The state of Kolkata is popularly known for its rich heritage and vibrant culture. Right from the delectable Bengali dishes to every-bustling streets, the state has charmed foreign and local travellers from all over the world. 

The climatic conditions in West Bengal are majorly warm and humid throughout the year, which is why the traditional dresses of Bengali for men and women are airy dhotis and sarees. 

The traditional dress of Bengal women includes a distinguished red and white saree that tied around in a distinguished manner.

Made with traditional handlooms and weaves, the traditional dresses of West Bengal women are known throughout the globe. 

The traditional dress of Bengal has managed to hold its charm and glory even after the Chinese and western fabrics made their way into India. 

In a big way, the traditional dress of West Bengal has been a sure-short, fool-proof, safe game plan for most women in India and around the world. 

Amidst an ocean of sarees and dhotis for men, here are some details about the traditional dress of Bengali men & women that you surely didn’t know before. 

Traditional Dress of Bengal For Women 

1. Sarees

traditional dress of bengali women

Sari is the most sought-after traditional dress of beautiful Bengali women. They mostly wrap themselves in beautiful cotton sarees that are nothing short of six-yards of elegance. 

bengali saree for women

Besides the traditional white silk saree with red borders, Bengali women are often seen in traditional bengali sarees with a different bird, flower, and geometric prints. 

traditional dress of bengal

Usually crafted out of pure cotton for daily use and pure silk for dressier occasions, the traditional dress for Kolkata women includes the likes of Dhakai Jamdani, Korial and Garad, Baluchari, Tant and many others. 

traditional dress of bengal

The choice of fabric for sarees varies between Tussar Silk, Muslin Cotton, Kanth silk, and Murshidabad silks. When it comes to fabrics, the ‘City Of Love’ has the capability to urge you to splurge a little more on the traditional dress for Bengali women. 

celebrity wear bengali saree

Interestingly you may have seen many Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Amrita Rao, and Madhuri Dixit dressing up in beautiful traditional dress of Kolkata women. 

During the festive times of Durga Puja, the celebrities and other women are seen dolling themselves up in delicate fabrics and luscious drapes that are available in the traditional dress of Bengali women. 

2. Salwar Kameez

salwar kameez - dress of bengal

Although salwar kameez has now become quite common in the West Bengal, Bengali women cannot stop wearing their six yards of traditional beauties for festivities and weddings. 

Even today’s times when the latest designer-wear outfits are on the rise for weddings, Bengali women choose to doll up in their traditional West Bengal dress. The Bengali sarees can be found in every price range. 

Irrespective of your budget, you can buy a beautiful traditional dress of Kolkata from the street markets or at local boutiques in West Bengal. 

Traditional Dress of Bengal For Men :

1. Punjabi Dhoti

Traditional dress of Bengal for men

Interestingly, the traditional attire of Kolkata men is called ‘Panjabi.’ The dhoti is often paired with a Kurta or long top with full sleeves. Ideally suited for warm summer months, the traditional dress of men in Bengal is airy, breezy, and, most importantly, comfortable to wear. 

2. Kurta

kurta - bengali dress for men

Going back to the British Era, the traditional dress of Kolkata for men included a white dhoti paired with colored of the printed kurta. With the advent of contemporary times, the dhotis are no longer bleak plain whites instead, they have become a fashion statement. 

3. Lungi (Tehmad)

bengali lungi for men

With a variety of colors, fabrics, and prints available specifically for dhotis, men have a good time playing up their dressing game in the City of love. One stroll on the streets of Kolkata, and you will barely see anyone wearing the same old white dhoti & kurta. 

The traditional dress of West Bengal for men also includes a Lungi. It is a kind of pant that is tied around the waist like a dhoti.

The comfortable and casual vibes of the Lungi make it an excellent choice for everyday use in the state of West Bengal.

If you head to the villages of Bengal, you will see that men of all age groups dress up wearing Lungi varying in colors and sizes and matched with different colored kurtas and tops. 

To sum it all up, the men wear the traditional dress of Kolkata that matches the vibe of the city. Like their city’s casual vibe, the outfit is loosely fitted to relax the men and keep them in their sanity during the hot and humid months of June and July. 

When People Wear Traditional Bengali Dress

Both men and women wear the traditional dress of West Bengal regularly. It is the sheer elegance, ease of carrying, and the love for our native land that men and women cannot give up the traditional dress of West Bengal. 

It is so well-embedded in our culture that turning away from our roots devoids us from all the pleasures of living in India’s rich culture and heritage. 

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