Instagram, a photo-sharing app, is one of the biggest social networks used by businesses of all sizes today. With 1 billion monthly users, this social media giant has become an important place for marketers to convey their brand.

Thus, it is crucial to create a great Instagram strategy that not only brings you more followers but also makes people post more comments on your content. Posting regularly may not be enough. Below are some smart tricks on how to get Instagram comments, likes, and followers-

Conduct a Contest or Giveaway

The easiest way to get more Insta comments on your posts is by conducting an Instagram giveaway or contest. Post on Instagram to promote the contest and ask the audience to enter by commenting on the post. 

You can make the contest to run a week-long, where your followers have to comment each day. Besides, you can use user-generated-content and ask them to post their images or mention your brand in the posts.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

Another easy way to engage with your audience is to use Instagram stories. This is the place where your fans will look when your profile appears on the top of their feed. Further, Instagram stories have several amazing features that allow you to interact with the audience directly.

Ask or answer their questions, conduct quizzes, create polls, and measure how the users feel about your product. These stories also appear on the explore page or hashtag browser. So, you can add hashtags there, and make your content more visible.

Share Your Feed Posts To The Instagram Stories

This trend has become quite popular nowadays. With Instagram’s algorithm changing constantly, it is getting harder to show up in your followers’ newsfeed. This is a significant reason you should share your posts on Instagram stories also. 

This way, more people will view your content. If they find it interesting enough, they may like, and comment below it. Thus, it helps you gain more Instagram comments.

Post Something Funny, Interesting, or Surprising

Most posts that go viral on the Internet provoke high-arousal emotions. The posts that surprise the viewer make the users go crazy with fun, create anticipation, and provoke curiosity are the most common ones that get more likes, share, and comments.

Also, emotions that incite feelings of joy and love are common. So, the content you are planning to share on Instagram should make the users feel an emotion so strongly that they can’t resist the urge to comment.

Include Relevant Hashtags

When you post content with popular, relevant Instagram hashtags, your post will appear in the search results for those hashtags. In fact, Insta posts with hashtags tend to get more engagement than the posts with no hashtags.

Moreover, influencers may organically comment on your post when they see you talking about things they are interested in. However, the hashtag you are using must match your content.

Post At The Right Time

While it is necessary to add relevant hashtags, it is equally important to post at the right times of the day. There has been a debate on when to post on social media to buy Instagram comments. But, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for someone else may not work for you.

The best thing you can do is test your engagement rates on Instagram or experiment by posting at different times throughout the week. Doing so, you’ll determine your best posting schedule based on the results.

Always Respond To The Comments You Get

By responding to the comments, you make your audience believe that you are interested in what they say. When the users get a comment in response, they will continue commenting. Further, when others find that you respond to the comments, they may also comment on your post and join the discussion.

These are handfuls of tips to get comments for Instagram posts and attract more people to your Insta profile. Test out these methods and let us know what works best for you!


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