Most Popular Hairstyles for Lehenga

Out of all the traditional wedding ensembles, the lehenga is by far the most dramatic. A stunning lehenga-choli is easy for anyone to carry off and gives you a lot of movement and countless dupatta styles to keep things interesting. But a gorgeous lehenga deserves an equally charming hairdo, just so your glam game doesn’t wash out from all that beautiful beading and embroidery. The ideal bridal hairstyle for a lehenga will be something that perfectly complements all aspects of it.

Wearing an interesting back design? Go for an updo! Want to show off an off-shoulder choli? Put some soft swirls in your hair that will cascade down the sides of your face – there is no limit to creativity. If you are feeling a bit uninspired while picking a hairdo for yourself, here are some fabulous ideas for Indian bridal hairstyle for lehenga to get you started. 

Simple Hairstyles for Lehenga:

1. Glossy accessorized waves:

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A lehenga is a perfect opportunity to wear your hair down, especially for a sangeet. Aim for voluminous, glossy waves that you can style with equally glitzy accessories. Add a subtle pouffe on your crown to balance the body you create with the wavy texture. Let out some face-framing tendrils in the front to soften up your face and hairdo even further. 

2. Swept to the side:

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Medium length hair can often be tricky to style with ethnic ensembles, especially if you are wearing it down without extensions. One of the best ways to style medium length hair with a lehenga is to sweep all of it to one side with a relatively deep side part. After prepping your hair, sweep it all on the shoulder opposite the dupatta and add a maang tikka to pull the whole look together.

3. Textured Rose Bun:

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Roses are popular they stay fresh for longer and help create a statement look that wouldn’t be possible with daintier flowers. A textured bun with a rose arrangement is such a fabulous look for your big day; we love the braided detail in this hairdo as well.  

4. Half up and half Down:


Half-up, half down hairstyles are quite popular with lehengas because they are a good way to wear your tresses down without messing it up after a couple of hours. We love this style, with a Dutch braid at the top and loose swirls down the bottom hairstyle. A great way to add fun details to straight, fine hair – this hairstyle will surely fetch you a lot of compliments on your big day!

5. Undone fishtail braid:

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The fishtail braid is yet another popular hairstyle for bridal needs – it is pretty and suits most hair types. This undone and softer version of the side fishtail braid is perfect for naturally thick and voluminous hair that struggles from staying out in braids. The floral accessorizing and sleek maang tikka play off the statement hairdo with just the right balance.

Bun hairstyles for lehenga:

1. Messy Bun:

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This bun hairstyle for lehengas is one of a kind, and there’s a good reason why. Chic, trendy and attractive, this hairstyle suits every kind of wedding function dress – whether it’s a haldi function or a wedding event. If you love buns but do not want a super neat one, then this messy bun is for you. It looks super glam with a lehenga, and you can make it even better with elaborate hair accessories. It’s bookmarking for all the bridesmaids out there! P.S Curly girls must out this stunning hairdo!

2. Sleek Low Bun:

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In striking contrast to the messy bun, this bun hairstyle for lehengas is for those times when you want to go for a neater and put-together look. Equal parts immaculate and fresh, the simplicity in this hairstyle takes your entire look to a whole new level of awesomeness. If you find yourself itching to try this hairstyle, we suggest you keep a hair gel handy to keep the frizz and flyaway away. Elevate the look with statement jewelry.

3. Twisted Bun:

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If you are that bridesmaid who is planning to don a quirky, fun lehenga at her bestie’s wedding, then this bun hairstyle for lehengas is going to be interesting for you! No frills and super stylish, this hairstyle is attractive yet simple. Try it with a fun lehenga to balance out the outfit. If you’re planning on donning a neutral-toned lehenga, you can still try out this bun for your look. Just add some hair accessories to complete the look. Don’t forget to use hairspray after the hairstyle to set it well.

4. Chignon Bun:

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This one is yet another sophisticated bun hairstyle for lehengas that looks gorgeous on every woman for every type of outfit. The name of this hairstyle comes from the French phrase ‘chignon du cou,’. Easy to master and a perfect match for just about any occasion, this modern and classy bun with a hair doughnut if your hair is short and thin. Add flowers or pearls to your chignon to dress it up, and it’ll go perfectly with your lehenga.

5. High Bun:

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Here’s a classic bun hairstyle for lehengas that is much-loved for its simplicity and elegance. From a 25-year-old to a 40-year-old, this bun hairstyle is for everyone! Along with a high bun, height to this hairstyle by adding some volume in the front. However, this isn’t a hairstyle you can do on your own easily. You’ll need to visit a salon for this one.

Juda Hairstyles for Lehenga:

1. Braided flower low Juda:

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A simple low Juda bun with a braided crown looks and pairs beautifully with Indian ethnic outfits. if you add some pink carnations and baby’s breath to the mix it is a full-on wedding ready hairstyle you can never go wrong with.

2. Full gajra bun:

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Jasmine flower hairstyles are hugely popular with Indian women especially in South India. This kind of large full gajra bun looks ethereal and so very traditional. You can try this kind of hairstyle with puff hair in the front for more glam appeal. This is a very dramatic type of hairstyle so make sure to opt for this style for occasions. You can try this style even for your wedding if old-world traditional charm is what you are aiming for.

3. Modern side-parted Juda hairstyle with hair flicked out

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This side bun hairstyle with a slightly messy look and hair flicked out on both sides has a very modern appeal to it and works best for the younger brigade. You need to side part your hair and flick hair out and go for a side bun. Adding floral clips will make this kind of Juda hairstyle more interesting. This kind of hairstyle works beautifully for wedding occasions like a reception, cocktail party or even sangeet ceremony.

4. Single string mogra bun:

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A donut bun like this is classy and sophisticated with a single string mogra wrapped around in a polished way for a glam party look. This kind of perfect and neat Juda hairstyle works well for party occasions with all kinds of sarees, designer sarees, chiffon sarees, pattu sarees or cotton sarees too.

5. High bun updo with jasmine strings

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For a fuss free sleek Juda ideal for summer try knotting your bun a bit higher like in this Juda hairstyle photo above. Too contemporary glam so adding jasmine flowers and an Indian hair accessory like mang tika or jhoomar will help traditionalize it making it easier to team with sarees.

Indian Bridal Hairstyle for Lehenga:

1. Loose side braid with floral accessories:


This beautiful loose side braid with floral accessories is a simple yet stunning hairstyle for lehenga! Pro tip: Wear it for a daytime pre-wedding event like mehndi or haldi.

2. Bridal Hairstyle For Lehenga With Loose Beachy Waves:

Nothing says elegance like loose beachy waves with dainty baby breath! This hairstyle is a sure-shot winner if you are planning to wear a pastel lehenga for a daytime spring wedding.

3. Indian wedding hairstyle with curly side braid and floral tiara:

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Can’t get enough of floral tiaras? Me too! This voluminous side braid is perfect to wear with a lehenga; especially if you wish to wear a tiara.

4. Hairstyle for lehenga with middle-parted puff and loose blow-dried tresses:

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Want nothing too fancy for your big day? This bridal hairstyle with middle-parted puff and loose blow-dried tresses is just the hairstyle for lehenga that you were looking for.

5. Half up half-down hairstyle for medium hair:

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Are you a bridesmaid looking for a simple hairstyle for lehenga? Save this half up-half down hairstyle right now!

Hairstyles according to Face Shape:

1. Diamond:

A mix of heart and square shapes, this face type is angular and sharp. The best examples of diamond-shaped face include Malaika Arora and Nargis Fakhri. People with diamond face shape with angular jaw and high cheekbones. The best way to work with this face type is to soften out the sharp features using voluminous hairstyles. Hairstyles with volume create a balance between the edgy features of the face and the softness of hairstyles. While both open hair and updos look good, it is best to avoid tightly tied sleek hairstyles.

2. Oval:

Think Katrina Kaif or Sonam Kapoor. People with oval faces can pull off almost any kind of hairstyle. Their sharp noses and slightly longer foreheads with the help of a top knot, a heavy bun, a curly hairdo and much more. Having a side-swept fringe is also helpful if they wish to conceal their foreheads. One of the best hairstyles that oval faced beauties can pull off is voluminous fishtails with pretty hair accessories.

3. Round:

Another commonly found face shape pulling off any hairstyle, examples of such includes famous celebs like Vidya Balan and Mila Kunis. However, they do tend to look plump sometimes. Brides with round face shapes should try textured hairstyles but nothing too over the top. One of our favourite looks round-faced brides can pull off are half-open hair with loose curls and soft strands canvasing the face. Also, people with this face shape can rock an open hairstyle but should avoid tightly pulled back hair as it may make the face look more plump than usual.

4. Square:

If you think your face shape matches that of either Kareena Kapoor or Anushka Sharma, then the shape you’re looking for is square. Square faces have strong jawlines and chiseled cheekbones. Hairstyles that can add softness to their edgy design, much like diamond ones, are always flattering. Textured updos, with flicks and voluminous curls, always compliment people with square faces. It is also essential to avoid extremely sleek hairdos as they may put too much focus on their foreheads and jawlines.


Sharp chins, broader foreheads and a wholesome face are the top features of a heart-shaped face. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, brides with heart-shaped faces are the easiest to style. The best way to treat this shape is to encompass it with soft loose curls, with a simple fringe on the side. However, messy updos with loose curls on the sides are also very flattering.