Are you wondering about saving green and getting more foodstuff in return on grocery shopping? Well, we have covered some common grocery shopping mistakes that might be killing your wallet. Whether you are visiting Walmart store or Dutchie’s Fresh Market in Canada, below are some of the things you should be aware of. 

You Buy Fresh Produce Only

Though there are many things more satisfying than juicy strawberries in the peak season, buying only fresh food may cost you extra. Willing to pay extra for freshness? No problem! However, if you want to tighten your budget, add frozen food to your grocery shopping list too!

Before you walk down the aisles of grocery stores, make sure to look at the weekly ads or flyers. For example, if you are visiting the Dutchie’s Fresh Market in Canada, take advantage of Dutchie’s Fresh Market Flyers. By doing so, you will get information about the best deals trending in the store.

Buying Out Of Season Food

This is another big mistake that may cost you. One great way to find when your favorite produce is in-season and available on discounts is to check out the store’s app or online flyers. It will help you find when your favorite food is in-season and a list of several other items.

If you buy the produce out-of-season, it means they have been shipped internationally. In other words, you pay more per pound for out-of-season produce. Moreover, internationally shipped food items lose their freshness during transportation.

Buying At Eye Level Only

Do you know that your favorite grocery store might be playing tricks on you? Most stores put the most expensive items at the eye level to maximize their earnings. Perhaps, they know that the customers won’t likely bend down or stretch up to find the deals.

Thus, a savvy shopper is the one who outsmarts the grocery store. Have a look at the higher and the lower shelves also; your big deal might be kept hidden there. 

You Are Buying Impulsively

Perhaps, you know it better! Avoid impulsively throwing anything to your shopping cart and do yourself a favor by creating a grocery shopping list. And, stick to it! Doing so, you will be able to resist your temptations to buy more than required. If you stick to the items on your list, you will save a lot.

You Skip Using Coupons

Shopping coupons and flyers have evolved over the years. Buy, today you don’t have to cut and clip the coupons. Nowadays, you have access to coupons by just downloading apps like Yowza, SnipSnap, etc. If you are not into sifting through these apps, you can download the grocery store app. The best trending deals are just a few seconds away! 

Shopping At The Wrong Time

If you want to save more money and make every visit to the grocery store an efficient one, it is crucial to shop at the right time of the day. This is the time when your body and brain are more alert. 

Thus, shopping in the morning is a good idea. At this time, your body won’t crave for fatty acids, and you can actively go through the aisles for checking the items. 

Shopping Empty Stomach

You shouldn’t wander around a grocery store (full of food supplies) on an empty stomach. Even if you can’t grab the meal before the shopping trip, come prepared with mints. This simple mistake will ward off your hunger pains, distracting you from how much you want to eat in the store. 


These are some of the most common mistakes people commit while shopping in grocery stores. By keeping these things in mind, you can save yourself from spending extra dollars. Moreover, it will help you find the best deals on your favorite products and save money!


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