Hairstyle to One Side

Ladies, we are back with some freshly curated fashion inspirations for you all, and at this point we are going to talk about the hairstyles that will add a charm to the biggest day of your life. So, here’s a touch of help from us. While some prefer bun hairstyles, others wish to go with messy hair braids or ponytail hairstyles that look super chic and stunning for the ceremonies. So, whatever your choice of haircut is, we’ve curated pretty and trending hairstyle to one side. So, with no further ado, let’s start.

Hairstyles to The Side

1. Long Loose Waves: 

one side hairstyle
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The primary one on our list had to be this simple yet so elegant. Styling the hair strands into a loose wave gives a chick-trending look.

2. Long Gorgeous Tresses

hairstyle to one side
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For the ladies who are blessed with long, super gorgeous hair, this one is for you. Waves crowned with a braided hair tiara and a few pink flowers is making us want to wear this right now!

3. Retro Infused Hairstyle

hairstyle for one side
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For those of you who are crazy with the colorful, blingy retro look the maximum amount as we do, then this gorgeous retro headband on sleek straight hair might work wonders for you.

4. Hair on the side, Jhoomar on the other:

one side hairstyle for wedding
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We, totally, love jhoomars, they’re traditional, big, gorgeous and what not!

5. Gajra

one style hairstyle with gajra
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Regardless of how many times gajra is used as a hair accessory, there always comes a replacement way to don this pretty hair accessory. This hairstyle adorned with a gajra isn’t going out of fashion.

7. Loose Braided hairdo

loose braided hairstyle
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If you’ve got long hair, you can always go for a loose braid, and if you would like to add a little volume and quirk to that braid then you can get your hair curled slightly. This Indian bridal hairstyle looks gorgeous in any quiet attire, you’ll always accessorize it according to your wish with some beautiful hair accessories to not make it look so simplistic.

8. Simple Fishtail

Simple Fishtail Braid
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We believe fishtails are so gorgeous themselves that adding extra ornamentation is often unnecessary, at times. go for this one if you don’t want your hair to be the center of attention but still look gorgeous.

9. Fishtail Paired With Low Bun Hairstyle

Low Bun Hairstyle
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Doesn’t her hair look stunning with the neatly done fishtails and pretty hair clip?

9. Braided Bun

Photo of Braided bun hairstyle for reception | Indian wedding hairstyles,  Punjabi hairstyles, Indian bridal hairstyles
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This braided side bun is all you would like when you’re confused as its basic but looks super classy and sophisticated at the same time. The braid and bun eventually merge on the side giving your hair a messy yet beautiful look. This Indian Hairstyle is different and unique – if you are looking to try something new give this a shot.

10. Senorita Bun

sanorita bun one side hairstyle
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This is often a fusion of an Indian and French bun, an easy sleek look from the front and a tightly braided bun at the back, beautifully accessorized with some roses at the edges giving it the look of the French senorita. This bun can go for any day itself if you don’t want that regular puffy bun alternatively, it can be apt for other functions expressing a contemporary fusion of two hairstyles, which can stand out as one of the fancy hairstyles.

12. Side Swept Curls

hairstyle to one side
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Side-swept curls are always trending; you would possibly not choose this one for the day but can easily steal the charm in functions. The hair is side parted, and half tied loosely with a side sweep and therefore the loose hair left is styled into loose and voluminous curls. This hairstyle is extremely fresh looking and appears beautiful!

13. Twists & Braids

Twist & Tie one side hairstyle
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If you wish them both, Twists and Braids then this Indian Hairstyle is all you would like to go offbeat this season. It’s a little puffy due to loose braids and slightly gives a look of a messy bun. You’ll take up this hairstyle for any function. We are sure that each woman can rock in this bridal hairstyle.

14. One-side Twists with open hair

open hair one side hairstyle
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If you’re one among those who can’t deal with a heavy bun and too many hair accessories – go for this simple hairstyle. Keep your hair the natural way, just make four twisties on any side of the hair – left/right and pin them up for an edgy look. It’s simple, easy to travel for and still looks quite fashionable. It’s varied on you how you feel comfortable in your own hairstyle.

15. Loose hair Cross Braids

one side easy hairstyle
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If you are not much inclined on getting a bun made for functions – try going for a loose hair cross braid. The braid is on one side and goes all the thanks to the back of your head. The design is extremely trending and looks beautiful for a minimalistic look. It’s one of those fancy hairstyles you cannot miss out on for simplistic looks.

16. Side Sweep with a Puff and a bun

Stylish Puff Hairstyles For Round Face - K4 Fashion
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We’re totally crazy with this quirky look, this Indian hairstyle may be a perfect combination of a side sweep, puff, and multiple knot bun. Accessorize it with hair accessories round the bun, one also can experiment with the bun or remove the puff to know what suits you the best.

17. Flowery Braid

best one side hairstyles
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If going minimal is your style then this look is ideal for all the simplistic girls. Nobody prefers going overboard as some girls like to keep it simple – this Indian hairstyle is more suitable for functions rather. It’s all about accessorizing your braid with flowers along the length. We’ve seen this hairstyle preferred by many celebrities too.

18. Side Sweep Style

Side-Swept Hairstyle
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The side sweep hairstyle hasn’t been out of fashion, but they have recently been brought into the limelight with a bunch of Bollywood and Hollywood stars going the side way at award functions or red-carpet events. Taking it to level forward, you’ll also try to braid the hair sidewards which would make you look more elegant.