6 Tips For Saving Money At USA Outlet Malls And Shopping Stores

When it comes to shopping in the USA, outlet malls come to the mind first. Huge discounts, amazing deals, significant savings, that too in one place! But, this wonderful place that seems to offer you big deals may end up being a spending trap. 

Only a savvy shopper knows that something with a discount tag isn’t always worth buying. So, here we have come up with six smart tips to help you save money while shopping in the USA malls.

Know The Difference Between Outlet Store Types

Remember, all the outlet stores offer different discounts. Generally, you need to know four types of stores: factory, outlet, retail, and refurbished. If you are in doubt about what kind of deals you can expect here, it is better to ask the store employer.

Factory Stores

A factory store sells goods that are produced for outlet malls. You may think that the items look like those in the regular stores. However, they are made with cheaper stuff and have fewer features than their full-price counterparts.

True Outlet Stores

Outlet stores feature merchandise that was stocked in retail stores but now has been phased out due to shopping season. Keep in mind that these stores also carry damaged items. So, check them carefully for any irregularities.

Retail Stores

Retailers always look forward to taking advantage of the foot traffic in the outlet malls. Thus, they often purchase space there. But, they don’t actually offer outlet products. The designated outlet stores should inform the buyers on the store sign so that they don’t pay retail price unknowingly.

Refurbished Stores

Several electronic manufacturers sell refurbished goods, like TVs, computers, etc. at outlet malls. These stores are less common than the clothing stores, though. 

However, if you happen to find the one, you may be able to bag a deal on the refurbished goods classified as ‘new.’ Make sure whatever you buy has a warranty.

Don’t Think That Outlet Is Cheaper

Just because you find something in an outlet mall doesn’t mean that it is a good deal. Sometimes, you may be able to find better discounts in the malls without much digging. Moreover, they have return policies.

Sidewalk sales and sale weekends in the malls can provide you with higher-quality items on comparable prices. Thus, before splurging money in an outlet, regular mall sales are worth looking at.

Fix A Shopping Budget And Stick To It

If you enter the USA shopping malls without a fixed shopping budget, you are going to spend more. These chic outlet complexes will leave no stone unturned to lure you into buying more. So, it is necessary to plan how much you will spend.

One best way to spend within your budget is to withdraw the exact amount you plan to spend. Once you have spent it, it’s time to stop shopping and go home. 

Shop On Sale Weekends

Another tip to get the most out of your shopping experience is to plan your trips around the holidays. During the holiday season, there is a competition between the regular malls and stores within the outlets for foot traffic. Thus, they are bound to offer steep discounts, coupons, and sales.

The best weekdays for shopping include-

  • Black Friday
  • A weekend after Thanksgiving Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Christmas Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend

Look For Clearance Deals

Just like retail stores, USA outlet stores are set up for maximum customer spending. They keep the most expensive or the full-price items at the front, whereas the discounted deals in the back. 

Take time to dig deep through the merchandise to find the best bargains. Don’t hesitate to check the closeout products; you may find an additional discount there. Aside from this, you can ask the sales associate about the trending deals.

Always Check The Return Policy

USA Outlet malls have limited return policies. And, some items may be the final sale. It may confuse you whether to purchase an item or not. So, ask the sales associate about their return policy. 

Another factor to consider while confirming the return policies is the proximity of your home to the outlet mall. Furthermore, if you are visiting from another city, you have very thin chances of getting back there before the return policy is up.