Five Practical Tips to Help You Get Over a Breakup

Relationships are tough. We can’t live without them even though they hurt us most of the time. Barely any romantic relationship gets strong enough to reach the phase of marriage, and even half of them end with a divorce.

Unless you can learn to live without any relationship, you will have to be prepared for breakups. Here is what you should do every time you part ways with a partner.

Break the Old Routine

break the old routine

Visit at least three new places every week. It could be a coffee shop or a restaurant. Be sure to ask a friend to tag along. It will give you some quality time with friends, help find great new spots, and your old routine will break down. The goal is not to visit the places where you used to go with your ex.

Write a Blog Anonymously

write a blog

Writing is a great way to pour negative feelings out. It helps when you know you have an audience that will read it.

There are many platforms that allow anonymous discourse. You might write down things that you may regret later, that’s why it’s better to keep your name a secret.

Say No to Rebound

Say No to Rebound

Rebound doesn’t help you get over someone. It only creates new problems for you. You will always end up feeling bad about yourself after a rebound relationship. Even if there is a great opportunity, wait a few days or weeks before you make yourself available.

It depends on you how much time it is going to take to get over the former partner. As long as you have him/her in your mind, you won’t be able to connect even with the one who was destined by God and created for the sole purpose of marrying you.

Write Their Negative Qualities

Write Their Negative Qualities

As soon you part ways, take a pad and write down all negative qualities of that person. You should also write why things didn’t work out and never will.

It will work as a reminder later when you think about getting back together. If it wasn’t serious or if there was another way around, you wouldn’t have broken up.

No Social Media for a Few Days

No Social Media for a Few Days

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter should be avoided even in normal days. They are not good for our mental health. It’s particularly important that you boycott social media for a few days after the breakup.

Seeing so many people faking their happiness will make you feel about yourself. On top of that, there is the profile of your ex that you shouldn’t visit in any case.