Top 5 Sarees That Deserves A Place in Every Women’s Wardrobe

No matter how modern you become, your traditional values are a part of you, and you can’t be separated from them. Whether it is your lifestyle, your festivals or your dressing sense, you always feel attracted towards your traditional wear naturally, and that is why you have at least one or two ethnic dresses in your wardrobe.

Women in Indian culture prefer to wear a variety of traditional sarees like chiffon sarees to flatter and accentuate their feminine curves and display their individual personality at any celebration, party, ceremony, family get-together, etc.

Though times have changed and Indian women’s fashion preferences have evolved, nothing beats the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian sarees, which are available in a myriad of colours, designs & patterns, shapes, and charming colour combinations with excellent craftsmanship.

South India, Bengal, Maharashtra, and Gujarat have made significant contributions to the variety of gorgeous Indian handloom sarees. Each saree represents a distinct culture of origin. So we’ve produced a list of must-have sarees from India that should be in your closet. Within a minute, they can transform any lady into an attractive woman. 

1. Chiffon sarees –Remember those sexy and alluring Bollywood actresses dancing near the valleys of Kashmir, all clad in flimsy pastel coloured sarees? Well, these are the chiffon sarees that we’re talking about. The material is as smooth as butter; the service clings to your figure like a second skin. If you pair them with fascinating heels and choose minimum jewellery, you are going to look breath-taking and beautiful.

2. Lace sarees – The sarees in lace are often considered very designer and magnificent. You will see the celebrities and other females flaunting them at weddings and special award functions. And why not? These look extremely attractive and bring out the woman in you more elegantly. You can style it with diamonds or pearls and look stunning at those festivals and weddings you attend. 

3. Silk sarees–India is a hub of exclusive silk sarees. You will find them specialised and distinctly customised in each different State. That is why these are considered very special and graceful. When you drape these sarees over your body, you don’t just look traditionally very much Indian, but the gold and embedded patterns on these make you appear royal and fascinating.

4. Georgette sarees – Say you don’t feel too much festive and don’t want to spend a lot in the Sarees you wear. Then you can always go for the Georgette sarees, which are very much affordable and are not that heavy and elegant as well. But, these are nevertheless very stunning and make you feel at home even when you drape 6 yards of fabric around you.

5. Kanchipuram sarees –You can’t describe an Indian saree without talking about Kanjipuram ones. These are also very rich and look simply stunning whenever you wear them! Try wearing them at your formal functions and even at festivals to create a dramatic appearance.

Well, these are some of the fantastic types of sarees that should get a place in your wardrobe for sure. Now, don’t wait and grab them soon if you want to look good in your traditional attires.