Clubmaster sunglasses, once known as the ‘browline’ style, was first introduced in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach and continued to rule all through the 1950s and 1960s. After dipping in popularity, it became a rage ever since Bruce Willis sported the browline in ‘Moonlighting’; thus, the browlines gave way to a brand-new category now known as the clubmaster sunglasses.

The clubmaster frame features a refined look that is timeless and classy and is perfect for all age groups and face types. Clubmaster sunglasses are a league apart due to their distinct style that stands out from other designs. So, without further ado, let us check out a thoughtfully put-together list of retro-styled clubmaster sunglasses you would love to sport in your day-to-day life.

Black Clubmaster Women Sunglasses

These clubmaster sunglasses come with high aesthetic value and quality. Perfect for anyone who wants to look cool but loves to keep it simple. The bold black and gold highlights will roll heads wherever you go while giving your eyes the protection it needs from harmful UV rays. So, if you want to rock a classy, fashionable look this season, wear this pair of clubmaster glasses for women.

Brown Clubmaster Unisex Sunglasses

These brown half-rimmed clubmaster glasses give off a sporty vibe and can be worn by both men and women due to their unisex design. It is a fact that whenever you step out, the first thing people notice is your glasses. So, if you are someone with an active lifestyle, these clubmaster sunglasses are the perfect pair for you.

Yellow Clubmaster Women Sunglasses

Planning to hit the beach this weekend? Then this clubmaster frame with a dash of yellow and black with round lenses will set you free to let your hair down in style. The round design of this pair of clubmaster sunglasses provides complete protection from UV rays and will keep your eyes cool while you just lay back to enjoy the sun on the sandy beach. Time to up your game and hit the beach in style this summer with this cool pair of clubmaster sunglasses.

Black Clubmaster Women Sunglasses

If you would rather spend the night at the beach under the moonlight by the fire, these clubmaster glasses with a black angular frame and light-coloured lenses would fit the bill perfectly. Its light-coloured design with a frame that does not weigh you down is ideal for those nights by the campfire at the beach.

Gold Clubmaster Men Sunglasses

If you dig patterned leopard accessories, then this pair of clubmaster sunglasses are necessary for your collection. It offers exceptional UV protection for the eyes and uses a lightweight design that will not make you feel weighed down even if you wear it for extended periods. It is the perfect homage to the browline glasses back in the day that blends the classic with the new.

Clubmaster sunglasses are one of the most versatile designs that are not bound to any genre or style. The series has continuously evolved with changing times thanks to its versatility in adapting to changing fashion trends. Trusted brands such as Titan Eyeplus store offer a diverse range of clubmaster sunglasses available across their stores. What’s on offer range from the classic round and rectangular frames to the bold black and gold that stands out in a league of its own with strong hinges, perfect fit, and coordinated with the trends of the time! So, what are you waiting for? Drop by the nearest Titan Eyeplus store today and get your hands on the top-notch clubmaster sunglasses today!


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