisfies people’s cravings for various mango varieties, but it also serves as a platform for farmers to sell their products and learn about the latest technologies for increasing mango production.

3. Pinjore Heritage Festival

This festival is held every year in the month of December to honour Haryana’s vibrant and diverse culture. Poets, musicians, and dancers all perform in this venue.  This is a fantastic annual event that celebrates the history and heritage of old Pinjore town, as well as its beautiful gardens.

Haryana hosts a number of vibrant festivals to commemorate various occasions and events like Teej, Guga Navmi etc

Teej is the most well-known festival of all time. It is normally observed on the third day of the month of ‘Shravana.’ The festival is celebrated with great fanfare and zeal throughout the province.

Now that you know about the cuisine, culture, festivities and traditional dresses of haryana; when are you going to pay a visit to the state?

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