Your hairstyle becomes as important as your outfit once you are all dressed up for any occasion. The hairstyles that you simply choose must go well together with your entire look. So, plan your hairstyle consistent with the Mysore silk saree you’re wearing.

Hairstyles for Mysore Silk Saree:

1. Bun:

mysore saree hairstyle

This is one of the simplest combinations with a silk saree. If you’re wearing a nine-yard silk saree, then a bun is going to be apt for the desi look. The bun is often of many types – high bun, side bun, braided bun, or a messy bun.

The high bun is typically pulling up all the hair and making a bun up high on the top. It will look majestic and elegant. It is best fitted for traditional occasions once you wear heavy Kanchipuram silks.

A side bun because the name suggests is formed on the edges of the top, rather than the middle. You can do a side parting of the hair to make the planning work. If you like to seem stylish, just do a side parting and braid your hair on both edges.

Join the braids and make a bun at the rear of your head. This will look chic and super stylish. It is the simplest hairstyle for casual parties where you opt to don a gorgeous silk saree.

2. Center Parting:

mysore silk saree hairstyle

After the middle parting, you’ll either create a bun, ponytail, or a braid. Although it might be cool to form a bun and put some jasmine flowers around it for a standard touch.

3. Traditional Braid:

traditional hairstyle for mysore silk saree

A traditional Indian braid is formed by parting the hair into three and weaving them around one another alternately. It is an easy braid and straightforward form. On a masty hair day, it must be your go-to hairstyle to seem beautiful during a silk saree.

4. Fishtail Braid:

fishtail hairstyle for silk saree

A fishtail braid is a modern braid. If you’ve got modern blouses accompanying your silk sarees, choose a fishtail braid.

5. Free hairs:

free hair for silk saree

The easiest and thus the foremost convenient hairstyle of all is free hairs. For this, all you’ve got to try to do is wash your hair, blow-dry it or straighten it or curl it. Leave it because it’s and you’ll have the foremost lustrous hair to flaunt alongside your silk saree look.

6. Braid Hairstyle:

hairstyle for mysore silk saree

You can get this hairstyle even in a hurry and appearance more beautiful during a silk saree. Comb your hairs back, create a lightweight puff and pin them.  You need to start out doing the braid right from the top of the neck to urge this loose braid style. Add a floral garland on the braid to seem more beautiful.

7. Half Updo Curls:

Half Updo Curls

The amazing saree in blue color causes you to look beautiful. The simple curly hair with a traditional saree collection causes you to look pretty cute with simple jewelry. The single pallu with mid part half updo curls wavy hair gives a reasonably simple look. Style your hair with a tremendous collection of silk saree to be rich and lovely.

8. Puffed Swept Hair:

Puffed Swept Hair

This needs a couple of hair puffs to put under swept up and swept-back hair. This is one style that immediately adds the design of stately dignity to hair, giving volume to the design while at an equivalent time creating an impact of a bouffant.

9. Straighten Hairstyle:

Straighten Hairstyle

This is another best hairstyle for silk sarees. If you’ve got good fine long hair in straight texture, you’re an ideal fit to get this hairstyle. All you would like to try to do is brush the hair alright and obtain straightened feel into fine hair then just leave it free and permit hair to fall on one shoulder in an even manner. This is super easy to make and can smash the looks with elegance and classy vibes.

10. Side Swept Curls:

Side Swept Curls

A side-swept wavy hair may be a statement hairstyling choice that will look great and at an equivalent time easy to try for yourself.  First, curl your hair employing a curling rod. Sweep hair to at least one side and secure the back of the hair with bobby pins or hair accessories. Finish with a medium hold hairspray. Hair must reach a minimum of slightly beyond the shoulders for the side-swept style. Large Jhumkas provide a perfect traditional look with this hairdo.

11. Low Ponytail:

mysore silk saree hairstyle

If you’re wearing a saree and you don’t know what to try together with your hair, then choose this hairstyle. It is quite easy and simple to make it as well is suitable for any kind of event.

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