After a lengthy lockdown, or it could be called a long break for kids, schools will be resumed any month. Though before this lockdown, it was difficult, as of now, it is the all-new situation here. Following this school schedule again for kids is a bitter pill to swallow.

And of course, it would be more difficult for the mothers. The whole cycle from waking up their child, dressing, backpacking, hairs (or hairstyles), tasty breakfasts, lunchbox, and then dropping to the bus all go in the hassle.   

Everything remains the same for a mother of a girl child, but the girl’s hairstyle often takes a back seat. Or it is sometimes a miracle that it even gets brushed at all. Daughters are often so conscious about their hairs and hairstyles, just like their mother.

Girls in school carry simple ponytails or braids, but some like to carry their hair in different ways every day. They feel good flaunting their hair with varying styles on different occasions, like birthday parties, school functions, holidays, or even a day at shopping. More importantly, if she has long hair.  

They often fall off a short time in the morning to wash their daughter’s hair, conditioning if needed, wait until it dry, and then style it the way she wants. This mess also goes on any special occasions like a function at school, a relative’s wedding, or her birthday. Don’t worry; here are simple hairstyles for school girls to make your little daughter look gorgeous in just a few minutes. 

So different styles for different days are what a mother might be looking for in her princess. Below are a few simple hairstyles for school girls that your daughter will love to carry (really!). 

Simple Hairstyle For Girls For School –

1.Top knot

hairstyle for school girls
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These styles can be carried at school or off days at home. For girls who have hassles because of their hair can brush this way to avoid the mess. 


  • Make a high ponytail, then twist it around to make a bun.
  • Give support of booby pins if needed. 
  • Also, she can wear a headband. 

2. Twist Wrap Ponytail

girls hairstyle for school
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This hairstyle would be the perfect style for your daughter’s sports week. It keeps them tightly in the place while playing any game. 


  • Make a ponytail and secure it with an elastic.
  • Grab a small piece of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic, and hide the end underneath with a pin.
  • Now, take two small sections of your hair; rope twists both of them from each side.
  • Also, the bigger portion left of the ponytail needs a rope twist.
  • You now have two small and one big rope twist; following the twist pattern, wrap the large twist with a little twist. 
  • Secure all the twists together.

 3. Tied up Braids

easy hairstyle for school girl
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It seems beyond your skills, but don’t get fooled by looks. It is as simple as two braids, okay, there are two braids hanging on opposite sides with colourful clips. School hours, holidays would be the best time to wear this style. It is so simple hairstyle for school girls.


  • Make two equal parts of the hairs from the middle of the head.
  • Make french braids of both of them one by one. 
  • Secure it with the elastic bands.

That is it!

4. Double french braid

girls hairstyle for school
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It looks unique while the daughter has some competition or any special day at school. This style shows that your girl is an active student. It is one of the best hairstyle for girls for school.


  • Make two equal sections of hair from the middle of the head.
  • Each side makes french braids down the back. 
  • Secure it with elastic. 

5. Fishtail braid

hairstyle for girls for school
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It might take little practice, but it will make her look unique, which is worth practicing. Fishtail braid will make your girl look special in functions. It will grab everyone’s attention, and your girl can flaunt her hair. 

  • Procedure- Collect some portion of your hair from the crown of your head. Split is on two halves. 
  • Now make a thin strand from the hairs’ left side, pull it to the right side, and tuck it under the hair’s right section. 
  • Now collect a little strand from the right side of the hairs and do the same thing on the left side.
  • Make sure that the size of strands from both sides remains the same. Also, maintain the center of the head while tucking in the hairs.
  • Do the same thing alternatively from both sides until you reach the base of your head.
  • Now do the same thing with the remaining hairs until the length of the strands. Tie the braid at the end, before 1 inch.
  • Make it look messy by gently tugging the edges. Or you can leave it as it is; it will become messy after a while on its own. 


6. Dutch Braid Pigtail

girls hairstyle for school
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This style creates wow factors (mark it that it has many) to your daughter’s look. One of simple hairstyle for school girls is it could be styled on any hair and any length of hair. It is definitely worth your time and efforts in learning it. 

It looks like a French braid, but the difference is French braid is cross over, and Dutch Braid is cross under.  


  • Split the hairs into two halves, tie one side with a clip for later. 
  • Take the other section, from the hairline gather a section, split it into three equal strands. 
  • Please take the right strand, cross it under the middle one. That will become the new middle. Take the left strand and cross it under the new center. 
  • Now repeat the same process by adding a small section of hairs from respective sides. Continue till you reach the base of the head. 
  • If your daughter’s hairs are longer, braid in the same way up to the bottom and tie it.
  • Or you can also tie it with elastic and leave it as a ponytail. You can also try to make a simple bun on both sides or make an everyday bun, or attach the remaining across each other after braids.  

7. Side banded ponytail

banded ponytail
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If there is a summer vacation or a trip to the beach or mountains, this style seems perfect for it. It can win the place for curly, straight, long, or short hairs. Before starting, make sure your daughter’s hairs are appropriately conditioned. It is one of simple hairstyle for school girls.


  • Collect all the hairs on one side (left or right) near the ear. Tie it with the band.
  • Make sure it is not so tight so as her scalp won’t hurt. Comb the ponytail to make it smooth.
  • Make a small section from it and tie it with the other band (use different bands if possible). Again make the rest of the portion smooth by combing it. 
  • Do it for remaining hairs. Make sure the sections made are of equal length. And it is done! 

8. Double Braided Tieback

braided tieback
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Weekends, visiting a friend’s place are the perfect moments to carry this style. It would go with any outfit. Simple to style and elegant look is what makes space in the list. 


  • Split your hair with a small section from the top middle of the head. 
  • Apart from the top section down to the top of the ear.
  • Make equal halves from both sides and make the regular 3-strand braids of both parts.
  • Repeat the same with the other side. Tie all the braids
  • Now take one braid from the top from the left side and one braid from the bottom from the right side, merge them and braid up till the end and tie it. 
  • Do the same thing with the rest two braids from both sides. 

And the adorable braids are ready. 

9. Split Pigtails

slight pingtails
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This style looks super cute while your daughter is playing in the park with her little doll. 


  • From the top middle of the head part, some portion of the hairs. Tie it with the elastic band in such a way that it looks like a puff on the head.
  • Now keeping aside the ponytail, separate the remaining hair into two halves. Also, split that ponytail into two halves. 
  • Combine the right half of hairs to the right half of the ponytail and tie them up with the band.
  • Repeat the last step on the left side. 
  • And the pigtails are ready.     

10. Shorthairs’ styles

shorthair's style
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If your daughter has short hair, keep her an adorable look.


  • Colorful hair band- a headband with or without a bow is the easiest way to keep hairs falling into the face. 
  • Ponytail– For short hair, you can make a low or high ponytail with different types of elastic bands. Also, it could be on any side. One can also make two ponytails.
  • Bun– Can make a high or low bun on her hairs. You can also make two little buns dividing the hairs from the middle of the head and tie them with elastic pins or clips. It will keep the hairs tighten for a long time despite running and jumpings. 
  • Waterfall Plait– It could be saved for special occasions for your daughter.  

Procedure –

  • Take a small portion of hairs more from the left side towards the right side. The part should be in between the head (not from the start).
  • Now make two halves of that portion. You will now have two strands in the middle and few hairs left at the start of the head.
  • Take a little portion of hairs from the head’s starting, make one or two plaits with two other strands.
  • Take another little portion of hair after that plaited portion and plait them with the rest of the two strands. 
  • Repeat this until the top of your ear.
  • Gently take that braid under your hairs in the back of the head. Pin it up with the bobby pins. 

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