Tasteful Diamond Rings for your Special Day

A diamond ring on a person’s finger speaks volumes. The most praised and luxurious crystal on earth, diamonds are a treat for the eyes laid on them.

A special occasion feels completed with such a ring at hand; whether it is a party you have been longing for, your own wedding day, or just a vacation that would last in your memories. best diamond rings complement your fashion arsenal and are one of the best accessories you can flaunt to your peeps!

You can find the best diamond rings online at Mia by Tanishq, today! To get you started, let’s look at some of the best diamond rings you can have in your collection.

Rose Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Want an eloquent, feminine look? This 14KT rose gold ring with etched diamonds is the one for you. One of the best from Mia’s Glintz Collection, this ring features a combination of nine-round, carefully crafted diamonds of SI2 clarity grade and I-J colour range and twelve round, pink sapphires.

The three curved, opened ends impart a unique look that is seldom found. The combination of rose gold, diamonds, and sapphires adds to the rareness that this diamond ring sparkles.

Gold Diamond Finger Ring

Designed with an inverted V-shape on the front, that is partially rhodium-plated, along with the most exquisite diamonds on top of them, this diamond ring is the perfect depiction of a queen’s tiara. The fifteen-round brilliant-cut diamonds of SI2 clarity and I-J colour range supplement the V-shape tiara look like no other. Just below them sit the perfectly polished gold beads to supplement the style.

This ring is perfect for attending dates with your loved ones, or just an outing with friends, although it would look no short of style even at a wedding ceremony.

Edgy Gold and Diamond

A ring that sits on your finger in a not-so-traditional way, this 14KT yellow gold ring has two parallel curves emerging out of the main element, which gives a criss-cross look when you wear it. And of course, the main element of the ring is again equipped with eleven round brilliant cut diamonds of SI2 clarity grade and I-J colour range. The diamonds sit on a rhodium-plated pave setting.

The ring imparts a mild, but elegant charm, and slides gracefully on your finger. This ring is best suited for daily outings, although it can be fashioned on a good old date as well.

Finger Ring with Oval Design

Composed of three different gold variants; yellow, white and rose gold, this 14KT gold finger ring is equipped with fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds of SI2 clarity and I-J colour grade. The diamonds are again embedded on a rhodium-plated, shared prong setting for enhanced lustre.

The unique thing about this ring? It includes three overlapping teardrop-shaped curves emerging from the main element, made of white, yellow, and rose gold that is rooted to one common side. To make matters more aesthetic, these elements are arranged in increasing order of size. The central yellow teardrop structure displays the fourteen well-crafted diamonds.

While the outer two white and rose gold teardrop curved elements are plain, they are no short of beauty. The perfectly polished finish makes up for that to give the ring a super lustrous look.

These were some of the diamond rings from Mia by Tanishq. Their brand is characterised by top-notch products that are reflected in sight. Probably the best diamond rings that you can find in India. Along with diamond rings, they also sell other variants which are no less of luxury. Check out their website now and grab yours today!