Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh dress/costume is known as eye-capturing and once an individual sees that, he/she always wants to try the himachal pradesh dress. If you don’t believe me then you can ask your family or friends about their experience of himachal pradesh costume/dress.

So, let us show you some traditional dress of himachal pradesh, culture, jewelry and their tradition.

Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh For Men:

Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh For Men
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The Himachal Pradesh people are divided into two classes – Brahmins and Rajputs.

Their dressing is mostly the same and their looks are also the same. Everyone can’t spot the difference, only local or traditional people can spot the difference.


The traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh of Men is they wear a long Kurta over Churidar Pyjamas that fits the ankles tight. They cover it with a long silky overcoat. Yak is a very normal animal in that region even the clothing is made from Yak skin. These overcoats are designed with golden threads and embroidery on yak leather. It helps to keep them warm in cold or freezing weather. They cover their heads in winters with a turban which is a long cloth tied over the head.


Men wear long Kurta with a dhoti on their legs. They wear a lengthy overcoat or waistcoat and wear a turban on their head. The Brahmin priests wear a white dresses and have a cloth-like a towel carrying on their shoulders. But on special festivals like- ceremonies, they always wear new clothes including the Kurta, pajama, stiff caps, and wrap a shawl around themselves as part of the dress. The traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh of Brahmins is breathtaking.

Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh For Women:

Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh For Women
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The women of the both castes in Himachal Pradesh wear somewhere same clothes. Hence, there is very less difference except for a few variations. Traditionally a purdah system existed in the region but now that is no longer followed in the state.


The traditional dress of himachal pradesh in Rajputs women wear long dresses which cover the whole body from their neck to feet. It is in the shape of a Kurta and they wear it on a dress. They also wear Ghagra and Cholis. And the other dress they wear is traditional Salwar and Kameez. And they also wear bangles, also have a long cloth over their head, wear footwear that is made from Yak skin and also specific grass.


They wear Ghagra and Cholis on long trousers and the traditional Salwar – Kameez with dupatta. They wear special clothes for special celebrations, festivals. They also wear jewelry like bangles, rings on the nose, fingers, toes, neck, etc. This is the traditional dress of himachal pradesh of Brahmins.

Himachal Pradesh Tribal Dress:

tribal people of himachal pradesh
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This beautiful and evergreen state Himachal Pradesh is spread across a huge region and there are many different tribes living here. There are one of the top tourist destinations in India, such as Manali, Spiti Valley, Lahaul and Kinnaur. And their dresses are amazing and beautiful with a lot of hand work on the clothing. So, let’s know about the Himachal pradesh dress of Tribal Men’s and tribal women.

Tribal Women:

The tribal women there love the silver jewellery and ornaments even on dress and this is a casual attire for them. They wear bright and shiny dresses and ornaments in special functions and various events or gatherings. If you look at the  himachal pradesh dress of tribal women then you would love to try that.

Tribal Men:

You can see tribal men wearing Chola(type of shirt) on a Sultan as trousers. And tie it up with a belt called ‘Dora’ . These belts are handwoven and present in various sizes and made attractive.

The tribal costumes are similar to the Rajputs & Brahmins of Himachal Pradesh. Some of the famous tribes in Himachal Pradesh are the Pangawalas, Kinnaurs, Gaddis, and Gujjars etc.

Traditional Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh:

famous and traditional jewellery of himachal pradesh
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Ornaments and jewelry are one of favorite parts of the dressing of the Himachali women and all women wear it including Rajputs, Brahmins etc.

  • Chaakk – A Silver ornament that women wear on the top of the head.
  • Chiiri – This is a piece of jewelry that is similar to maangtika.
  • Jhumka – Earrings that are worn in-ear and popular jewelry across the state.
  • Chanderhar – A type of necklace or a pendant that is used for special occasions.
  • Toke – A piece of jewelry worn around the wrist.
  • Pari – It is an accessory that is worn around the ankle.

Himachal Pradesh Bridal Dress:

himachal pradesh bridal dress
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There is a very beautiful and attractive dress of himachal women. But their wedding dress(bridal dress) is the best. It is complete with jewelry and colorful clothes. They wear long dresses, like a ghagra and choli but it is a little bit colorful and fancy made with attractive threads and looks shiny.

Himachal Pradesh Groom Dress:

himachal pradesh groom dress
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Himachal Pradesh: Tradition, Dress, Jewelry, Culture. If you haven’t seen the dress of Himachal pradesh men then you should see it, because you are going to love it. You can’t take your eyes off if you see their wedding dress(Groom Dress). The groom’s dress includes a beautiful turban on the head, a long dress like a long kurta.

Culture of Himachal Pradesh:

culture of himachal pradesh
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Himachal Pradesh has many-religions, multi-cultures as well as many languages, like other Indian states. Hinduism is highlighted and strong in the south of the Greater Himalayas. In the middle hills, people of that area appear in worship of ‘gods’ and ‘goddess’, In Trans Himalaya, Buddhism has been successful for more than 1,000 years. The presence of Christianity came with the Britishers and there are tons of churches in this area in the state. Islam people are more in Nahan and in some of the major cities around too.

‘Adivasi belt’ belongs to Kinnaur .It is largely Buddhist and the language is related to the Himalayan Belt of Tibetan-Burmese. This middle belt has this band and is characterized by wild and sloppy hills and farmland valleys – with, villages, farms, and orchards. Sub-healthy people of Himachal Pradesh practice farming.

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