Elegant Jewellery That Every Woman Should Own

Yves Saint Laurent right said, “Fashion fade, style is eternal”. When we talk about style, one cannot sideline the importance of ladies jewellery for us women. When you were young, you must have hoarded junk jewellery from street vendors, but as you grow up, you want to curate a jewellery box that doesn’t just go well with everything in your wardrobe but serves you well for a long time in quality and style terms.

Though Pandemic has changed the shopping scene for women, with many choosing to shop from an online portal instead of visiting physical stores and seeing this shift, e-commerce players have also started to offer ladies jewellery via their website portals. We have drafted a list of a few elegant jewellery pieces that every woman should own to sort out for you.

Hoop earrings:

Over the years, hoop earrings have become a staple piece in most of us women’s jewellery boxes. They have been around for years and are still having a moment with many celebrities wearing them, even on the red carpet. You can either choose to invest in a classic pair of silver, gold or rose gold hoops which will always stand the test of time.

Classic Chandbaalis:

While hoop earrings can be worn with a western outfit, we Indian women want something to go with our traditional attire, which is where Chandbaali steps in. Get either an imitation Kundan or an oxidized chandbali to wear with semi-traditional dresses. Chandbali goes perfectly well whether you are wearing a sari or lehenga.


While most watches look like statement pieces on their own, it doesn’t hurt to get a pendant bracelet or simple clasp bracelet or tennis bracelet; well, the choice is endless for those special occasions. Not only are they timeless, but they instantly up your fashion sense.


Rings have always been our favourite, whether it is a big statement ring passed down by our mothers or the simple silver ring we bought for ourselves. If you are a working woman or have a simplistic fashion sense, having small rings look lovely when you arrange them correctly on your fingers. However, if you are wearing casual clothes and want to add drama to your attire, go gold and shop for large, statement rings that will instantly catch the eyes of people walking by.

Statement jewellery piece:

It could be anything from a ring, bracelet, or even a saree brooch. It is essential to have one elegant statement ladies jewellery piece in your box that can not only add instant oomph and classiness to your attire but can turn your head when you wear them.

At last, analyze your sense of style by either looking at your previous photos or consulting with your closed ones. Doing so will help you know what kind of jewellery piece you look good in. For example, no amount of elegant pieces of ladies jewellery will look good on you if you are not wearing them with confidence. That comes when you wear only those jewellery pieces you are comfortable with.