Just as the bride’s lehenga and makeup play an important role, hair also plays an equally important role.

Every girl has a picture in her head about the design she wants for the marriage.

From makeup to the hairstyle for girls for wedding, you have already planned everything for the wedding.

It is tough to pick the proper hairstyle for girls for wedding and one need to leave no stone unturned for looking gorgeous this wedding season!

We are to help with the variety of options for hairstyle for girls for the wedding!

Hairstyle For Girls For Wedding

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1. Side-Swept Curls:

Hairstyle For Girls For Wedding

The side-swept curls hairstyle is a simple yet elegant way to flaunt the gorgeous locks on the big day. Paired with few framing wisps, this hairstyle will make a natural beauty more shine.

2. Smooth Low Side Bun:

Smooth Low Side Bun:

A low bun is the most classic hairstyle for girls for wedding.

Be it the large day, this mix of a mini bouffant and a smooth low bun resting at the nape is of the neck is usually dashing.

3. Romantic Outward Curls:

Romantic Outward Curls:

When it involves wedding hairstyles for girls, nothing are often more romantic and delightful than soft curls cascading the shoulders of gorgeous girls.

4. A Beautiful Bun:

A Beautiful Bun:

An elegant and sleek bun is another hairstyle to go for the big day. Besides delivering a glance of elegance plus allowing to wear the locks up, a bun will keep the manes in restraint and won’t allow them to go and ruin the wedding look.

Accentuate the bun with a bit of hair jewelry like a tiara or red artificial roses to half the bridal dupatta or wedding veil in situ.

5. Stacked Wavy Bob With Rose Jewelry:

stacked Wavy Bob With Rose Jewelry

Style the short-stacked bob in the most feminine way and look amazing on the wedding day.

To try this hairstyle,  just need to make waves and add texture for the locks with magnificent pearl white roses.

6. Braided Updo:

braided updo

You may also want to go for a braided updo hairstyle for the wedding on a special day, especially for a boho bride.

It looks simple pretty and adds to the feminine appeal besides giving a bohemian, modern look!

7. Senorita Bun:

sanorita bun

This bun is a fusion of French and Indian , a simple look from the front and tightly braided bun at the neck, beautifully accessorized with some floral jewelry or red roses giving it the style of a French senorita.

8. Accessorizing the Braid:

Accessorizing the Braid:

There is nothing like going overboard when it comes to the big day. It is one among those south bridal hairstyles, trending huge.

9. Braided Bun:

braided bun

This braided bun is all that one needs when puzzled because it is basic but looks super classy and complicated at an equivalent time.

This bun and braid eventually merge on the side giving hair a messy yet stunning look!

10. Loose Braids:

loose braids

If having long and wavy hair, can always go for a loose braid and if want can add volume and a little quirk to that braid then can get glossy locks curled slightly.

This hairstyle for girls for wedding looks gorgeous on any sort of outfit.

11. Half Tied:

best hairstyle for girls for wedding

In this bridal hairstyle, half of the hair is tied at the back with number of the hair left loose.

One can choose the front to seem a touch puffy to feature volume and keep the hair it’s a natural way, accessorize it with some flowers and hair jewelry.

Add a few braids or twisties which will go to the back of the head to give it a quirky look.

12. Braided Loose Hair with Light Curls:

hairstyle for wedding

Braid the front side of the hair till the back and keep the other half loose with soft curls for this gorgeous hairstyle for girls for weddings.

It is one among that hairstyle which is more suitable for pre-wedding functions because it is straightforward and quirky.

13. The Gajra Look:

gajra look

This type of hairstle has been in the trend for a very long time and still have’nt lost its charm and allure, during this bridal hairstyle a minimalistic bun is formed then the sides of the bun are covered with fresh “Gajra” to offer an Indian and authentic look for the  Indian bride.

Gajra is famous among the Indian brides, simple and usual hairstyle for brides never fails to show the authenticity of an Indian bride.

14. Flowery Braid:

flowery braids

This hairstyle is ideal for all the simplistic brides who are going minimal a la mode.

Not everyone prefers going overboard as some brides wish to keep it simple.

This hairstyle is more suitable for post-wedding and pre-wedding functions rather than marriage day.

15. Side Sweep Style:

side wept hairstyle

This hairstyle has never been out of fashion, but has recently come to the limelight with a Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities going with this hairstyle on the red carpet and award functions.

Taking it to the extent forward, one can also attempt to braid the hair sidewards which can give a more stunning and lovely look.

16. Fishtail Braid Covered with Mogras:

hairstyle for girls for wedding

This hairstyle was spotted on tons of real-life brides.

It was a really traditional and classic hairstyle with a shocking long fishtail braid and many of mogras.

17. Cascading Waterfall Braid:

hairstyle for wedding

This side swept cascading braid is gorgeous and classy for all the marriage and pre-wedding affairs. This falls on the twisty and romantic side.

18. Braided Crown and Open Hair:

hairstyle for women for wedding

Let the hair down in slight curls with this cute bridal hairstyle which features a crown and can also be teamed up with yellow marigold flowers.

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