No house party is complete without an awesome dosti hindi songs playlist.

Creating a perfect playlist might seem easy but it isn’t unless you get along really well with your friends when it comes to music.

And if you don’t, check out our recipe of creating the perfect playlist that will keep your friends hooked throughout the party.

Here we go!

  • Do include 4-5 dance numbers for your always-ready-for-a-dance-off friends
  • Keep it a mix of English, Hindi and Punjabi Dosti songs. Don’t forget to include Punjabi songs because every party has 4-5 Punjabi people who would request you to play a Punjabi song every 20-30 minutes.
  • Do include a few emotional Dosti songs dedicated to friends such as “Yaro ne mere vaste”. This would cater to all those friends who say “tu mera bhai hai” after drinking 3-4 shots.
  • Keep 2-3 songs such as “Rock on” for the JAMMING sessions. It will surely take your party to the next level.
  • Keep 2-3 slows songs in your list for chit-chat sessions because there’s nothing better than a nice conversation with a good song playing in the background.

Now that you know how to make a perfect playlist for your next house party, it’s time to check out our list of the best Dosti Hindi songs dedicated to friends that would help you to create even a better one.

Funny Songs For Friends in Hindi :

1. Apni Dosti

2. Tu Ek Number ka Bhondu

List of Hindi Dosti Songs :

1. Woh Din (From Chhichhore)

Released in 2019, Chhichhore will take you on a nostalgic trip to your college days. It not only portrays strong (and really funny) characters but also wins your heart with its songs.

One such song is “Woh Din”. The lyrics of this song have been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. And if you ask us, this song hits you hard with all the memories of your college days.

So, if you’re looking to relive your college days with your college ke yaar or just looking for a good song to listen to on a Sunday evening with your friends then you can definitely add “Woh Din” to your list.

2. Jaane Kyun (From Dostana)

The 2nd one in our list is this quirky song from the movie Dostana. Its lyrics and the music, of course, make it one of the most amazing best bollywood friendship songs that you can dedicate to your buddies.

So if you ever want to make your best friend realize how much he/she means to you, just play this song and he/she will give you a tight hug (or a slap, depending on the amount of Bollywood drama he/she can take).

3. Yaro Ne Mere Vaste

The next song in our list of top 5 Dosti hindi songs Bollywood style is “Yaro Ne Mere Vaste”.

Released in 2019, this song is the anthem of every house party as well as bachelor/bachelorette party.

After all, when it comes to partying with friends, every celebration is incomplete without a bunch of drunken friends dancing to this song.

So, why wait? Enjoy this song with your friends if you haven’t already. And even if you have, there’s no harm in doing it again, right? This song deserves all your attention and love.

4. Dil Chahta Hai (From Dil Chahta Hai)

Dil chahta hai hum na rhe kabhi yaro ke bin?

When it comes to rocking a party with the best friendship songs Bollywood style, nothing’s better than this beautiful song from the blockbuster movie “Dil Chahta Hai”.

Good music? Check

Amazing lyrics? Check

Will everyone like this song? Would everyone like to dance to this song? Check and check

Trust us, peeps, this is one of the best friendship songs in hindi to kick your house party up a notch.

5. Rock On (From Rock On)

The perfect song to enjoy with your friends at the next house party!

This song is a complete package-packed with good music, relatable lyrics and a bit of Bollywood style drama.

So, go ahead and give it a try and if you’re not sure about how well it will fit into your house party then we just have to say 1 thing to you-

“Yuhi dekhta hai kya tu, ROCK ON, zindagi milegi na dobara”

6. Tumhi Ho Bandhu (From Cocktail)

Another great song that you can include in your playlist!

This song has amazing music and catchy lyrics. You can always count on it to make your friends groove, especially if you’re having a pool party. 

7. Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai (From Fukrey Returns)

A quirky number from one of the funniest movies made in 2017!

Tu mera bhai nahi hai will add a laughter element to your party. So, if your party isn’t going as planned, play this song. Trust us, it will uplift everyone’s mood in seconds.

Which is your group’s favorite Dosti songs? Tell us in the comments below!


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