How to Choose Perfect Ethnic Fit For Your Big Day

It’s probably your wedding day soon, and you’re too excited and busy with the preparations! From picking the right gift for your bride to getting all the attire ready for those functions – we understand the tasks can be tiresome. Just to help you prepare better and ensure that you don’t forget it – we are giving you the best-found tips on how to lock in the perfect ethnic dresses for your wedding functions. Keep reading!

  • Choose the styles first – We understand that finding time in the midst of all the chaos to consider the perfect style for all of the wedding functions can be a difficult task. But you have to take some time off or discuss it with your partner or a friend the type of ethnic wear you will require for all your wedding functions. We suggest, going for the kurta pajama for the sangeet function, the mehndi can be covered wearing an Angrakha kurta, then there is the sherwani that will be the perfect attire to adorn on your wedding day; and for the reception, you can pick an Indo-Western style if you like. According to this, you can decide upon the various styles you would like of these dresses by following the fashion influencers on Instagram or checking Pinterest for some tips.
  • The fabric is the main component – An ethnic attire can look fascinating or dull according to the fabric it is made up of! That is why you should never ignore the importance of the material utilised for making of that ethnic wear. A sherwani should be made up of silk and cotton silk, as these are the ideal materials to look for. For the kurta pajama, you can pick the ones in pure cotton if you like. Then there are other different materials that are specifically for men’s ethnic wear that you should check when you are picking your ethnic attire. Remember, this should be very comfortable on your skin and picked as per the weather and climate, too. 
  • Don’t forget the colour and designs – Most of couples nowadays like to color-coordinate their dresses.  So, you can pick the colour and design of the ethnic wear by matching or contrasting it with your bride’s dresses. If you have no such plans, then a groom’s dress can be as vibrant as the ones in maroon, red, and golden, or as basic as white, beige, or pastel. (This should be totally your decision!)
  • The right fit is important – Finally, after planning the style of ethnic wear you would like and the colour and design, the main criterion that you can never ignore is the right fit. If the ethnic wear you choose does not fit properly, the entire charm of the dress is lost. So, remember to try and wear your ethnic-style clothes before purchasing them. They should look perfect on you and fit properly over the shoulders and different parts of the body. If the attire looks great on you, then don’t delay in buying it and start pairing your accessories with it for your wedding functions!