5 Unique Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

There’s nothing more soothing than hearing someone we love strumming a guitar, reading a book, or humming. But the pain strikes when reality hits, and we realize– they’re not with us anymore.

We remember their names and their stories. But, just because their life ended doesn’t mean their story should, either. So, we’ve gathered tips for you to try and memorialize a loved one.

What is Memorializing?

Memorializing or commemorating is preserving the memories of someone you once knew. 

Remember that day you went swimming at the beach, but the waves were too low? So you went fishing instead? How about the time when you tried picking flowers, but a bee stung you?

We want to preserve those memories as much as we can. But it’s not always easy to find unique ways to keep those memories close by

5 Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

Some people prefer to memorialize their loved ones as physical objects. Others prefer to have physical space set aside as a memorial.

Whatever we choose to memorialize your loved one, remember that this is our way—it should feel right for us and not anyone else.

1. Make a Scrapbook

A scrapbook can be an activity you can do on your own or with other people during one of their birthdays or holidays. It’s great to preserve memories and share them with others!

2. Start a Blog

Post pictures, write stories about them, and share what they mean to you. 

A blog is also a great way to connect with other people who lost someone close to them. You may end up making some new friends along the way!

3. Do Acts of Service in Their Honor

Volunteering your time and energy to help others can reduce loneliness. For example, we could volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, do yard work for people who are elderly or disabled—or do any other things.

4. Continue Their Shindigs

You can continue their hobbies and life by having a party in their honor. Use their favorite music, food, drinks, and decorations to celebrate the life they lived while they were here on Earth.

5. Customized Jewelry

You can also get custom-made cremation jewelry in their honor. 

You could have cremation rings made in honor of Mom to remember her with a subtle look that matches her personality.

There’s also an option for a personalized memorial engraving. This is a great way to remember them every day and keep them close by our side.

In Their Honor

We get emotional thinking about how much we cherish our memories spent together, but it’s also hard to accept that they are gone. We want to keep the memory of our loved ones alive by honoring them every day.

It’s a way to remember the best of them and keep their spirit alive. It’s also a way for our family to unite and share our memories to help heal our grief.

For those that have lost a loved one, the best way to honor them is to hold onto the memories and keep their spirit alive.