7 One of A Kind Gift Ideas for Grandmas

Your Grandma is one-of-a-kind, and she deserves to get gifts that are as unique as her personality. Whether you give her fun photo gifts featuring a printed picture of the two of you, or send her a custom necklace, there are many different gifts you can give your Grandma that show her how much you love and appreciate her every day.

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What to Remember When Buying Grandma a Gift

Since our grandmas come from a time that emphasized personal connections even more so than we might imagine, it’s important to consider gifts that she can physically use. If she has an outgoing, humorous personality, you can consider getting her a funny poster or a personalized grandma shirt to wear to the next family gathering.

Other ways you can add a personal touch to your gift include writing her a card and signing it. Putting your own thoughts into handwritten words shows that you care and spent time putting together this gift for your grandma. If you’re more of the digital type, that’s also great! You can design a thoughtful digital card and print it on matte photo paper for a professional look and feel that clearly shows your love and effort.

No matter what you land on, remember that you’re her grandchild and she will love any gift as long as it comes from you with a warm smile and a hug.

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Gifts for Grandmas

Since every Grandma deserves a gift that matches her unique personality, here are some of the best gifts you can give her!

1. An engraved paperweight

It’s easy for papers to get scattered around her desk. A paperweight engraved with her name is a great gift to give her for a memorable occasion like a wedding anniversary or milestone birthday. Sophisticated and personalized, it’ll look great on her desk and help her stay organized for years to come. Even if she doesn’t use it on her desk, she can still display it on a bookshelf in her office as a keepsake.

2. A visor

A visor is great for when she’s at the beach, the tennis court or even out golfing. Many Grandmas want the shade of a visor but don’t want to wear a full ball cap, so a visor is perfect for her. Get it embroidered with her name or initials for a personal touch. A visor is a great gift for sports fans, so if your Grandma has a particular team she supports, make sure to order it in her favorite team’s colors!

3. A painting kit

Has she wanted to try something new lately? Painting is great for relaxing, regardless of skill level. As a Grandma, she’s probably got some time on her hands to unwind. Painting is something she can do to relax or focus on herself and makes for a great gift to give her for any occasion. It is perfect because it gives her everything she needs without her having to go hunt for supplies. Make sure to include brushes of different sizes, a variety of colors and a couple of canvases for her to experiment on. A mixing palette is also a great idea to include in the kit!

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4. Engraved gardening tools

Just like painting, gardening is also a way that Grandma can start to relax. The spring and summer seasons are prime for gardening, which makes it great for her to go outside, soak in some vitamin D and cultivate some beautiful flowers and greenery right in her backyard. A set of her own engraved gardening tools is perfect regardless of how long she’s been gardening. Some people are interested in gardening but have no idea where to even start, so getting her a set of her own tools can ignite a new passion.

5. A personalized cutting board

These days, cutting boards aren’t just for cooking in the kitchen. Instead, many homeowners use cutting boards to decorate the space. Some people use a personalized cutting board in their living room, office or even their outdoor kitchens as decoration. Others use them to plate and display food. Whether you get her a cutting board that has her initials burned into the wood or you get her one that has a map of her hometown, she’ll love the gift because it’s unique to Grandma and shows her that you went the extra mile.

6. A throw pillow map

If you and your Grandma don’t live near each other, consider getting her a map printed on a throw pillow! You can have your respective states or countries filled in and add a quote about physical distance not meaning anything when it comes to how much love you have in your hearts for each other. While it might cause her to shed some tears, it’s still a sweet way to tell your Grandma you love her, no matter how far apart the two of you are.

7. A custom bottle of wine

Does your Grandma like wine? Consider getting her a bottle of her very own wine blend for those occasions that require a touch of class! Many wineries have ways you can blend unique flavors to match her personality. Is she bright and bubbly? A prosecco might be good for her. Is she bold with an affinity for dry humor? Consider a pinot noir. They might even let you name it after her and print a custom label on the bottle! She’ll love getting her own unique bottle of wine to celebrate.