Here’s Why Cowboy Hats Are Popular in Texas

Among the many kinds of men’s dress hats, cowboy hats are incredibly popular in Texas and neighboring countries. Such fame is attributed to its practicality, style, cultural connotations, and craftsmanship. 

Here are five reasons for all its buzz in Texas. 

1. Dust, Heat, Wind, and the Outdoors

Known as the hottest state in the United States, Texas surely needs its residents to have something to protect their heads from the sun. Otherwise, they’re waiting to be baked hot. 

Especially if you’re living in its western parts, the heat can be unbearable. And cowboy hats provide the protection that you need in such weather.

Texas also has some locations with harsh conditions like dust and wind in ranches and farms. With it having many ranchers and farmers, cowboy hats are a lot more common as practical headwear than a part of their styled outfit. 

2. Cowboy Hats Go Way Back in Texan Culture

Texas is recognized as the world’s cowboy capital, and the culture may have originated from its history of being ruled by Spain, known for its vaqueros, back then. 

It’s easy to see why cowboy hats are an integral part of their tradition. They’re not only practical for outdoor protection but also act as a fashion statement in modern times. 

As more and more styles emerged, cowboy hats were adopted for military and entertainment purposes. In 2015, they were recognized as the official state hat of Texas, with the Texas Rangers being the first law-enforcing body to use them as a piece of their uniform. They’re also used by people who participate in rodeos and bull riding competitions. 

3. Cowboys in Box-office Hits

If you’re a fan of Western movies and shows that present cowboy culture, you’ll surely know how popular they are not only in the Americas but also in many parts of the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have influenced fashion way back then, similar to how our modern online personalities launch trends today. 

Cowboys and their attire are seen as masculine in South American culture, although they can be donned by any person regardless of gender. Clint Eastwood is a key figure in engraving the cowboy’s image in everyone’s minds.

4. Fine Craftsmanship

Did you know that modern cowboy hats derived their style from the Spanish sombrero? It was not until J.B. Stetson created the Boss of the Plains hat that you see the high-crowned wide-brimmed Western hat today. 

Stetson’s design could be called the first modern cowboy hat, making it the most popular brand known for its fine craftsmanship. 

Together with Resistol, another iconic brand in cowboy hats, Stetson’s products are created inside the state. And with cowboy culture going way back in Texan history, it’s safe to say that their long-established practices and techniques truly set them apart in terms of quality. 

5. Cowboy Hats Are for Everyone

Cowboy hats are not only for cowboys and cowgirls—that’s a no-brainer. In fact, they are also largely known as the headwear of ranch workers and farmers. 

With many families engaging in farming and owning ranches in the state, it’s common to see them wearing one aside from the rodeo participants and bull riders. 

Today, any person wears a cowboy hat because they feel good wearing one. There are many types of cowboy hats that one can don depending on their stature and fashion sense. Some include gambler hats, derby hats, Tom mix, open crown hats, and many more. 

Practical Fashion With Cowboy Hats

A cowboy hat is a practical headdress that protects you from dust, wind, sun, and harsh outdoor conditions. It has been a crucial part of Texan culture and is still going strong in being in style today. In simple words, practical fashion with cowboy hats is at its finest.