Guide to Easy Winter Dressing for the Workplace

Getting out of your bed during chilly mornings is hard enough, and then comes the added responsibility of dressing appropriately for a long day at work. You’re constantly perplexed by the dilemma of whether it’s appropriate to wear fur-lined boots to work, or a chunky knit co-ord, or a puffer jacket as fluffy as your weighted blanket. After a whirlwind of this, that, what ifs and I wish, you sadly settle on a toned-down, muted outfit that is perfectly in tune with the gloom in the air, only hoping that your clothes would’ve been warmer and a whole lot cuter (and maybe even a tad bit brighter).

While routine is great, some patterns are meant to be broken. Like this gruesome process of winter dressing for work. Stay with us to find five winter tops for women that make dressing for the chills an absolute breeze and a lot more fun.

1. Our Blush Cut Out Ribbed Sweater, for when you want to keep it classic

If it were up to us, we’d wear our softest pyjamas to work. But luckily for us, a ribbed sweater comes just as close – and is socially acceptable to wear to work as well. Meet our Blush Cut Out Ribbed Sweater – it’s got everything you would ever want your sweater to have, a nouveau cut, a cosy texture and a comforting fit that’s easy enough to carry through the extra-long hours at the office.

2. Our Cobalt Cable Knit Sweater, for when you want to add a pop of colour.

Come winter, come the season of many, many fashion myths. One of them being – winter dressing must only and most often be consisting of only muted tones and gloomy shades, we’re talking strict blacks, browns, beiges and olives. But…we’re here to burst it for you. The gloomy skies make it more imperative for us to dress in our brightest best (in the hope of lifting our spirits and hopes of leaving our beds). Cue our Cobalt Cable Knit Sweater – the perfect combination of soft textures, a great fit, and a lovely-to-look-at splash of blue, just enough to motivate you to smash your task list zealously.

3. Our Black Ruffled Sleeve Cardigan, for when you have plans after.

What we truly look forward to during winters is the free pass to not get out of our clothes (read: fuzzy pyjamas) the whole day. Our Black Ruffled Sleeve Cardigan is the perfect winter top to keep you warm through those days when you’re going from desk to a very, very fancy dinner involving heartwarming meals and a dreamy fireplace.

4. Our Beige Overlap Full Sleeve Top, for when you want to chic it up.

This winter top bridges the gap between a warm, fuzzy essential and a top that looks formal enough but is comfortable at its core. Pair our Beige Overlap Full Sleeve Top with black flared trousers and your favourite heeled boots underneath to ace that tres chic office winter look. You can even layer it up with a contrasting black trench to add to the charm of your outfit and stay warmer through the hours.

5. Our Mocha Drop Shoulder Hoodie, for when you’re in the mood to experiment.

If you’re stuck smack in the middle of one of those mornings where you want to dress casual but also make it look office-worthy, it’s time you befriended our Mocha Drop Shoulder Hoodie. With elasticated details, cute-sy silver accents and a hood to keep you warm through the chills (both outside and in the office!) This hoodie paired with light-coloured formal flared trousers and a classy tote bag makes for the perfect winter formal-laidback outfit.

While it may be very difficult to change the occurrence of office days during the cosiest time of the year, we can surely dress brighter and better for the occasion. Try filling your winter office wardrobe with a variety of smart winter tops that range in statement cuts, pop hues, comforting textures and more. They’re the easiest to style – simply throw on a sweater over a pencil skirt, some stockings and pencil heeled boots and you’re set, or pair a sleek, snug fit cardigan over flared pants and under a smart trench with closed platform boots and you’re dressed to impress. With a collection of chic winter tops handy, the ensemble curation options are endless.

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