What is the first thought that pops in your head when you hear the word “Rajasthan”?

Here’s what comes to my mind:

Women dressed up in traditional Lehengas with their heads covered, adorned with chunky silver jewellery, roaming in the desert with earthen pots in their hands.

Not the royal palaces or the lakes but the outfits!

The first thing that pops into my mind is the traditional dress of Rajasthan.

And if your thoughts are aligned with mine then you will definitely enjoy reading this blog!

So, go on and read about the famous traditional dress of Rajasthan for men and women.

PS: I’ve mentioned everything from traditional dress in Rajasthan to the accessories and footwear worn with it.

Traditional Dress of Rajasthan For Men:

1. Dhoti and Angrakha: Traditional Rajasthani Dress

 traditional dress of rajasthan
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The traditional dress in Rajasthani for men is dhoti and angrakha. While the former is a long piece of cloth that is tied around the waist and wrapped in between the legs, the latter is a type of robe that covers the chest.

The flare of the Angrakha varies for different tribes and societies that are prevailing in Rajasthan. For example, the royal Rajput clan of Rajasthan wears flared angarkha, while other communities and tribal groups wear knee-length angrakhas with a shorter length and less flair.

2. Pyjama-Kurta:

dress of rajasthan
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This traditional dress of Rajasthan for men consists of basic pants that are known as pajamas. Made from cotton, pajamas are usually worn by men on a daily basis.

The kurtas are loose fitting shirts that go up to knee in length. The overall attire is very comfortable and that is why it is one of the most-worn dresses by men in Rajasthan.  

Accessories To Pair With The Dress:

The traditional dress in Rajasthan for men is paired with the accessories to give it a royal look. Here is the complete list of accessories worn by men in Rajasthan.

1. Pagari:

Rajasthani traditional dress for men
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The pagri is the turban worn by men in Rajasthan. It is generally 2 meters long and comes in a variety of colors and patterns as well as shapes and sizes.

Pagri is, in fact, considered the pride and honor of men in Rajasthan.

Different Ways To Wear A Pagari:

There are literally so many ways to wear the turban Rajasthani style and do you know what the best and the most interesting thing is?

Each style represents a different tradition and culture altogether.

Check out the below-mentioned famous styles to wear a Rajasthani pagari.

Types of Rajasthani Pagari :

  • Jallori from Jallore
  • Bhatti from Jaisalmer
  • Shahi Jodhpur Turban
  • Jaipuri Turban from Jaipur
  • Alwar Turban
  • Sirohi Turban

2. Jewellery:

rajasthani jewellery for men
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In Rajasthan, men wear round-shaped balis or studs accompanied with crystal beaded or semi-precious stone neckpieces.

The royal clan wears kambarbandh (known as waistbands) as well as the patka (a piece of cloth worn over the shoulder).

3. Footwear:

rajasthani traditional footwear for men

Men wear jootis or mojaris with the traditional dress of Rajasthan.

These are the leather shoes that are made up of sheep, camel, or goat skin. Available in a plethora of styles, patterns, and color combinations, jootis or mojaris are adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishments.

While the traditional color of the footwear is usually black or brown, nowadays people are also buying multi-colored jootis that look much more fashionable than the basic ones.

Traditional Dress Of Rajasthan For Women:

1. Ghagra-Choli: Dress of Rajasthan

traditional dress of rajasthan for women
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Also known as Kanchli or Kurti, the ghagra is a full-length pleated skirt adorned with embellishments and embroidery.

Available in a variety of colours, prints as well as fabrics such as cotton, silk, and georgette, ghagra is one of the most comfortable dresses worn by women in Rajasthan.

The traditional Ghagra-choli consists of flattering patterns adorned with broad gotta patti borders. The most famous patterns are laharia, bandhej, chundri, and mothra.

Choli is the blouse worn with the ghagra. It consists of intricate work as well as attractive borders. The work is embellished with mirrors, beads, sequins, and whatnot.

2. Rajasthani Traditional Odhni:

traditional dress of rajasthan
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The odhni, also known as chunar, is a long piece of cloth that is worn as a veil.

The lighter ones that are made of light-weight printed or patched fabric are worn by the women on a daily basis. The heavy ones, on the other hand, features beautiful embroidery, mirror work, sequin work, beadwork, or other adornments.

The most famous way to wear the odhni is by tucking one corner inside the ghagra, the middle portion on the chest, and the other end over each shoulder and above the head.

Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery:

rajasthani jewellery for women
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Rajasthan is famous for royal places, yummiest food, colorful attires and traditional jewellery.

The women in Rajasthan wear both Kundan as well as silver jewellery with their traditional attires.

While the tribal groups such as Bhil and Meena wear brass and silver jewellery, the royal clan of Rajasthan prefers wearing heavy jewellery styles encrusted with Kundan, Meenakari, Polki, and other precious gemstones.

The famous jewellery styles of Rajasthan include:

  • Kaanbali or surliya: These are the earrings.
  • Nathani: This is the traditional Nath worn by the women with the traditional dress in Rajasthan.
  • Bajubandh: This is the armlet! Adorned with intricate work and stone-work, traditional Rajasthani armlets feature jaw-dropping patterns.
  • Rakhdi or Borla: These are the traditional spherical maang tikkas
  • Tagdi or Kardhani: This is the waist belt
  • Payal: This is the traditional anklet.
  • Bangadi: These are the traditional Rajasthani bangles.
  • Bichuwa: These are the toe rings or finger rings

Rajasthani Traditional Footwear:

rajasthani traditional footwear for girls
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Just like men in Rajasthan, women also wear jootis or mojaris with the traditional dress of Rajasthan. The traditional designs include basic colors such as crème, brown, and black.

So, these were the different attires worn by men and women in Rajasthan. Which of these styles (outfits, accessories, or footwear) did you like the most?

Tell us in the comments below!

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