The most neglected accessory for any outfit is your socks. Yet, they come in handy everywhere. Right from ankle socks to knee-high socks, we all would have used them at some point in our lives. While pondering over what to wear, we all always think about the dress, belt, other accessories like earrings, shoes, handbags, or hats.

We never give importance to the kind of socks we wear. But the secret to up your look lies in your pair of socks.

If you are interested in knowing the socks available out there and how to pair them with your outfits? If yes, then read on.


Before we get into the details of socks and pair them with your outfits, it is essential to know about picking the right socks. We have shared a few tips on picking suitable socks for your feet.

1. High Quality 

Do not settle for a low-quality material when it comes to socks, thinking it isn’t that important a piece of clothing to spend on. You couldn’t be more wrong—cheap fabric socks tear and smell. It would be best if you chose good quality cotton socks on a daily basis.

2. Purpose

Just like the way you pick your shoe type with a purpose, it is also essential you pick socks based on the purpose they would serve. For example, you obviously cannot wear a dress sock for the gym or an ankle sock for trekking. You need synthetic socks for the gym and at least calf-length socks for trekking.

3. Consider your style

Start seeing socks as more than just functional clothing. If you are someone who wants to put out a style statement, you could play with flashy colored socks and a sober dress. Otherwise, if you like being practical, you would pick skin-colored foot socks for your women ballerinas.  

4. Comfortable Fit

Ensure that the socks are not too tight or too loose. You must be comfortable in them. Consider a size chart before finalizing a pair of socks.


Go to any website and search for socks; you will see no dearth of choices if you wish to explore and get quality products at the best price. There are socks of different lengths, materials, colors and functions. You will be spoiled with options. It may leave you confused too. Don’t worry. We got your back. Go through our guide below to help you pick the right pair the next time.


Socks can be of 6 types based on the length

1. Knee Length Socks

As the name suggests, they reach all the way to your knees. They are worn to be exposed and are the best winter clothing for warmth and fashion. Worn with knee-length skirts and dresses, they give a cute vibe to your outfit.

2. Calf Length Socks

Mostly worn by football players, they are thick and provide protection. For a fashion statement, a thinner version can be worn.

3.. Crew Length Socks

Sized 6 to 8 inches, they are the most common socks for men. Available in unisex, these are the most versatile socks and can be paired with almost anything.

4. Quarter Length Socks

Sized 5 to 6 inches, these are unisex too. They can be paired with block heels, boots, derby shoes and runners. 

5. Ankle Length Socks

Worn with sneakers, they are sometimes used as slip-on socks too. They can be worn during cold nights to make your feet feel warm.

6. No Show Socks

Mostly worn with women ballerinas, these no-show socks are a must in your wardrobe. They are worn with shoes and are not seen. They protect your feet from foul odor. 


The socks are broad of two types

1. Compression Socks

These socks provide support to your legs and help increase blood circulation. It helps relieve pain and stress. They can be thermal compression socks, Calf Support socks, No Show compression socks and Fasciitis Compression socks.

2. Funny Socks

Adding a fun element to your outfit, these socks will bring a laugh or two from your friends. This is because they have funny quotes on them. 


1. Cashmere Socks

A warm Persian cat wrapped around your feet, that is the feeling these socks give you. Best suited for hiking, mountaineering, and biking. 

2. Cotton Socks

Breathable everyday socks are often mixed with other fibers to add durability. 

3. Bamboo Rayon Socks

These socks are silkier than cotton and are available in various colors. They have a glossy look, and most are for style statements.

4. Woolen Socks

Wrinkle-free, these socs are apt for sports and the gym. The thickness of the sock can depend on the weather.

5. Nylon Socks

The most durable of socks, these are used in extreme weather conditions. They are highly elastic.


Socks play a vital role, and it does no good to neglect them. Having basic socks like no show, ankle socks, and a few cotton socks are a must. They protect our feet from sweat, smell and pain too. They help keep our legs warm and can be fashion styles too if well thought of. So next time you pick a pair, remember to spare some time. These socks might just save your day.