Fabrics as a shield in Monsoon! By fabcurate

Along with the rain, the Monsoon season escorts a feeling of love, tenderness, breeze, dancing clouds, thunderstorms. Tea and snacks are the natural confederates of this season. Rain is an aspiration, it’s a reliance that nature exists and changes too.

Enjoying those sprinkles, cannot be narrated in words. When it touches our skin, it ignites our soul. But getting wet because of rain and feeling that cold, might get worse sometimes. And the only barrier between our bodies and rain is the kind of fabric we wear.

Some fabrics are made in such a way that; they are highly resistant to water. Once they soak up water, become burdensome and indirectly we carry a lot of weight.

Dryness is what’s essential and fabrics that can offer the same caliber are much appreciated. When the season changes, so are the styling, and so is the kind of fabric. 

For some people, a wedding in monsoon is a wish & they fulfill it anyhow. So, to overcome this hesitation, not doing anything in rain is necessary. Life doesn’t stop, nor it cares what season we are in and it should be like that.

Raincoats, umbrellas can save us from getting wet, but style is prominent and it is the one that shouldn’t be affected by rain. Food, beverages & Fabrics are salient features of the rainy season. It very much dictates our mood.

Get yourself organized for the Monsoon season, with the superlative quality of fabrics, presented by Fabcurate.

1. Chiffon

credit : www.pinterest.com

This fabric has a sheer, transparent aspect. It is made from polyester, unlike other fabrics which are made from silk. Polyester is highly water-resistant, making Chiffon fabric, compatible for monsoon season. Chiffon scarves dry very quickly, and it integrates the dress you wear. One can feel royalty anywhere, by wearing the elegant Chiffon evening gowns, and relish the drops drizzling from the sky. It can also be drawn into blouses & lingerie. 

2. Crepe fabrics

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Crepe has breathability, moisture-wicking abilities, which helps the fabric to pass the moisture to the fabric’s surface, and the second one is drying rapidly so that it doesn’t get saturated. Accelerate yourself in the rain drops but keep your body dry with this fabric.

It has a crumpled feel, which is a flawless match with plains and when added with more designs and colors, it creates a ranking effect. Design your tops, shirts, and dresses, and enlighten them with the crepe fabric effect.

3. Rayon fabric 

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This is a breathable fabric, and hence a good choice for monsoon season. When the fabrics trap water in them, they tend to stick to the body, transferring breezing effect to our body, but rayon fabric is exactly opposite to that, it does not let the fabric cling to the body, as a result providing more space between your body and the fabric.

Their drape and slippery nature, are on a top-level. Rayon fabrics can be made into shawls, scarves, sarees, lingerie’s, suits, trousers, dresses, tops, lowers, skirts, towels, bedsheets, curtains & furnishing, and upholstery items. Due to its good resisting properties, it is also used in sportswear.

Monsoon season is a blessing; they are responsible for us being fed with food, water, and much more than what we expect. One should always look better and up to date, by wearing that impacts himself and the surrounding.

Fabrics are the best way to demonstrate oneself. Matching with the intensity of thunderstorms and rain is highly unlikely, but that can be possible with the kind of style, we chose to have.