Tamil Romantic Songs

Tamil movies are packed with entertainment, action, drama and good music. In fact, some of the movies such as Imaikkaa Nodigal have really amazing soundtracks that will steal your heart in seconds.

Don’t believe us? Well, this list of 8 most Tamil romantic songs will do the trick for you!

Go ahead and give all the songs mentioned in this list a try (PS: you will thank us later).

Tamil Romantic Songs

Number 1: Neeyum naanum anbe

Picturized in a very romantic way, it tops our list of Tamil romantic songs video. Starring Nayanthara and Vijya Sethupathi, this is a very romantic song. Its lyrics are very simple yet beautiful.

The chorus of this song says:

Neeyum Naanum Anbe: You and I, my love

Kangal Korthukondu: Let’s join our eyes as one

Vaazhvin Yellai Sendru: Let’s go the edge of life

Ondraaga Vaazhalam: Let’s live together happily

This song will make you want to marry your partner right away (if you haven’t already). And for those who have already fixed a date for your wedding, you can even use this song for an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot.

Trust us, creating a photoshoot around a Tamil song will add a “hatke factor” to your wedding, something that’s never been done before (not at least in North India).

Watch its full video here:

Number 2: Yennai Thalatta Varuvala

Number 2 on our list of top 9 Tamil romantic songs is “Yennai Thalatta Varuvala” from the movie Ennai Thalatta Varuvala.

With its romantic music and soulful lyrics, this song was one of the biggest chartbusters of the year 2000.

So, go ahead, enjoy this melodious song with the love of your life and cherish your love like never before.

Watch its full video here:

Number 3: Snehithane

Featuring one of the best picturizations, this song shows the hot romance between a newly married couple. It was composed by the greatest musician of all time, AR Rehman.

Did you know that AR Rehman also won Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in 2000 for this movie’s music composition?

So tune into Saavan, JioSaavan, gaana or even Spotify and enjoy this romantic number with your partner. This song is also available in the Hindi version.

Watch its full video here:

Number 4: Kannamma

This song shows how love can break you and heal you (overtime).

One of its verses goes like:

Kannamma Unna Manasil Ninaikiren Paarva Paradi Penne: Oh, darling! My heart beats for you. Cast a glance.

Ennenamo Konji Paesa Thudikiraen Neeyum Paesina Kanne: I yearn to talk to you. I wish you would also talk to me.

Don’t worry, this is not a breakup song and even though it does talk about ex-love, it doesn’t leave you feeling heartbroken.

Watch its full video here:

Number 5: Pirai Thedum

Another romantic song from the movie, Mayakkam Enna!

This is one of the best Tamil romantic songs video. Featuring Dhanush and Richa, this song will get you hooked to it. Did you know that Dhanush also won an award for this movie?

You can listen to this song on Jio Savaan!

What are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy this Tamil romantic video song.

Watch its full video here:

Number 6: Endhira logathu

Number 6 on our list is Endhira logathu from the movie 2.0. This movie features the greatest actors of all time: Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar.

The soundtrack album of this movie was launched on 27 October 2017, at Burj Al Arab, Dubai, now isn’t that amazing?

Composed by AR Rehman, this song shows a love connection between 2 robots.

Watch its full video here:

Number 7: High On Love

This Tamil romantic song from the movie “Pyaar Prema Kaadhal” is another romantic number that you should add to your playlist right away.

Sung by the singer Sid Sriram, this song is capable of winning everyone’s hearts.

So, don’t wait! Tune into this song and get high on love!

Watch its full video here:

Number 8: Ennadi maayavi nee

Another Tamil romantic songs video captured beautifully in the melodious voice of Sid Sriram!

Dhanush’s character and Sid’s voice will get you hooked to this song.

So, go ahead and enjoy this song and if you don’t understand the lyrics, here’s the translation for you.

Ennadi maayavi nee Lyrics

Yei, En Talikkerubb: Why do you make me high?

Pon Tadam Botu, En Uraduaw: Why do you leave your footprints? My wife.

Ennedi Mayawi Ni En Nelam Mattus: What an enchantress are you? You shift my earth.

Andaramakures En Nejam Gadduey: You make me float and show my real-self to me.

Patta Qati Dooki, Ibbo Mittoy Narukkutt: Taking sword on hand you are cutting candies now.

Vita Nench Vari, Un Patta Kirukkutt: If allows, you come and make this land of yours.

En Talikkerubb, Pon Tadam Botu, En Uraduaw: You are putting crossing. My life is hanging around you.

Ennedi Mayawi Ni: What mesmerize did you do to me, my dear?

En Nelam Mattus, Andaramakures: You shift my earth and make me float.

En Nejam Gadduey Vanta Suttum Katu, Enna Renda Odaikude: The high winds are breaking me into half.

Chumma ninna kadal ulla nanda dolaikude yeh: Love for you is killing me inside.

Watch its full video here:

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