Tamil Nadu, a state in southernmost of India, is famous for extravagant temples, delicious food and ancient cultural heritage. One important aspect of its rich culture is the traditional clothing, which represents the traditional and cultural essence of Tamil Nadu.

The traditional costume of southern India has earned global recognition due to its elegance and beautiful looks. A wide variety of materials are used to make the traditional dresses of TamilNadu like silk, cotton, organza, micro silk, chiffon, and pattola silk.

Let’s find out more about the traditional dress of tamil nadu.

Traditional Dress of Tamil Nadu for Women

tamil women dress

1. Saree

Sari found a special place among their costumes, saree, blouse and half saree is the traditional dress for women in Tamil Nadu. Sarees can be worn by women to temples, offices, marriage and parties. The famous Tamil poetry cilapattikaram portrays women in sarees. South Indian saree with zari work is famous all over India.

2. Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram saree is the well-known variety of saree in tamil nadu is known for its exceptional styles. These sarees are made from wdifferent types of materials like silk, cotton, chiffon, pattola silk, and crepe silk The colour and texture of these sarees differ from the other North Indian sarees. The length of the sarees ranges from five to six yards. Mostly brahmin women after getting married wear these sarees.

3. Pavda

Pavada or the half-saree is another traditional outfit of Tamil Nadu especially worn by girls before getting married. This half saree consists of a full-length skirt with a blouse and shawl known as davani. Pavada symbolises the young age and beauty of Tamil girls.

4. Salwar Kameez

These days salwar Kameez is worn by women in Tamil Nadu. It consists of a combination of salwar ( a kind of loose trouser) and kameez ( long top).

Traditional Dress of Tamil Nadu For Men

tamil nadu men dress

The traditional dresses of men also look as elegant as women’s. Generally, they use lungi and angavastram. The traditional lungies were invented in south India. Lungi is the most common part of the men’s outfit.

It is a rectangular piece of cloth generally made of pure cotton. It is wrapped around the waist and thighs. The lungies are available in various colours but white coloured lungies are the traditional dress of Tamil Nadu.

Men in Tamil Nadu wear lungies to marriage parties also. Angavastram is another important part of Tamill dress. It is a piece of cloth to be wrapped around the shoulders. In earlier days angavastram was used as upper clothing but nowadays it is used above the shirt.

Tamil Bridal Dress

tamil nadu bridal dress
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India is a land of tradition, culture, customs and rituals that vary from different states of the country. And an Indian wedding consists of various customs and cultures.

The attire that a bride wears on her wedding day is connected to the customs and traditions of her family. The jewellery and other accessories she wears also has some significant meaning.

The Tamil brahmin brides wear a 9 yard long rich silk kanjivaram saree whereas the non-brahmin brides wear a regular six yards saree. The kanjivaram sarees are available in bright colours along with contrasting borders and different patterns are drawn in the saree with golden threads. The hair is decorated with flowers and golden ornaments.

Tamil brides are adorned with heavy gold jewellery which is passed on from generation to generation in the family.

The prominent jewellery pieces consist of metti ( toe ring made of silver), kolusu( an anklet made silver worn around the ankles), vanki ( floral or peacock design armlets made from gold or silver), maanga malai (necklace), oddinayanam ( hip belt made of silver or gold), nose ring, earrings, thalaisaman, and jadanagam.

Kanjivaram saree along with ornaments completes the look of a Tamil bride.

Tamil Groom Dress

tamil nadu groom dress
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Tamil weddings are very different from the other  Indian weddings as Tamilians are known for simple living and high thinking.

Hence, the grooms of Tamil Nadu dress as simple as possible to follow their old age traditions.

The men in Tamil nadu wear simple and traditional Tamil dresses like white lungies or dhoti along with a white shirt and angavastram.On the wedding day, the groom applies sandalwood and kumkum  paste on their forehead which symbolises their culture.

Traditional jewellery of Tamill Nadu

tamil groom ddress

People in Tamil Nadu consider gold jewellery as a sign of prosperity and good fortune

So you will find every woman in Tamil Nadu wearing at least one piece of gold jewellery. Apart from golden jewellery, tamil people are fond of jewellery carved out of silver, copper and brass.

1. Oddiyanam

Oddinayanam is a hip belt or waist chain used to hold the saree is made from gold and available in various designs like it may be studded with gemstones or various it may feature goddesses images

2. Vanki

Vanki is an armlet made from gold worn around the upper arms. It comes with various floral and peacock designs.

3. Thodu

Thodu is an ear stud or earrings that come with different sizes and designs with studded stones

4. Mangamalai

Mangamalai is the necklace made of gold with studded stones and attached with a golden pendant of different shapes and designs. It is believed that it prevents pulmonary disorders

5. Thali

Thali or mangalsutra is one of the special ornaments for married women. It is made of string with black beads and with a small pendant or locket in the centre.

Culture of Tamil Nadu

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Tamil culture is supremely rich in culture and heritage. Tamil people take much pride and make great efforts to maintain their 2000 years old dravidian culture. The people of Tamil Nadu belong to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, The Dravidian civilization.

Almost four fifth of the tamil nadu population belongs to the Hindu religion and the rest are divided into Islam, Christianity and Jainism. Their rituals include worshipping a deity, trees, animals, stars and planets.

Tamilnadu people wear traditional clothing even today to protect their traditions. Men wear lungi and angavastram. They apply vibhuti on their forehead. While women wear traditional  Kanjivaram saree made from cotton, silk and other fabrics.

Tamil music and dance have evolved over years. Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam are the official forms of music and dance recognized all over Indian and the world.

Tamilnadu also has rich art and architecture which are hugely popular also among the north Indians. Kolam is a form of rangoli drawn in Tamil Nadu to welcome goddess Laxmi. Tamil people also made brilliant sculpture works and carvings.

Many popular temples like Meenakshi Amman temple and Brihadeeswara Temple are located in Tamil Nadu which displays ancient Hindu diversity and heritage.

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