Bridal Hairstyle For Nauvari Saree

Getting a perfect saree is every woman’s dream. The desire to urge a saree that will be worn on every occasion without even looking weird. Nauvari sarees look perfect on every occasion. It has an important effect on itself and maybe draped in some ways.

Have a look at the hairstyles suited for a Nauvari saree.

What is Nauvari Saree?

What is Nauvari Saree?
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Nauvari Saree is recognized as Lugade, Kacha, Nauvari saree, Kashta saree,  and Sakacha.

This Readymade Nauvari saree in Pune is often carried without a petticoat. 

The fashion drape for Nauvari has emerged from the classical form to the modern age and provides a trouser-dress like an expression, while the saree is tucked at the rear.

Which state People wear Nauvari saree

The Nauvari saree is worn by the Marathi females and the Maharashtrian Brahmin ladies. With a harmonious lifestyle and absolute great point about the Marathi women, Nauvari is usually accessorized with classical gold jewelry and gajra within the hair.

The uniqueness of the present peculiarity is that it’s comfortable to wear, charming looking, and provides a really satisfying feeling, unlike the initial draping. This shift has brought it a worldwide demand and has made it readily available by all.

It is performed in such a fashion that it drapes one’s size and nobody ever understands that it’s truly a stitched saree.

The Silk of Nauvari Saree:

This stunning saree is usually worn as a bridal saree by Maharashtra brides on their day. It has a standard draping style that provides the bride a stunning look. To create a stunning look, pair it with a sleeveless or a three-quarter blouse.

A Maharashtrian bride will prefer to wear a Nauvari saree made with Paithani silk due to its gold color and soft fabric. Nauvari sarees are accessorized with flowers and classic gold.

Hairstyle for Nauvari Saree:

1. Hair Bun for Nauvari Saree:

Hair Bun for Nauvari Saree
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A high bun also called a chignon, is typically preferred once you wish to flaunt your shoulders and neck. This is simple to do. Just part your hair from the middle. Pull back the hair, roll it into a bun.

This typically Indian hairstyle for saree is that the foremost typical one. The high bun may be a classy hairstyle that’s apt for special occasions. Finish the design with long earrings or a little tiara over the bun to offer it a chic look.

2. Hairstyle for Party in Nauvari Saree:

Hairstyle for Party in Nauvari Saree
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Have a highly embellished blouse that might grab the eye of tons of people? Then ponytail is the way to go. The ponytail is additionally very simple to undertake to try to do and almost gives a very casual yet classic look if done correctly.

It is one of the simplest hairstyles for a Nauvari saree, which causes you to look more alluring. This is the simplest and easiest hairstyle for a Nauvari saree. Match it with a designer blouse. A fancy clip placed to carry the puff also is also a must-try.

This hairstyle will look better with short hair, and there’ll be more scope to style the ends of the hair.

3. Juda/Bridal Hairstyle For Nauvari Saree:

Juda Hairstyle on Nauvari Saree
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This look is best for a bridal hairstyle for a Nauvari saree. You can create this look by puffing the hair slightly. And using pins and clips to carry it in situ. To give it a more hyped look, you’ll use the puff which will give your hair a lift.

Suitable hair accessories are important to finish the design. A floral accessory is worn within the picture also adds style and a festive search for a saree.

4. Low Twisted Bun:

Low Twisted Bun
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This is an Indian hairstyle for short hair for a Nauvari saree. It is another sort of bun, but unlike a high bun, the low twist bun is tied far away from the center of the top, almost near the nape of the neck. Now roll the hair into a bun and pin it up. Another way to style an equivalent hairdo is by braiding the edges French style and adding small beads to them.

5. Messed Up Side Braid for Nauvari Saree:

Messed Up Side Braid for Nauvari Saree
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For the gorgeous Indian and for the bridal look, this is often one hairstyle for a woman in a saree which will look good for any event and any occasion. This is the straightforward beehive braid where you sweep all the hair to at least one side of your shoulders and then keep braiding it casually.

When you are done, you’ll tug out hair from the braid and make it look as messy as you’ll. Messed up side braid hairstyle is another style that appears perfect on a saree. Curly and wavy hair is that the best match for the right messy braid look. It is also an honest idea to color the hair like wiped out the image.

Highlighting rather than coloring completely is additionally a must-try. Wearing a sleeveless or strapless blouse with a pair of earrings gives this hairstyle a traditional edge.

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