7 Active Lifestyle Tips

We should all live an active lifestyle. And, while some people think that looks like hitting the gym every day, an active lifestyle can take many different forms. There are lots of benefits of being physically active, including weight management, lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol and even a longer lifespan! If you’ve been wondering what you can do to live a more active lifestyle, here are some simple tips that will help you be more active!

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1. Invest in quality active gear

Living an active lifestyle means having quality active gear. While it might cost you a bit to put together a wardrobe of active apparel or workout accessories, it’ll be well worth the investment. Yoga mats, kettlebells, gloves, reusable water bottles and even a silicone ring are all things you should be adding to your collection of active gear.

These items will not only make your experience better, but they can keep you safe and healthy while you workout. You might not realize it, but everything you wear has bacteria on it. And, this bacteria can become harmful if you don’t wear sweat- or moisture-resistant gear. Finding an alternative men’s wedding band or even moisture-wicking socks is essential to having the right rest of active gear that will keep you from getting rashes or acne breakouts after any workouts or fitness classes.

2. Stop drinking soda

Over the years, there’s been lots of research that shows just how unhealthy soda is for your health. Soda and other liquids with high amounts of sugar can cause a variety of health benefits. Of course, everything is fine in moderation.

So giving yourself a treat of a highly sweetened coffee or a glass of Coke while at a baseball game is okay. However, drinking soda or sugar drinks every day can be detrimental to any other steps you’ve taken to living an active lifestyle.

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3. Take the stairs

If you don’t have any pressing health issues that could prevent you from taking the stairs, be sure to make the trek up however many floors you need to, especially between the first and second floors. Taking the stairs at least once a day is a great source of cardio and gets your blood flowing.

While you might not need to take the stairs for eight flights — don’t overdo it — taking the stairs between a couple of floors when most people would opt for the elevator can be a great way to be active. When the weather is bad and you don’t have time to go for a walk outside, this is a great step or alternative that you can do without much effort.

4. Park at the back of the parking lot

Similar to taking the stairs, parking at the rear of a parking lot can be a great source of activity for you. While it might seem more efficient to park closer to the entrance, parking at the back gives you the chance to stretch your legs or walk a bit more than you do regularly during the day. Those few extra steps can really make a difference. Many people also indicate that they feel more energized after going for a walk, which can be great motivation for when you don’t feel like putting in the extra effort. If you’re feeling a little down or sluggish, getting in the extra bit of a walk can help you feel refreshed and perked up!

5. Invest in a desk pedal

Sitting at the office every day isn’t an excuse for not being active. Desk pedals are great additions to any office setup for those interested in an active lifestyle but who feel like they’re restricted at work. You can sit and write emails, listen in on meetings or finish projects all while pedaling at your desk and getting the blood flowing in your legs. It’s a low-risk, high-reward activity that practically anyone can do.

Some positions don’t have you on your feet often, especially for those who are receptionists or who have to stay stationary at their desks for long periods of time. In those cases, having a desk pedal can be a great way to get some activity in without having to sacrifice time away from your work.

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6. Or, get a standing desk setup

If a desk pedal isn’t really your style, a standing desk is always a great option! Many desks these days come with configurations that can allow you to put one part of the desk up to standing height. This gets you standing and allows the blood to flow and circulate through your system.

There’s been a lot of research that shows that sitting or lying down for long periods of time is bad for your health — and in today’s world of sitting in an office for eight hours a day and then going home to sit on the couch for another few hours until you go to bed and lay down for another 10 to 12 hours, it’s more important now than ever to invest in alternative ways to get moving. Investing in a standing desk is just one of the many ways you can be more active at work!

7. Visit a local park or museum on your day off

Being active isn’t just about being active in your physical health. Engaging your brain is a large part of being active as well! Museums and parks are great ways you can get active in both your mind and body because you’ll be learning as well as staying active. While you walk around the museum or hike through the park, you’ll get the chance to learn about new things or engage with nature and wildlife.

Doing activities that can keep both your brain and your body engaged is practically the pinnacle of an active lifestyle. It can also be somewhat of a challenge, and it makes us feel good when we accomplish goals or complete a challenge successfully.

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