7 Tips-How to Pick The Right Watch That Matches Your Outfit

The accessories you wear play a vital part in making you appear good. Watch for men is one similar accessory, an integral one that adds charm to your identity. But many men tend to wear the wrong watch with their clothes. Picture wearing a sports watch with your blazer. It’ll not look good. Your style and posture can get you a lot of attention. Men have limited jewellery and accessory options, so a watch for men is like the singular expression of identity, which makes opting for the precise one all-important.

When it comes to a watch for men, there are plenty of options. This, more frequently than not, can make opting for the precise watch that matches your outfit a tough task. Also, there are many things that you have to consider, from the watch type and the colour of the belt to the event and matching footwear. Therefore, listed below are 7 tips that will guarantee you opt for a watch that matches your look. 

Know the types of watches available for men – 

A) Dress watches are plain, sophisticated, and polished. Casual dress watches feature black leather belts with hash marks. It features Roman numbers or no numbers.

B) Dive watches are designed for aquatic diving and feature deep-water resistance. They’re procurable in medium sizes, easy-to-read numbers, and contain a date window.

C) Pilot watches are manufactured for the cockpit. They’re procurable in large dials with clean graspable numerics and glowing hands. These watches are procurable in leather belts.

D) Field watches are sturdy, adaptable, and operational. They have a high-contrast dial with easy-to-read indices and a silicone mesh belt that offers unmatched tenure and fashion.

E) Racing watches are procurable in large to medium sizes. They might contain a chronograph and date window, and the case may be spotless steel or metal. 

  1. Match your belt with your outfit – Mesh steel or pristine steel belt is the most favored pick for semi-casual events. Whereas, the leather belt seems good with formal suits. A black leather watch for men will seem good if you’re wearing a black blazer. Consider brown colour if your suit is light- coloured that includes distinct pastel hues.
  1. Pick a watch depending on the occasion – For business or corporate occasions, go with a classic silver or gold watch. A black leather belt watch also goes effortlessly with a suit. For a sharp informal outfit, pick a watch that looks sporty. With polo shirts, jeans, and tees opt for a field or sports watch.
  1. Match the colour with your outfit – Opt for a watch that goes well with both. A brown leather belt watch will impeccably complement your formal attire. A black watch belt should be worn with black shoes and a belt. 
  1. Metal complements metal – The metal case or stainless steel belt of your watch should complement the metal accents. The case is procurable in many distinctive shapes – square, rectangle, and circle. The finish on the case can be matt, patterned, or bedazzling.
  1. Heirloom watches bend the rules – Heirloom watches aren’t your basic watches. These timepieces portray a legacy. An heirloom watch for men is considered a good luck charm and is worn in the memory of the proprietor. It can not be subjected to matching outfit rules or put in a separate category.
  1. Match the belt with your shoes – A black belt band is more suitable for formal events. Silver belt watches match best with shoes in black, or grey. Gold watches go well with hues like pastel, earthy, and brown.