Gold mangalsutras hold a special place in Indian culture and tradition. These elegant jewellery pieces symbolize the sacred bond of marriage. While mangalsutras are traditionally made with pure gold and adorned with intricate designs, they can often come with hefty prices that may not fit everyone’s budget. In this article, we will explore gold mangalsutra prices that cater to tight budgets, allowing you to find a beautiful, affordable, meaningful piece. So, let’s delve into the world of gold mangalsutra prices and discover affordable options that don’t compromise quality or style.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Diamonds-Are-Forever Mangalsutra

Experience eternal love with the 14kt yellow gold diamonds-are-forever mangalsutra. This captivating piece features a stunning infinity knot design in yellow gold, adorned with half-studded diamonds. It is beautifully complemented by a string of black beads on each side, connected by a slender gold chain. With a diamond clarity of I2, a metal colour of yellow, and a purity of 14, this exquisite mangalsutra perfectly justifies its price. Embrace this gold mangalsutra priced at ₹24,119.00.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Evil Eye Mangalsutra

The 14kt yellow gold evil eye mangalsutra is designed to ward off evil glances. This exquisite mangalsutra features a captivating evil eye (nazar) adorned with diamonds, complemented by black beads on a delicate chain. With its intricate infinity knot detail, this accessory symbolizes eternity and protection. Its 17 diamonds, with I2 clarity and I-J colour, add a touch of sparkle. Embrace positivity with this gold mangalsutra priced at ₹29,629.00.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Two-As-One Mangalsutra

This 14kt yellow gold two-as-one mangalsutra beautifully symbolizes the union of two journeys converging at the same destination. It has two sleek gold chains, one with a diamond-studded flower and the other featuring a string of black beads with an intricately crafted infinity knot. This gold mangalsutra priced at ₹32,539.00, combines elegance with affordability. Adorned with nine diamonds of SI2 clarity and IJ colour, this chic piece complements ethnic outfits perfectly.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Everlasting Accord Mangalsutra

Embrace the 14kt yellow gold everlasting accord mangalsutra that signifies marriage is about love, faith, and harmony. The gold mangalsutra priced at ₹28,389.00, offers both beauty and affordability. This mangalsutra features a short-textured gold bar with a diamond-studded flower hanging from it. On either side, there are black beads, and on one side, an infinity knot. With a purity of 14kt and diamond clarity of I2, this mangalsutra is a lasting symbol of everlasting commitment.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Mangalsutra for Eternity

The 14kt yellow gold mangalsutra for eternity captures the essence of love, allowing it to anchor you while giving you the freedom to grow. This mangalsutra is adorned with three hearts, surrounded by halos of diamonds and a dangling heart anchor. With 21 diamonds of I2 clarity, G~H colour, and round shape, set in a secure prong setting, this piece exudes elegance. This gold mangalsutra priced at ₹42,669.00, is a perfect choice for those seeking a meaningful and affordable mangalsutra.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold14kt Yellow Mangalsutra – Clashing Waves of Love

Seize this 14kt yellow gold mangalsutra – clashing waves of love that showcase the clash between waves in a captivating spiral neckpiece. The intermingling diamond-studded waves symbolize the eternal connection with your significant other’s soul. This mangalsutra blends traditional and Western elegance with its minimalist design and auspicious thread. With 12 round diamonds of I2 clarity and GH colour, this mangalsutra truly represents everlasting love. Style this exquisite gold mangalsutra priced at ₹ 31,919 and let your delightful eternal bond shine through.

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