Six Essentials for Primitive Camping

While some folks prefer a camping experience that offers many of the amenities you might find at home (or at least enough to be reasonably comfortable), others want something rawer that demands a higher level of self-sufficiency.

Enter: Primitive camping.

Primitive camping is just what it sounds like, a form of camping where the participants set up in a remote location that lacks all the typical creature comforts. Thus, it is critical for primitive campers to bring everything they need for the adventure, such as rugged hard coolers for their food, shelter, various sources of light, hygiene products and the like.

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If you are interested in primitive camping but have never gone before, take note. Here are six essential items for a primitive camping adventure.

1. Shelter

If you are going to go primitive camping, you won’t have a comfy RV to sleep in, which means that you are going to need a tent or a hammock.

Given that primitive camping is intended to be a bare-bones kind of experience, you should aim to bring along a modest tent, not a multi-room glamping tent. Moreover, depending on how primitive you want to go, you might even opt to simply bring a tarp that you can turn into a usable shelter.

Similarly, depending on how primitive you want to go, decide whether you want to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad or leave them at home. If you opt to go that route, you can use your clothes to keep warm or bring along a simple blanket.

2. Water and Water Bottles

Unless you are set up near a source of fresh water, you are going to need to bring along your own water for the journey. Thus, it is critical to pack an assortment of water bottles, containers and collection methods, such as collapsible jugs. Additionally, you will also want to bring various methods of filtering and purifying water to ensure that it is safe to drink after collecting.

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3. Sources of Light

When primitive camping, you are going to be far away from any sources of electricity. This means that, when the sun begins to set, you are going to need light sources (aside from your campfire). Therefore, it is wise to bring along a handful of different lighting options including headlamps, lanterns and bright LED flashlights that will let you see where you are going in the pitch black night.

Headlamps are a particularly good option as they allow you to light up your surroundings, shine a light wherever you look and keep your hands free. However, options like handheld flashlights and lanterns certainly have their place as well.

4. Firestarter

Primitive camping means primitive cooking. However, building a campfire isn’t always the easiest task, particularly if the surrounding wood is damp. Therefore, while you certainly want to rough it, you might not want it to be so rough that you can’t start a fire.

That said, it is wise to bring along some fire-starting materials, such as tinder, kindling and possibly even some wood to get you going.

With such fire-starting materials, you will be able to get even the dampest of wood going, thereby allowing you to enjoy the rest of your evening.

5. A Quality Knife and Multitool

A high-quality knife is a critical component to any primitive camping checklist. With a robust enough knife, you can handle a multitude of situations. From chopping wood to preparing dinner, a strong and sturdy knife is a must-have item.

Similarly, a good multitool can be just as essential for a variety of different tasks. Thus, it is important to pack a multitool in your bag to ensure that you have the right equipment for a panoply of tasks.

6. First Aid Supplies

When out primitive camping, you are going to be in a remote destination, far from any hospitals or emergency medical services. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, you are going to be your own first responder.

Thus, it is essential to pack a hefty first aid kit, capable of addressing anything for that gone-awry situation, at least for a short while.

Fortunately, there are tons of great first aid kits that can be procured online. However, it is highly recommended that you only use what you buy as a foundation and tailor the kit to your liking. Additionally, it is wise to go beyond the simple booboo supplies like Band-Aids and antibacterial cream and include some trauma supplies like tourniquets, gauze, a clotting agent and similar items.

After all, with these kinds of items, it is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Self-Sufficient Camping

Primitive camping can be a fantastic time for all those involved. However, there are some supplies that you will need to make the adventure a successful one.

Be sure to pick up the items above before you head out to a remote location for the weekend.